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  1. I did go with the XSPC water cooling kit. I got the Rasa 750 RX360 water cooler. I have my OC Stable at 4800 with the volts at 1.328v and the Max temp at 53C. I still have to run benchmarks on it all but so far so good. Ok I will post my build one last time. Case: HAF 932 Blue edition Mobo: ASRock Z68 PROFESSIONAL GEN3 Fatal1ty CPU: i5 2500K PSU SeaSonic X-1250 GPU GIGABYTE GV-R795WF3-3GD Radeon HD 7950 RAM: Mushkin Enhanced Blackline 8GB (2 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) SSD: Patriot Pyro PP60GS25SSDR 2.5" 60GB SATA III MLC Internal Solid State Drive. For my Cache SSD: Corsair Force Series 3 CSSD-F120. For my OS and Games HDD: 250GB is an old one from my last comp. Need to wait out those prices Water Cooler: XSPC Rasa 750 RX360 Universal CPU / Triple Radiator Water Cooling Kit w/ RX360 Radiator and Free Kill Coil! OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit TIM: Tuniq TX-2 Cooling Thermal Compound Monitor PLANAR PX2710MW Black 27" Full HD HDMI WideScreen LCD Monitor w/Speakers
  2. I got the Z68 one. I know what you mean about the 100.1 Mine had the same problem. I got my 2500k at 4.8 stable at 1.328v. I dont think I want to bother forcing it to go harder. My highest temps are at 53C. When I played WoW on ultra it only got to 33C. Thanks Captain for the help. I got what I could out of your guide. So far I am stable and I dont want to push it harder right now. Maybe later if you all think I should.
  3. The computer did NOT like 4800. BSOD killed it and I had to go into the bios to fix it. Well I know my max Bus speed is 105.0 Anything higher and the computer restarts. The max multiplier is 47. So now I just have to tweak those until I get it just right. Going by the OC guide if I had to sacrifice the Bus or the Multiplier I should lose some of the multiplier. Let me know if I got that wrong.
  4. Thanks. I know you guys do this for fun. So I trust most of you.
  5. I am configuring my computers Max OC and I just wanted to make sure I dont use to much Voltage and that I dont get it to hot. The research I have done has been all over the place. I am using the F-Stream Tuning that came with my Fatal1ty Mobo from AsRock. So far I have the core speed at 4200 and my Vcore is 1.296 with a max temp of 53C running on Prime. I understand that I can probably drop my Vcore manually and still keep my performance. Also Why are my temps so varied? This is the max I have right now for all for temps. 44C 45C 53C 50C Any info would help alot. Thanks
  6. Hey guys. Long time since I last posted. I finally got my PSU back yesterday. This one works! Still waiting on them to send me my refund for the shipping. I have a feeling I am going to have to call them again. Anyways back to the computer. Everything seams to work. I haven't started OC yet as I am not sure what to do. It seams to already have an OC utility that lowers and raises the clock speed automatically. Not sure if I should use that. But I think I should go into the bios and change the OC manually. Just not sure how to go about that yet. Other then that I am super stoked about this computer. Its a hell of a lot faster then the one I was using. Loading up windows takes seconds. The water cooler has my temp at 28C right now and all I am doing is typing this and downloading/installing 2 games. I will post pics when I tidy it up a bit more.
  7. Why did you post this? This makes me want to I mean come on!
  8. Hey guys, Just wanted to let you know that I called newegg and told them that as a customer paying 2+k and getting a bad item then being expected to pay to return it to them was not ok. I said that I didn't think I should be treated this way. It took all of 30 seconds on the phone and they are going to reimburse me my shipping cost. All I have to do is e-mail my receipt of the shipping cost to them. Just thought I would let you all know so you can do the same if need be.
