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  1. My blue led was taken from a car accent light bought at Target so I know it's 12 volts. I didn't bother to check the voltage on the hdd indicator lead but I'm assuming it's 12v since the led blinks brightly when then the HD is busy. The bi-color leds have 3 leads. 2 for color and 3rd for ground. My idea is to hook up 1 lead (blue) for hhd 1 lead (red) power and hook the grounds to the neg lead on the led. I thought of this a while back before they had multi colorored leds. I'm no electrician but I understand the role of resistors, even though I don't know the formula to figure out resistor values for voltage.
  2. Here's an idea. I recently hooked up a nice bright blue led for my hd activity indicator and now it blinks nice and blue. I was wondering if it was possible to hook one of those bi-colored led and hooking it so it will blink blue when the hd is active and red (or whatever second color) for the power led. Will this work? And where can I get some of those bi-colored leds? I know there's some condsideration regarding the voltage since I think the amount of voltage determines the color or maybe its the other way around. Thanks in advance.
  3. Here's an easy mod. Get yourself one of the car cd kits that has a built in wireless transmitter that allows you to tune in on your radio to hear the cd. About the only thing you need to do is splice the power cord and hook them to your computer 12v output. Plug the phono plug into your computers speaker out and now you can hear your mp3s on any FM radio in range. Putting the transmitter into the computer and hardwiring all wiring is for those extreme modders. I recently did this and together with my bluetooth T-68i phone I can control win amp or media player remotely and even view the playlist! Anyhow, my nest mod will be to add a car cig lighter. The parts are about $2-$3 at a car parts store. The sealth cd cover mod is also an easy one which took about 30 minutes of work and about $3 to do.
  4. The color of the tint is an issue and I wondered how transparent the film can be with a chrome tint. Also I don't know how UV will look behind a tinted window. Thanks for bringing up the issue of heat. It never occured to me since I thought the tubes remained cool. Adding mirrors inside the case was another thought as with painting the inside of the case with chorme:)
  5. Has anyone thought of tinting the window with the reflective side facing into the computer? Would this increase the amount of UV light from a tube? Just wondering. By the way, I took one of those protable cd wireless transmetters (usually comes with a dc volt reg) and hooked it up to my computer. Npw when I play mp3s on the comp i can hear it with any radio. Anyway, back to the topic of tint. Please tell me someone has done this already before I do it. Thanks
  6. ok good news my cpu is ok. I switch the soyo mobo to my old FIC MOBO and its working fine. I was told that I am able to clear the bios chip on the Soyo mobo by taking out and grounding all the pins on a flat metal surface. Is there any truth to this? Also are Bios chips mobo specifc? Thanks in advance.
  7. man a cooked mobo and a cooked cpu? crap...that really sucks. I got an old FIC Mobo that I'm gonna try using to see if the cpu is still good. Not good news for me I guess. You know I actually oc the board once before and once it became unstable I reverted back to the default setting and never had a problem since than.
  8. I have a Soyo dragon KT333 lat plus with amd 1.3 cpu and win XP pro. everything thing has been ok for about a year and than the other night I increased the fsb to 200 but Win locked on me . Than it locked on me while i was in the Bios. The final messge I got was an (sum) error. After that All I would get is a repeating beep with no boot. I've tried removing the battery and grounding the post and also resetting the bios on the board with jumpers. But I still cant seem to boot. Any ideas? Thanks
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