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  1. Been a while. Glad to get my nerd on again. Of course, I'm not very good at it anymore: A lot of rust slowly coming off.

  2. Isn't letting me PM you, so I'll just post a phone number you can call me at about the parts. Just ask for Dragon so I know who it is, and I'll give you my real name then lol. 724-797-7743.

    I will make sure to get some PMs going so we can both have a record of what we agree to, but in the meantime just shoot me a call.

  3. Three years ago I dug Hootie's grave at the end of the winter. Last year I dug Ebony's grave at the end of the winter. This year, I might be digging Reba's grave tomorrow.Why is it always the sweethearted good dog that gets buried? Not to be mean.. But why can't Moose die instead?

  4. To be or not to be.. single

  5. PC versus console gaming: I have an all encompassing argument between the two.One group will ALWAYS be the bigger seller, the only question is which one at which time will be the hot topic? Right now, it's PC gaming: Our current consoles are aged, 6 years plus for the 360, and not much less on the PS3.. So even a cheap computer can play current generation games, whereas our newest consoles cannot. Add in social gaming, freebies, and even MMOs.. And you've got a massive lead for PC gaming....

  6. If you want to end piracy, I have a few simple tips...Video Game Piracy: Quality Control.. Stop charging $60 for sub-par games. Once you finish the game, pay some people to make reviews.. And price it accordingly. Many of these $60 games sell astronomical numbers once the price drops to $20.. Because they aren't bad games, just not $60 worth.General Computing: Stop Pushing.. If you release a new version of a program every 2 weeks, INCLUDE UPDATES IN THE ORIGINAL PURCHASE... Don't make som...

  7. I was made to feel like a . up in my life. Just the way was treated: Set-up to fail, and criticized more than anyone when I failed, or even when I beat the odds.But living here, NEAR OTHER PEOPLE.. I feel like a king, and it's sickening. I've always lived alone, so I had a rather low opinion fo myself even when I acted arrogant.. But now I live with people who are actual members of our workforce, employees and freeloaders alike.. And it's truly pathetic how these people even exist..Most ...

  8. Supposed to give us 3 day's notice (AKA 72 hours), meanwhile it's not even going to be a full 48 hour notice.Lazy .s that run this place.. Can't figure out to put the round end int he round hole.. Let alone count to 3 days.. I swear, the dumbest wastes of sperm are employed to run this place.

  9. Rent Alan Wake. Do it now!

  10. Facebook, why must you bother me by emailing me to tell me I haven't logged in? I know this, and I didn't log in because I don't like you.

  11. EPU: All in all, I'm very pleased. And would recommend buying a motherboard with the ASUS EPU on it if you're an overclocker who also pays your own electric bill.

  12. Cold cathodes are installed! EPU chip has been calibrated! Filters are in place!My computer is finally complete, except the GPU upgrade I've been planning forever (Waiting for Kepler to come out late this year before I do that.)I will post some pics in a bit.. But I broke my SB heatsink while cleaning it, and I have to fix it or else it'll keep getting too hot.

  13. Emily makes me feel old sometimes.. It's like her magical superpower :/

  14. I classy lady too much.. It's a habit, whether for my odd sense of humor or out of general disdain, it's just something I do a lot of..Well, I've made a lot of changes in my life for the better lately.. Even some huge risks fall into that category. I guess it's time I began working on how much I classy lady, gripe and moan.Feel free to remind me if I'm bitching that I said I want to classy lady less. I want to be a happy person again.

  15. Cesar Millan, eat your heart out! No, but really thank you. I went all Dog Wisperer on Zoey, and she's behaving like a whole new dog. Just needed a little reminder from your show: BE CALM. Thanks, Cesar.

  16. Today I finish moving the few things I couldn't move last weekend.. So I finally have all my tools again! Oh... And a dresser for the clothing on my floor. Can't forget that :D

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