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  1. It still doesn't work. I tryed all your guys's ways, but it either doesn't goto the welcome screen and appear on my account unlocked, or locks up my account and only i can access it. Its weird becuase i had the setting i wanted before i did a reformat, and now i can't get it the way i like it.
  2. I have 2 accounts on this computer and i want to automatically switch user after you wake up a screen saver or after the sleep monitor function. I just want it to goto the welcome screen so someone else, and I, can access our own accounts. Right now, my screen saver or monitor sleep goto this window that locks me out, but other people cannot access their accounts, only i can unlock my account and thats it. I want this changed and its been making me mad. Thanks
  3. my clan #kosher is like so messed up!! but its the way we like it, we are unorganized, very good, and will not quit for another clan.
  4. has to be Super Mario 2, man thats classic!
  5. I want to open a listening port for soulseek with my DI-604 router. Soulseek has been so slow lately, it has been downloading at 0.1kbps most of the time, and downloads are failing alot. If i assain a static ip address, will it slow down my connection overall? (online games, downloads, general net stuff).
  6. so if i have a older P4 2.4b (fsb 533), will the 4 sticks of 256mb run at ddr 333 dual channel instead of ddr 333 non dual?
  7. Im planning to buy 4 sticks of 256 samsung pc 3200 ddr ram, all identical sticks. But heres the thing; My P4P800 SE mainboard is running an older P4 2.4B (fsb 533), and 2 different sticks of ram (1 256mb pc 2700 ddr ram + 1 512 pc 2700 ddr ram). Now i need to know if when i buy these 4 sticks, will my mainboard support 4 sticks of 256 pc 2700 ddr ram running on dual channel when I buy a newer (acually old now) Pentium chip (fsb 800). ?????
  8. I don't know whats causing this problem because im not actually on the computer, and when i come back from afk, my computer is frozen. Basically i just leave the computer for sleep or leave somewhere for awhile (happens more when im sleeping), and i come back and its frozen in the monitor power save mode, or freezes the screen saver mode. Whats making this problem?
  9. im pretty sure my computer has no virus's and can pass any stress test and so on, with ease because my computer is not overclocked () due to poor quality parts (memory, mainboard). I have tried beta 7.5, and that did not work also. Now im trying a degraded version of msn messenger 7.0. Im waiting to see (with natural use) if msn messenger would crash or lag.
  10. everysince MSN messenger asked me to download the newest version (7.0.0816), msn messenger will either take a really long time to connect, or just freeze my whole computer. I need some help on this one, because i tryed the uninstall/reinstall trick and no luck. Im stuck on this problem, and fyi, no hardware crap asking "check your cpu..blah blah blah.." its all fine.
  11. Vector Cereal tastes good and is actually like the best cereal out there for you. Its like a meal replacement. Im just curious as to how it gets all the minerals, vitamins and everything in it. CAn it actually be used as a meal replacement? The workz
  12. After a good session of break dancing, my friend and I went back to his place to just chill (weed?). Well, he was telling me on the bus to his place, that his computer kept restarting randomly. I went on his computer to check for spyware and stuff. And in about 5 min, the computer shutoff and wouldn;t boot the whole time. This is where i knew it was a hardware problem. I checked the bios, and the Cpu temp was around 100 degress F. I checked his cpu fan, and it was absolutely FULL OF DUST!! to the point where when i removed the cpu fan, it was literally buring hot (like a torch was blowing fire on it for awhile). When my friend blew off all the dust, I installed it back in, and it ran perfectly at around 60ish Degrees F. That is ridiculous how much damage dust can actually do to a person's computer.
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