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  1. Thanks I put the order in for the rx360 and six ap-15 fans. It looks like it will be close and I don't mind if I loose the first slot. From the looks of it I can fit a card reader in the top if I find I need one. For now I will just leave the top one empty may never need it. Thanks for your help.
  2. To give some more information on this I have a 800d with a asus rampage iv mobo. As mentioned still researching to see if the xspc rx360 will fit. I heard the gtx 360 will fit however will only run pretty loud fans. I dont mind some noise but don't want the computer to sound like a jet engine either.
  3. Thanks, Stonerboy Wow this is getting expensive fast. Next week I should have most of my cooling gear so I can start building. I am still waiting on a Asus 7970 card however did order the koolance block for it. I bought a dual reservoir from koolance and a pmp 450 pump that attaches to it. Working on deciding what Rad to go with and if I should do a push and pull. I really want to see if I can get away with just one 120mm rad. Currently looking at 120mm vegas fans 6 of them for a push and pull. Looking at the xspc rx360 but have heard it may be to big. Main question is there any way I can get away with one rad for full cpu block, cpu block and 7970. If so what rad and what fans should I get? Thanks for everyones help.
  4. What water block should I get for the CPU and the 7970 video card? I was looking at the Danger Den DD-M6 or Koolance 370 for CPU, and Koolance for the 7970.
  5. Thanks, I will wait for it to come back on the market. That is the one I was thinking only due to my mob is Asus. I will be building soon and will start uploading pics.
  6. The new 7970 is out getting ready to order it. There are a few different ones which one do you all recommen?
  7. Thank you this helped a lot. I am sending my 580 back today thanks almost opened it up Angel you post came in at perfect timing. I have read up on the cosmos 2 looks great and is very big. I think I am going to get the TJ07 there is a lot of videos to work from, however I have time. I am waiting on the video card so cosmos 2 i may get. I really would like to stick to one rad and single loop. The TJ07 looks like the GTX black ice 480 will fit in great in the bottom. This rad sounds like it can be more then enough cooling if sticking to one rad. Then using a swiftech mcp655 for the pump. What do you all think? What reservoir would you all recommend I am a worried about ease to fill up and drain? As soon as I start building I'll post pictures I am excited been reading many diagrams of cooling setups. I am eager to start.
  8. Always wanted to build my own and now put talk to action. With everything I prob went over board and won't need the speed but I still want it. The main thing will be running is act database and games like Skyrim. So far this is what I bought Asus rampage iv extreme/BF3 intel I7 3930k Evga 580 GTX SSD 120g vtx-25sat3 Memory 16gb of gskil f3-12800 And monitor keyboard mouse and all My question I want to liquid cool what is needed. To start off I am torn between two cases Timjin TJ07 and Obsidian 800d. The next thing what should I cool besides the processor? At this point I have my eye on EK nickel stuff for it all processor,full block, and the GTX 580. Do I need a dual loop and or is it recommended to use a dual loop all of this? Can safely get away from not liquid cooling the full block and GTX? Last of all any help you can give me I will greatly appreciate. I have watch to many YouTube videos figured It was time to ask for help.
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