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  1. Ahh. Thanks. Who knows, I might have my computer up and running by then.
  2. Whats a HWBOT? I would like to participate but I don't understand the competition.
  3. Apple makes you pay as well. I bought an iPhone 4 and was having problems hooking it up to my computer. When I went to there site it said that I needed to buy a support ticket. Next time I am going with a Droid or something. BTW, I figured out the problem no thanks to them!
  4. :bah: :bah: :bah: :bah: :bah: :bah: Trying to explain your custom PC Now the topic is called. Why we hate Macs and why 1 Person loves it!
  5. Thanks. I think it is a good list to. Its to bad the IRS is now saying that I have to wait till the 3rd to get my money. Wish I could Them. Oh well. Just more time to think about it. I seen on the news that some people had to wait up to 10 days after they were told they would get there money. Bad IRS!
  6. I thought you guys were going to try to change my parts? Whats a matter? They to perfect for ya? BTW. Do I need to keep the boxes that my products come in?
  7. NOOO! Its after midnight and no $$ $$ yet. :cry: :cry: Dont they realize that I had PLANS! lol Maybe if I go to bed early I can check when at 6 am Mountain time when I have to get my 6 year old ready for kindergarten.
  8. When did my computer creep up to $2400? Oh yeah, I added the Monitor. But still. AHHH. Thats without a computer chair :cry:
  9. Don't tell me that I am already going CRAZY! Plus I need to sleep tonight!
  10. Ok I will post my build one last time. Case: HAF 932 Bought! $130 Good deal if you ask me Mobo: ASRock Z68 PROFESSIONAL GEN3 Fatal1ty CPU: i5 2500K PSU: SILVERSTONE ST1200 1200W GPU: XFX Double D Black Edition HD 7950 RAM: Mushkin Enhanced Blackline 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) SSD: Patriot Pyro PP60GS25SSDR 2.5" 60GB SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Drive. For my Cache SSD: Corsair Force Series 3 CSSD-F120. For my OS and Games HDD: is an old one from my last comp. Need to wait out those prices Water Cooler: XSPC Rasa 750 RX360 Universal CPU / Triple Radiator Water Cooling Kit w/ RX360 Radiator and Free Kill Coil! OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit TIM: Tuniq TX-2 Cooling Thermal Compound Monitor: ASUS VE278Q Black 27" Full HD HDMI LED Backlight LCD Monitor w/Speakers
  11. In one hour it will be the 1st of Feb here in KS USA. Thats when I should get my tax return. There for I want to travel one hour ahead so that I can buy all my hardware.
  12. I would but this is going to be my first water cooled pc and I am going to go with the kit for now. Just to make it easier on me. Now if you have a spare HD 7970 or 7950 then we can talk. :evilgrin:
  13. Ok. Thats what I thought. Should only be 2 more hours. I need a time machine. Anyone have one? Edit: That was for Stonerboy
  14. Lol. But to my point, Would you buy the 360 or the 240? One day I would like to watercool my video cards
  15. That looks like the towers they were building 6 years ago. Plus the HAF 932 has already arrived today and I think I am in love.
  16. Hey guys, Just a few more hours and I will be buying all my parts. There is a video of a HAF 932 with a XSPC RX360 Radiator in it. I was thinking of doing the same thing but it looks as if the 3rd part of the radiator would be blocked so the fan wouldn't do much to cool it down. I think it was only made for a 240. My question is would I see any of the benefit for going the 360 route vs the 240?
  17. Let me know how it goes. I might be interested to put it on my new computer.
  18. DrDigitized2

    Top Gear

    Thats what makes it fun! If you want a car to hug the corners then go with a Subaru! BTW I want a Subaru STI
  19. DrDigitized2

    Top Gear

    How can you call that ugly? Its a work of art! BTW I used to be a truck driver until I hit 2 small things and knocked over a poll in new york city. The sad thing was it took over 2 hours for the police to get there and they didn't even want to write a report about it. unforgettably while waited 2+ hours I had already told my company. Who would have thought that the cops would have said Oh well. They were shocked when I told them that I had already told my company. I was raised to tell the truth so I guess that new yorkers dont!
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