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  1. Metallica, Load and Reload. Along with a little Trivium "In Waves" album Kyle
  2. One thing that I think you will notice is that you wont feel outcasted. I've always been a jock first, geek second. So when I came on here asking questions I prepared myself for that "Really? Your going to ask a dumb question like that" or when I posted my rig stats I thought I may get a "Thats ok, mines way better". Geeks definately get a bad rap. I've always had friends of all types, but this is the first community that I've been a part of that is made up primarily of other geeks (and obviously I use that as a term of endearment), so I was going off of the stereotype that geeks make fun of those that arent as smart as them. Which I have come to find out is completely wrong. I should know better because most of us jocks get a bad rap too. There are the stereotypical jocks that treat all non-athletic people like crap, but most of us are normal people. Ok, back to the topic, sorry. I'm just trying to say, dont worry about asking something that you think is a stupid question. You will be treated as family here. I'm part of an American Football torrent sharing site, and I love it, but its definately a little more "stuffy" if you know what I mean over there. Hope you get what I mean...haha Kyle
  3. Awesome, thanks everyone. Now I have a list in case Im stuck on some homework (As I dont want to pay for a tutor from the school...). Thanks, Kyle
  4. Your right, sorry. I knew that HTML wasnt a programming language. That it is used for website building, but i meant it in the sense that they both use psuedocode and syntax. Kyle
  5. I am mostly a metal head. My top genre of music is definately Metalcore. laugh laugh snicker snicker, I know. Its made for mostly teenagers, but I cant get enough of the fast drum beats and screaming. I used to HATE screaming, but now I get it. As long as its not 100% screaming, I like it. Here are my top 10: 1. Avenged Sevenfold (I know, not metalcore, but no one is close to their precision and talent) 2. Asking Alexandria 3. Disturbed 4. Trivium 5. Escape The Fate (this is my guilty pleasure. Everyone has that band that their ashamed of liking, this is it for me) 6. Killswitch Engage 7. Slipknot 8. Black Veil Brides (ok, maybe two that Im ashamed of...) 9. Breaking Benjamin 10. Three Days Grace The funny thing is, if you saw me, you would never guess I like bands like this. I wear khackis and football tshirts everyday. haha, I just love rock music. Kyle
  6. Well, Im 6 classes away from completing my Associates in Computer Science and right now Im starting "Programming in Java". How hard is it compared to HTML. I took that class and it was pretty easy until the final exam. Kyle
  7. I cant wait, this was really the final piece of the puzzle to make my computer pretty good. I still need to get a blu ray drive and an SSD, but having a computer that is as fast as it is for as little as I paid (at least i think so), Im happy. Now, just to find a place that will charge less than $500 for a custom side panel... Kyle
  8. They came in, I finally got it. Just waiting on it to come in. Thanks everyone for their feedback. Kyle
  9. If I get it done, Ill post pictures. I found a place just south of me (Im in Southwestern Michigan), Ill post the vendor information too. Kyle
  10. Thats what my wife was saying. Make it tinted blue to enhance the LED lights in the system. I think if its done with good quality that it will look pretty good. The only issue would be to keep my 1 yr old son from touching it all day. Kyle
  11. I'm want to see if I can get this done for my computer. I have a NZXT Guardian and I want the Detroit Lions logo on the side as the see through window. Does anyone know of any companies that could do this? Thanks, Kyle
  12. But now I have a new problem that I would like to get fixed before I do buy a new card. So I realized I had my card in the PCIe x4 slot so I moved it into the x16 slot, and NOTHING. The computer didnt even read it, which didnt make since because the fan was working and everything, but the motherboard didnt register it. So I moved it into the x8 to see if that would work and it does. I hope its not just a bad x16 slot. Kyle
  13. No, I'm waiting on taxes to come in. I would rather stay with Nvidia. It looks like its almost split down the middle, but more towards the GTX. Kyle
  14. I gotcha, most say go with the GTX, so I think I will do that. The Gigabyte has two fans which is nice. Thanks everyone. Kyle
  15. El_capitan, You dont agree? Im not sure how valid the videobenchmarks.net website is, but that site has both of those cards a little bit better for around the same price. Kyle
  16. Ocre, Haha, thanks. It wasnt the game that got me hooked, but easibility of playing on the computer other than on the PS3. Plus it keeps the TV open for the wife. I play mostly sports, first person shooters, and the occasional open area games like Mafia and Batman. Kyle
  17. Gotcha, thanks guys. Im running an old PNY Quadro FX 3450/4000 SDI, which is fine for everything but games, but i couldnt even play Mafia II on it. I feel better after your responses. I may look into a Radeon since as you say it will work fine. Kyle
  18. Alright, so I said in another post that I dont game, but one day thought "Hey, I have a decent enough rig to play games, lets just try one". So I downloaded and played Batman: Arkham City. Now I'm hooked, so I wanted a video card to play games just on high settings. I'm not worried about ultra high settings as with two small kids and a wife who is a full time student, I dont get a lot of time to play anyway. But I would like better than what I have. I did the benchmark that comes with Batman and got an average of 18 fps. which I could tell was bad when playing. I've been looking at three cards (all are GTX 460, as http://www.videocardbenchmark.net/gpu.php?gpu=GeForce+GTX+460 puts that as the second best GPU for the price): 1. Gigabyte ($139.99 + Shipping) http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814125412 2. PNY ($99.99 after MIR) http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814133428 3. Galaxy (Deactivated on Newegg, but available on Amazon) http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814162058 I'm leaning towards the Gigabyte because reading reviews, the new version of the PNY doesnt have an external exhaust like the one pictured. I dont know if thats true, but I would rather know for sure that it has one, plus the Gigabyte has 2 fans as opposed to just one with the PNY. So my questions are 1. Is that a good card for light to medium gaming, and 2. Are they really any different other than brands (assuming that the PNY comes with the exhaust)?? Thanks, Kyle PS. Sorry, one more question. It looks like all the Radeon cards are in PCIE 2.1, is that plug and play into a 2.0 board, or is there updates and/or modding involved? Thanks.
