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    Sweet Photoshop Pic.

    Sweet.....what type of digicam?
  2. zipperhead

    Trying To Install Windows 2000 Server

    Your burned copy of W2K server did not copy certain files in the burn, try a different copy.
  3. zipperhead

    Need A Webhost

    I used that service for 2 years without a problem......I had the 5 GIG plan...the FTP was great, the only reason I'm not using it now is I been short on funds
  4. zipperhead

    Need A Webhost

    BEAT THIS!!!! This is the BEST! http://www.featureprice.com/ 24.95 / month paid annually Setup Fee ($25) 12 Months of Service Price / Year: $299.40 / year (includes 12 months of support service 24/7) *UNLIMITED Megabytes of Web Space *One FREE domain registration *host up to 6 domain names *host up to 10 subdomains *a mySQL database *SSL protected website *Static IP Address *CGI-BIN included *unlimited email services *unlimited FTP services *Server Side Includes (SSI) *no forced advertisements
  5. zipperhead

    Need Piii Processor

    Thanks, I should have been more accurate...I need it to be over a 450mhz and a socket370 chip. Thanks for the offers..
  6. zipperhead

    Need Piii Processor

    Does anyone have a PIII 133fsb processor they are not using and would like to sell or trade?
  7. With a beefy system, you can easily display more than the current maximum view distance of the game allows. To increase it, you have to edit the Video.con file in your profile folder. That is the folder named "Settings\Profiles\\Video.con" in your BF1942 folder. It contains an entry game.setMenuViewdistance e.g. game.setMenuViewdistance 200 That would be 200%. In Omaha Beach that is enough to see the cruiser well from far behind in the German main base. You have to set the read only flag of this file after editing it to prevent BF1942 from overwriting it with the default maximum value.
  8. zipperhead

    Favorite Beer

  9. zipperhead

    OCC Game Server: What Game?!?

    Battlefield 1942....beats the crap out of playing Medal of honor allied assault!
  10. zipperhead

    Msi Owns

    Vivo = Video in, video out
  11. zipperhead

    Good 3d Space Game

    Star Trek Bridge commander is really good..I finished it so it's just collecting dust..anything to trade for it?
  12. zipperhead


    Active rerserve means u Drill on the weekend (thus weekend warrior)......inactive reserve means your still a reservist but do not drill (they can recall u anytime though)
  13. zipperhead


    I was active duty Coast Guard for 8 years.....now I'm on active reserve
  14. zipperhead

    Your Age?

    30 beat that!....lol
  15. zipperhead

    Need Help Identifying A Case.

    Here is one but a different color..I'll look for morecase