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  1. Appreciate the input. Several of the other streamers I've spoken to since making this post have also recommended the 4790K. As for waiting on the Skylakes, I try to stay away from brand new due to the price premium. I guess this post is solved, i7 4790K it is- It's what everybody seems to be recommending so far. Thank you for your time!
  2. Been a while. Glad to get my nerd on again. Of course, I'm not very good at it anymore: A lot of rust slowly coming off.

  3. I haven't touched a computer in 27 months and 2 days. I used to consider myself informed on all of this. Now, I'm too far behind the loop to even have a clue about hardware. I want to upgrade to an i-series intel, and I wondered if you guys could recommend some (and maybe even point out why certain revision are desirable to others.) I do livestreaming in 1080p and occasionally have to edit and render recorded video (not as often as pure streaming, though.) I also host a multitude of small servers for my LAN- my family isn't very technically inclined, so I need room for the overhead. My streaming is done with 3 monitors, though only one is used for gaming- I keep video chat, utilities, resource monitors and media on the other monitors while streaming. As I have to switch out my motherboard (I have AMD at the moment), I would also like a board recommendation that can support dual PCI-E x16 slots, for an anticipated upgrade in my GPU. I stream in OBS, which is relatively lightweight. But I would like to be able to use more intensive programs in case it is eventually dethroned. I appreciate the help guys! PS- I may have a GTX 760 coming soon, so please ignore the potential bottleneck of my existing GPU in considering the options to recommend. My budget for the CPU/GPU Mobo combo is up to $600 total. I could push a little past it, but would prefer not to if I won't see a very notable performance increase: Diminishing returns on personal satisfaction beyond that pricepoint. Edit: I won't need dual GPU. Also, I've been doing a VERY heavy amount of video editing and rendering, so that is a consideration. If no one is able to convince me otherwise, I've developed a craving the i7-4790k. I know it's $100 more than the 4690k, but I spent the last 34 hours on a single render and only got 90 minutes of sleep on a keyboard lol- so i think the money's worth it with my new usage habits.
  4. No, it was just arthritis. The year I mention is short hand for all the benefits that would really be useful to me: Most importantly the GI Bill. They deduct a small payment every month of $100, after 12 months you've been deducted $1,200 and you're eligible for the full assistance the GI Bill offers. There are limited benefits I could receive, but it's simply not something that would be of any use to me, as an individual. -Edit: not to mention when you've served a year, with enlistment choices of 2-6 years at a time.. Employers want to know why: And when it comes to hiring a 23 year old professional; Bias is built into just about any employer, as I'll admit most 23 year olds are complete morons. Aside from that the VA and other veteran's benefits would function (to my benefit anyways) no different than a local career link. And since it's not resume writing or posting that I'm lacking: I'd be receiving nothing of use from it. My actual issue is job placement: I am actually looking at entry level, but have been having no luck. Either there's no one hiring, or as Long John Silver's told me: I'm over-qualified and they're not risking hiring me for me to leave 6 months later.. Yes: I did apply there. Which is why i'm looking for a semi-skilled career again- while I'm also still applying to entry level jobs... but not holding much hope: I'm stuck right between two levels of work.. And it seems neither one wants me: Either not professional enough, or too professional.. Hence looking for something I can say I have a particular skill in: Give the employer something specific to consider hiring me upon.
  5. In the video below I give more or less a "realistic resume" of the skills I actually posess, the means and skills I lack, and a history of my work ethic and demonstration of my skills.. I'm having a horrendous time finding work in the area I live in. I've started my own small business and it pays my bills- But I need to find more income. If anyone can take 11 minutes of their time to listen to what I say in this video and perhaps suggest a field of work I haven't considered to look into: It would be greatly appreciated. Fields I'm already considering that are suited to some of my skills: Private Tutor, clerical/data entry, security guard, landscaping/carpentry apprentice. These fields are some that I've already been considering, but locally haven't found any availability. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. It would help a lot if it's something in Washington County, PA. As I don't own a car to get to jobs outside local bus ranges. Even Pittsburgh, PA is an option if the pay is worth the extra 4 hours a day on buses and $20 round trip. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hc6OsVkAgkQ\ *Anything online is acceptable, too. Though 99% of the "potential" jobs here are phony. I've even looked into mock trial jurers: As they pay a dollar a minute average. I'm seriously looking EVERYWHERE possible. -Edit: My paperwork works against me: Due to the mention of WCCC and how, being homeless at the time: I couldn't afford anything past my first semester. Also being homeless as a child, most of my work was under the table: So I have next to no work history on paper. Or that until I could have my business officially legalized into a corporation: I'm considered unemployed on paper even though my actual income is over a grand a month. Then the Army, and the fact that I served 11.5 months: Therefor am not considered a veteran due to under a year of active Duty... And the list of things where paperwork shows lack of ability/commitment where an actual excellence exists continues: I'm working on finding any paperwork on the reality of things to present to employers. In the meantime, if anyone has ideas of a field where these skills would be beneficial: That's all I'm asking.