  9. Thanks for all the help guys. I shipped it to newegg today. It was easy accept for the fact that instead of shipping it threw UPS(nearest one is 60 Miles away) I shipped it USPS parcel post. They cost the same but I did not want to drive 60 miles on top of spending 15 bucks to return it. I am calling newegg tomorrow and asking for some kind of compinsation. When you spend 2+k in one day you expect to be treated with respect.
  10. Oh and I forgot to mention the great support over at SeaSonic. This is what I wrote. Hi. I just bought your SS-1250XM Active PFC F3 from Newegg. I hooked it up to my computer and I it did not work. I then disconnected it from my computer and tried to turn it on. It still did not work. Finally I tried using a different power plug and still nothing. I would like to exchange it for a new one. Plus I gave them my S/N This is the great msg I got back. Hi Mark, Are you in the USA? Regards, Walter I then sent my address and I have yet to hear back from them. So I think I am going with newegg on the RMA. Unless SeaSonic offer to have it shipped to and from for free Same goes for newegg.
  11. Ok I know you guys say that I dont have to pay a restocking fee but do I have to pay shipping to return defective products? I mean its 15 bucks.
  12. Yeah I tried all that as I posted in another thread. I just think it plain sucks. All that anticipation for nothing.
  13. Yeah. I tried 2 outlets. One that I know worked because my TV was hooked up to it. I also used the PSU Connector that came with my water cooler. It works the same way the paper clip does. When I turned on the switch nothing would happen. Not even the fan on PSU would turn. The PSU has 2 settings. One for normal one the other for hybrid sound. I tired them both and neither worked.
  14. I need a hug. I feel like crying. :cry: :cry: :cry: After all my hard work. At least 9 hours of building my computer, Running all my wires so they would look good from the front, Figuring how to set up my water cooler that had horrible instructions, and I even started filling up the water just to find out the PSU doesn't work Now I am going to have to take all my PSU wires out and try to make everything fit in the box just to send it back for a new one and do it all over again. Anyone want to be the sholuder I on?
  15. Oh ok. I will contact SEASONIC in the morning. The reason why I thought that I was to send it to newegg is because they have a RMA option. I did try the paper clip trick and nothing. It kills me to find this out after I spent hours trying to figure how to plug everything in. I started working at 6PM and its now 2:30AM. Someone kill me plz!
  16. Ok I bought the SEASONIC|X-1250 1250W RT, I built my system, installed my water cooling and put distilled water in it. I then plugged it in and turned it on. Nothing. I mean nothing happened. I then disconnected all my connections from the PSU and tried again. Nothing again. So the last thing I tried was to use a different cord. Still Nothing! Any idea's or do I have a DOA PSU?
  17. Maybe later. That would involve buying a drimle. Plus I would then have to go buy some nice black spray paint to make it look right again.
  18. Its not something that I am going to do often. It just sucks that I have to do it this time. I guess I could take a drimle to it but I think thats a little extreme.
  19. AHHH, I found a flaw with my plan. The cutout in my case is to small for me to install my water cooling bracket to the Mobo while its in the case. Now I am going to have to take out all my wires and take off the GPU and ram. Well at least I know where to route my wires.
  20. What an @$$. First we help him and now he thanks us by saying he will kill us!
  21. I got the stock fan, I just wanted to avoid installing it just to uninstall it. Anyways, I am done for the night. I installed the PSU, Mobo, CPU, GPU, RAM, and both SSD's. I still have to go to storage tomorrow and get my old computer out of storage so that I can steal its HDD and DvD drives. I am also going to steal my old Nvidea MSI 7800 GTX to put in the computer that I am borrowing from my step dad. He has an Nvidea 7300LE. I hope it has a slot for it. Right now the computer can Barely play WoW at its lowest graphics settings. I have uninstalled my top fan in prep for my water cooler. Now installing the water cooler will take some time to do as its my first. After that comes the scary part. Connecting the PSU to the parts and connecting the case wires to the Mobo and doing it with out it looking horrible. Wish me luck!
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