  19. DLions8708


    Well, I was waiting awhile to make sure I was going to be coming back to this site more than once a month before I did a introductory post, but I come on here almost daily and I've posted a few times already so I figured it was time to do my post. I'm a huge football fan, that has always been and always will be my biggest love (other than the family of course). I played 8 years of football (4th-12th grade, skipping 6th). My second love is computers, I used to play a lot of console games, but I've never been into computer games and probably wont. I do a lot of video rendering which is why I built my computer. I only put in about $100 of my own money into it as I used Christmas money and online surveys money to fund it. I have always loved computers, I'm 6 classes away from completeing my associates in Computer Science. I wanted to get a degree in computer technology, or as a computer repairman or something like that, but they only offer certificates for that. And If I'm going to be using TA while I'm in the military, I might as well use it for a degree. I'm obviously not on the same level as a lot of people on here, but I consider myself pretty knowledgable in computers. Everyone at work comes to me for computer issues (as we dont have an IT specialist at our base). This is my "rig": Intel I7-2600k with Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus Cooler Corsair Vengeance 2x4GB DDR3 1 750GB and 1 500GB Hard Drives PNY Quadro FX 3450/4000 SDI Gigabyte GA-Z68MA-D2H-B3 Motherboard CD/DVD Reader/Writer pulled from my E-Machines ET-1831-07 NZXT Guardian BL Case Dual Monitor setup with 1 20" Silver Monitor and 1 20" Black Monitor (I kept the silver monitor from my computer of 3 years ago and just bought the black one, when I have money to put more into this I will be getting another black monitor) As I said, I do mostly video rendering on here (along with normal day to day programs). I record NFL and NCAA games from my Hauppauge TV Tuner through Clear QAM. With my emachines Handbrake took 7 hours to encode a 720p x264, now with this computer I get a game done at right about an hour. On the Custom Builds thread someone mentioned Lucid Virtu and to use MediaConverter 7, I did that, and it finished at game in 40 minutes, but it doesnt do 60fps like Handbrake does (at least I didnt see an option for it). So Handbrake it still is. My next purchase is a Gigabyte GTX 460. I know, I know, I dont need a new card for what I do. But I "WANT" one and for me thats good enough. I just want to have as powerful machine as I can get for my budget. I dont care if I don't have a need for it. I would rather save up money for the computer and upgrade parts, then spend it on going out to eat or any other frivilous things. Kyle PS. Just because I'm curious, how much do you think I could actually get for this setup? I have ZERO interest in actually selling it, but I was wondering since I've put about $850 into it.
  20. I'm a massive Detroit Lions fan, so thats where the DLions is from. Then the numbers come from my favorite players jersey numbers at the time I created it, 87 for Johnnie Morton and 08 for Mike McMahon. Its perfectly symmetrical and easy to remember. The craziest username I ever had was 6SanDmaN0 (I like having a symmetrical username, I dont know, some kind of weird OCD I guess). The 6 and 0 at the beginning and end comes from my old jersey number in High School. And my nickname has always been Sandman (my last name is Sander). I had that for SOCOM back in the old PS2 days. Kyle
  21. I think its gonna be a 2007 SB rematch, Giants vs Patriots. No one seems to be able to stop the train that is the Giants right now. Their Defense found their rythm and their offense has suddenly become explosive. I know NO could get their offense going too well last week, but they've been bad outside the dome all season. And unless the Ravens play 10x better than they played last week, there is no way they will be able to stop Brady and co. So I say Giants - Patriots. Kyle
  22. My advice would be to backup your files then reinstall windows. I think replacing the hard drive would be farther down the line of things to do (especially since you said you dont have the budget for repairs). Reinstalling windows fixes a lot of issues. Kyle
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    First Build Ever

    Here is a few shots of my first build.
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