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    i5 2500K
    ASRock Z68 Extreme4 Gen3
    XFX Double D HD 6950 Radeon 2GB 256-bit
    2x OCZ Agility 3 120GB SSD's
    Corsair XMS3 8GB
    ASUS Xonar DG PCI 5.1 Audio Card
    CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Plus
    SeaSonic M1211 620w
    Fractal arc midi case
    Dell 2408WFP 1920x1200
    Dell U2412M 1920x1200


    Dell Inspiron 530
    Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4 (OC'ed to 3.0 via tape the pin mod, my first OC..)
    4GB crucial mem.
    ATI Radeon HD 5670
    WD Black 500GB HD
    ASUS Xonar DG PCI 5.1 Audio Card
    M-Audio AV 40 Monitor Speakers
    The rest, whatever the hell dell decided to put into it...

    still kickin...
  1. Hey, it's been a while but thought I would update here.. As far as I can tell the Swan M50W's are vaporware... I have never seen any avalible at the U.S. distributor site.. On the other hand I added a inexpensive Asus XONAR DG PCI 5.1 (25$) to my 5+ year old Dell which my M-Audio AV40's are on and the sound upgrade was really, I mean really impressive. Had I know how much improvement this card would provide I would have done this several years ago.. It is (imo) a no brainer.. The improvment over othe onboard sound is night and day... Really makes the M-Audio's sing.. Anyone with onboard sound only I would highly suggest this card. I use it only for 2.0 but the card has a seperate amp on the headset side for gamers.. and it is very inexpensive.. Worth a look see.
  2. I use it and like it. Have a 3 flat panel set up.. I used the free one for a long time and finally upgraded a couple of years ago. It is a one time fee so it's cost over the long haul is not much.. I do like some of the bennies of the paid version.. free updates forever.. Works for me.
  3. Yeah I do like the M-Audio AV40's, I can honestly say I have been more than happy with that purchase, and I might add that I came from a $5000 HT sound setup so I think being happy with the AV40's is no small feat for M-Audio. For near field listening at low to moderate levels they really are a good option . Great definition all over the range imo. BUT... I use them on a different setup and I do not want to get an identical pair for my "Personal" set up.. I did find comparison of the two from an actual user and he felt the Swan M50W's were a definite step up in sound quality. He also liked the M-Audio's but the higher quality of the Swan's was evident to him. As this is for my personal set up the smaller size of the satellite speakers is a bit more desirable as well , as far as the sub that is not an issue as far as placement. But desk space is more limited on this setup. I'll give them a shot with my onboard sound , AsRock Extreme4 Gen3 mobo, and probably look to move to a nice soundcard later.Maybe some kind of Asus Xonar card or the like.. Those cards might be over kill for me though , I am a 2 speaker kind of guy...2.0 or 2.1 is what I like. I would never go above 2.1 on this..
  4. Have been looking for speakers for some time now for my last build.. I have a pair of M-Audio AV 40's which I do like very well on my old desktop but have really put off buying for my big rig for a while. I think I have finally found what I have been looking for. It's looking like a race between the Swan D1080 IV and the Swan M50W's here is a link to all their desktop models. Anyone looking to take their audio to the next level over Big Box store stuff might give this a look. As most of you here are computer type first the Swan brand has been around long time in the Audio field and is well though of in most audio circles. http://www.theaudioi...nd&cPath=21_24 (unboxing the M50W) (unboxing the D1080 IV) p.s. I am not connected in any way with them, just passing along another source ... those M50W's look sweet... And this is for Music only, no gaming here...
  5. Yes I have seen those and I would like to have a couple of them ... would be really nice for me..
  6. Dell U2412M Best price I have seen .. $269. free ship from dell check out dealzon.com for coupon. I have one and I like it very well, plus the premium monitor warranty from Dell is excellent.. I had it on an alert and this deal just popped up in my email.. I have this one and a dell 2408WFP and I like the U2412M better. Better whites, much better menu , yes it does not have all the bells and whistles the WFP has but that is not a issue for me. 269 is a good deal imo.