  6. Updated OP: Now has thumbnail links with images of monitor. When I can move the tower out of that nook it's in: I'll get pictures of the inside where both GPUs currently are, too.
  7. Bump: OP has been updated. This time the listings are final.
  8. I'll check it now, sorry I haven't responded. Has been the most hectic week I've had in my whole life. I'm trying to keep up with a million things more than I can honestly handle atm.
  9. Editing now- Expect the listing to change a couple times over the next few minutes. Trying to get a few items priced and listed as fast as possible.
  10. Isn't letting me PM you, so I'll just post a phone number you can call me at about the parts. Just ask for Dragon so I know who it is, and I'll give you my real name then lol. 724-797-7743.

    I will make sure to get some PMs going so we can both have a record of what we agree to, but in the meantime just shoot me a call.

  11. Yeah I'm willing to discuss parting it out. I'll PM you about it. But I'm going to mark this thread as sold- so I can part it out without any conflicts of sale.
  12. This is gonna be my girl's next phone.. If it lasts a week without a smashed screen: They deserve a medal. It's like they've got a cell phone market just for her..
  13. If I wasn't sleep deprived I probably would've come up with a simple, solid price. But with "family emergency" comes his cousin "lack of sleep" lol.. That's why i just posted 70% list prices. But yeah, list prices aren't worth crap especially when you're trying to list everything in detail. I'll figure out a price eventually, when I finally get time to clear my head for a bit.
  14. Good advice, +1. No, I don't have a heatware account. Can that be linked to an ebay user account though, to use seller rating? If so I'll go create an account and link it up to my ebay. otherwise I'd be creating a new one and thus have neutral across the board: Using this as my first (and therefor reference) sale. Edit- Done. Put up a simpler cleaner ad. Left google doc link for the extra details.
  15. THANK YOU! I didn't realize it was private: It's public now. Btw I will post pictures of it shortly (When I can find my good camera). It's currently plugged in and the rig I'm typing all of this on right now: So you'll get to see it exactly as it is (including my messy desk lol.)
  16. This ad was originally intended to be a full-rig sale, but I have changed it to a parting-out sale. Hence the first few replies will no longer make sense. My heatware account for any feedback (just registered July 22nd, 2012): http://www.heatware.com/eval.php?id=81129. ---------- MSI Twin Frozr II GTX 560 Ti- 1GB. OC's to 990MHz on default fan profile. $200. XFX GeForce GTS 250 1GB Core Edition- COMES WITH LIFETIME WARRANTY which can be registered by serial number at xfxforce.com Was purchased with a double lifetime warranty- insuring myself AND the first person i sell the item to. $60. BenQ G2222HDL 22" LED Backlit Monitor. 1920x1080 @60hz. 5ms response time. 25M:1 CR. 16:9 AR. 250 cd/m2 brightness. 16.7M colors. $100. *Will ship in original package, with cables. Images below are links: Click for full sized image. *The BenQ G222HDL monitor is the larger one on the right side. I'll dust/clean it with a microfiber cloth before shipping. ---------- All items are plus shipping: I can give you a shipping price and type if you give me an address. I have 2 anti-static bags ready, so that shipping doesn't have to be unnecessarily delayed. I won't be listing any further internal components until I can buy more bags.
  17. TJ, I've gotta say you put it pretty well. As for dealing with more of the "winners" than most.. My dream is to move back to South Carolina. Here in southwestern PA, my odds with police are lopsided, I'll explain unbiased this time: Two days ago I did something that SHOULD HAVE landed me in jail: Shattered my brother-in-law's femur and knocked him out (Edit- At his own home, further increasing the illegality of my actions). Police shook my hand and let me walk home as they loaded him into the ambulance because they don't like him (he smokes a LOT of weed and they know it, he's on probation for it.) But then back to the story that started this: They pulled a gun on me for minding my own business that day. In this area... Police and civilians alike: There are just too many "winners". I somewhat regret moving back out here, but I did so for my girlfriend. -Edit 2: Anyways, my hearing is in a week for that cop. And I'm not stressed about it anymore. It's old news. I've added new locks to the house and the cameras I wanted: So I'm not angered or stressed about it anymore; I have my protection.
