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  1. Hi Wallaby nice upgrade just a suggestion, if you have a usb keyboard, you can plug it to your laptop, like this it will be a little more convenient to use i hope i will see soon the new pictures
  2. Nice Rig, I love all that blue stuffs by the way, as a user of HW850 can you please tell me how is the noise level of this PSU ? is it silent ? a little noisy ? ... etc
  3. Nice one i think i fund my new blue friend
  4. Oh !! now i see what you mean i haven't noticed it
  5. I bet you already knew it i RMAed it but i was in a hurry to finish my study project, because of the end of period to deliver my work this is why i kept my SB
  6. thank you boinker when i installed the component the Rampage III Extreme simply refused to boot, i was shocked and i thought everything (even the GPUs) are off, i reinstalled stock fans, GPUs were OK but the mobo just refused to boot, after 2 days, the mobo booted but with a extreme high temperature in the northbridge and after this refused to boot again and had to wait ours to have it to boot, so i sent it to RMA, in the same time i sold watercooling component bought the P8P67 Pro (cause i hade a study project to finish ) when the rampage came back tried it, boots normally, i don't remember the exact temperatures, but i bought it at a good price to a friend of mine who tried it before and planned to use it for LN2 now you know (almost) all the story
  7. +1 for everybody you're all right, but HAF 932 AND X are bigger (than 922) and there's also more internal space, that's why i prefer it (you know big and trembling hands )
  8. yeah CoolerMaster power, but the main reason is that i can't import a case from another country and the only available cases here are chinese-made no-name cases or CoolerMaster but recently there are also some Corsair cases the haf is the red/blue thing (i think ) ton answer you i didn't tried 4 fans on the side door since i like silence and i sleep in the same room but yes if you put 4 fans you'll get more freshness, especially if you have hot graphics actually on the Haf-X with a megaflow in front of the graphics, i got 92°C on the hotter GPU and 83 on the second after an hour of Battlefield 3 with Ultra settings (without the fan it goes to something like 99~100°c)
  9. +2 but the problem with some glossy paints is that scratches easily here's my old HAFina 932 *=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=*=* Chaptre 0 - Prologue : The Epilogue of Hafina 932 13/09/2010 06/10/2010 27/11/2010
  10. thank you for the add ;)

  11. so the PCI-E controller on the 3930k is PCI-E 3.0 and we don't have to wait for Ivy ?
  12. don't worry no problem HAF 922 is good i was going to buy one, but i prefer full black case internal, and i find it a little small comparing to a 932 or X
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