  7. Any consensus on the preferred driver/ ccc package for a XFX DD 2gig 6950... ? I am still using 11.12 and the couple of times I tried to update I always ended up with problems with the CCC. Just wondering ... Thinking I might give the 12.6 a shot ..
  8. oops sorry bout that ... IPS.... doh! corrections made..
  9. .Pretty sure unlocking the shaders is not possible on any of the recently produced 6950's any more. This is an issue that is widely discussed around the net, of course I do not like to say never as there might be some exceptions. looks interesting, post # 944. http://forums.guru3d.com/showthread.php?t=335318&page=38 referring to this: http://www.techpowerup.com/forums/showpost.php?p=2137760&postcount=381 definitely use at your own risk..
  10. I own 3 24" monitors. 2 are IPS's and one is a TN. I use to have one IPS and one TN set up in a dual set up and I was never happy with the TN ..(one Dell 2408WFP (ips) and a Dell 24 in TN can't remember the mod number off hand) While nice by itself the TN in a side by side set up was clearly inferior to the 2408WFP IPS. Among other things the viewing angles of the IPS's are vastly superior to the TN.. The new u2412m also has really great whites, even better than the more expensive, but older, 2408WFP. I added a Dell 24" U2412M IPS which I purchased from Dell on sale , free shipping and it comes with a three (3) year premium warranty which basically means any problems & they send you a replacement for 3 years.. zero dead pixel policy... While I have never had any issues, reading in the dell forum, it would appear that no one has difficulty with getting taken care of if problems arise, they seem to take their Premium warranty serious. Be aware however that any monitor purchased from their "Outlet" only comes with a 90 day warranty.. so any money saved there is negated by loss of the great Premium warranty . That's a deal breaker as far as the Outlet goes imo... They regularly put them on sale just watch for a month or so and you can pick one up for just under $300. NEW. The 3 year no B.S. warranty is a nice +.. They are 1920 x 1200 which I like and if you ever go to a multiple set up you want all the monitors to be the same, most other 24" panels are 1920 x 1080 which are not as tall by about 3/4 an inch or so, I found the height difference it very irritating in a side by side set up. Now with 2 IPS panels 1920 x 1200 I am a happy camper.. Once you go IPS you will never go back...
  11. Well this was for a friend and looks like he is deciding to get one built for him here.. http://www.cyberpowerpc.com/system/CyberPower_Z68_Configurator/ with a couple of modifications thanks for you input...
  12. Looking for recommendations for a gpu in a $100 to $150 range. Lower end of range would be nice. Do some Photo editing , maybe a little video, use with an i5 intel, mobo to be determined . not professionally... of course would be streaming vids and normal internet usage.. some lite gaming, iTunes .. all around machine.. NVIDIA or AMD... Just looking for most bang for the buck... looking to build soon Something like a intel i5 2500 or 2550, mainstream mobo with 3.0 usb, z68 more than likely.. (what do the z77 offer over the z68?) 8 gig's ram , 1tb hdd , Overclocking would be mild, nothing extreme... 4.0 maybe 4.2... suggestions for a good but inexpensive psu 600w there about... whatever it would take to run same with a little reserve .. Trying to keep the price down wherever I can without crippling the build.. But the gpu is my biggest question as the various pro's a con's are difficult for a fake geek to figure out on their own...??
  13. One other little tidbit. I have no idea what processor you are using or if you already have one but I was able to pick up a i5 2500k AND the Extreme4 Gen3 mobo for a great deal at Micro Center. After a great deal on the processor (179) the mobo was packaged with it for $134. Can't beat that with a stick... Sometimes, not always, Micro Center beats the heck outta the EGG..
  14. I used to have a very nice 6k$+ 5.1 system and I am now happy with my 2 year old M-Audio AV40's 2.0. ($100.00 range if I recall) I agree I would rather have a better 2.0 (preferably some type of monitor's) than a average 5.1. If you live in an apartment or similar a sub-woofer is not very practical. If you live in a single family home then a kick butt 2.1 would be my preference now. The application where the 5.1 shine (imo) is movies.. But they have to be good and a great sub is almost a necessity.. movies are so much harder for a sub to handle well.. I guess you can tell I am not a gamer... Yeah I can see a good 5.1 would really be kick butt for a gamer set up as well..
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