  18. What do you dislike about your area? We're talking anti-patriotism here, the loyalties of everyone else that you don't share. Mine: I live in the Pittsburgh area. Most people around here are proud of talking like this (And most really do), I think it makes them sound like retards and wonder why they even went to elementary school if they're just going to talk this way in the end anyways:
  19. Recently got a new full-time job on top of my entrepreneurial mishaps, money's not the issue it used to be and I want to do a one-time upgrade of the slower part of my pc (CPU). For around $300-$400 (If buying intel mobo+CPU) or any price for just an AMD CPU, as I already have a good AM3+ mobo. Gaming and video editing are biggest priorities. I want a set-up that can record BF3 at 1080p with decent compression without a hiccup (the cpu and mobo anyways, GPU is fine how it is for me.) If it's worth saving the money, I'll take a Thuban X6 or a Phenom X4 and stick with my current AMD build with a better CPU. But if it's truly an outstandingly insane performance gain to switch the CPU and mobo, I'm open to defecting to Intel: I was considering the i5-2500K or the i7-2600K: Leaning towards the 2500K, as the 2600K doesn't seem worth the extra money for it's minimal gains. Open to newer gen architectures. Thing is, I want the best price/performance ratio there is to offer in the $400 or less price range. $300 would be better, as I do have other things I'd like to put the money towards.. But for a worthwhile improvement the extra $100 is possible. I don't need a specific shopping cart, but am asking about what architectures you guys would recommend, and what type of motherboards? Ivy Bridge, Z77, etc: What generations and formats get the most for their money? Currently my biggest consideration is the Phenom 965 BE. Reason why is that it'd only be $105 and would give me a decent quad core, which I have the cooling to overclock drastically.
  20. So I had another customer today. Put up a newspaper ad for computer repair. It was an elderly gentleman, vietnam vet. He had stickers ALL OVER his keyboard, bright colors that made it really hard to see the keys. Well his "function" key (fn) had a sticker labeled "DEAR GOD!" on it lol. I raised his brightness to show him what I was doing, and forgot to turn it back down. I actually called this guy back and told him to hold down "DEAR GOD!" and push F6 three times to get back to the brightness setting he had before... Weirdest thing about a computer I've ever said over the phone..
  21. Explain what harm it does. See had I done anything unlawful and tried to justify it by denying my actions, and that been a step toward "relapse" or repeating the same action: I'd be doing harm. But having done nothing illegal or unjustified in any of those incidents: Denying that my actions brought it on me is one thing: Honest. --But then again i guess it's the moral choice to let a random 30-some year old man rape a 16 year old girl outside your house. Sure, that's the responsible decision. And pulling him off of her, that makes me a reckless criminal. Okay. Do you even see how obviously stupid this sounds even spoken as sarcasm? I spent 9 months in Juvenile for trying to stop a rape- what's criminal about that? That I was sent to juvenile because the random guy happened to be an off duty cop in a crooked precinct. Cop vs 16 year old boy and a traumatized girl who was afraid to testify? Guess who's word holds more salt. What those of you trying to convince me of something don't realize is it will never work. I act within my rights, legally, and justly. I'm not going to start bending over to get shot or intimidated or imprisoned by a corrupt officer for no reason simply because a few people who ignore key points of the story tell me it's the normal thing to do. If a single person in this entire world could honestly say I've ever intentionally hurt them, stolen from them, or even harassed them after being asked for peace and privacy.. You'd be a little closer to the truth. But that's the thing: I've never just walked up and punched someone: I only hit people who are violent and out of control or pointing a weapon at me.. I believe they call that.. Self defense? Preservation of life? That's the closest I've ever been to a criminal, and yet 4 townships out of 30 have treated me as such.. And yet so many posts flying around here about "not taking accountability" lol.. The way I openly post objections on this site is more criminal than defending myself from imminent harm. Actually.. I'll just stop this post right there. Anyone who doesn't get it by now, never will.
  22. Thank you for confirming a point I've made: I named 4 precincts where I've been given unlimited crap. And said the rest were fine, had zero trouble while living in those townships. Glad to see someone with experience in this actually sees that this isn't just some flame thread; but comes from the way things actually work. -Edit: As you guys may notice I say nothing unkind to those who claim that good cops exist: Because they do. But anyone who tries to tell me that ALL cops are good, and EVERYONE who's ever been in trouble with the law legitimately deserved it.. My spidey sense starts to tingle at the smell of horse manure.
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