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  1. I have been looking everyday. I don't want to miss is and let it stay out in the snow. I wish we could get a conformation on when it was being shipped but I wont complain.
  2. Just curious about how and when it gets shipped. Does the company send it to you and then you send it to us or do they send it directly to us? Also Congrats to all the other winners and next time I hope some of the people that didn't win will win next year.
  3. If your looking for an awesome spell checker then I would suggest SpellChecker. I have Crappy spelling and I find that website to be a godsend. Its free and easy to use. GL
  4. So far so good for me. I have had that trouble on other websites in the past.
  5. Woo Hooo!!! Thanks for the Roccat Isku Gaming Keyboard!!! My wife and I can't wait! I never win anything so I did not set my hopes high but I have to say that this is already one of the best Christmases I have ever had! Thanks to all who made this possible and Merry Christmas from the Winn Family!
  6. Just realised that I should have made a new thread. Sorry.
  7. I just did but if I don't get any of them I wan't a back up plan.
  8. Wow. Thats a nice Keyboard. What do you wan't for it? If its for the right price then I will hit you up when I have the cash. The mouse doesn't look bad either.
  9. Looking to buy a Keyboard for around $30 bucks. Does anyone have a good suggestion. I know there are great keyboards for $100+ bucks but I don't have that kind of money to throw around anymore. Kids took all my money. lol. I am hoping for a valume and power button and I would really like it if the letters did not rub off in a week like the last one I bought. I would also like a Laser mouse that is of good quality that does not break the bank. Any and all suggestions will help. I will probably get these in about a month so if you plan on selling me your stuff it is going to be at least 30 days. Thanks
  10. To be honest, I don't care about bonus material I liked games that were made when the game had everything. When you didn't have to have an online connection When the game you bought at the store was the game you still had a year from then. All this DLC and updating needs to come to an end. I refuse to buy new games. 1. They cost to freaken much. 2. They should be made right the first time or suffer the consequences. 3. Why did they take my manual away? (I really loved reading that before I started playing) 4. Don't sell me a game I can beat in a day.(Spending a few weeks trying to beat a game when I was a kid is what made it fun) and 5. Sell me a game that has a real ending.(I love a game that you play and get to know the Characters and feel their pain. I want to feel the victory that should be felt after spending such time with them. If you want to make a game that continues then by all means go ahead but you don't have to leave my character in space drifting off to who knows where so that I have to grab the next game just to continue.) Well that's how I feel. Sorry for ranting but I think most of you will understand.
  11. Wow. This most of been some guy. I joined this club 1 year ago for some advice and you guys were talking about him then. I only hope when my passing comes people talk about me like you guys talk about someone most if not all of you have never met. Cheers to Verran
  12. I would love to buy one off of you but Christmas has got me strapped. Maybe I will hit you up later.
  13. Wow. Thats a long time for newegg. Although I have had an issue with them in the past but I still like them. They seem to get some pretty good deals.
  14. Aww. I only have one of those games and I don't think it deserves a vote. D3 sucked in my book. It might be better if you have friends to play with but I don't even think it looked all that good considering it was released this year and BF3 was released last year and looks so much better. The reason I don't have any of those new games is that I don't buy games when they first come out. I like to wait until they drop in price. Although I have been thinking of getting Torchlight. Something tells me it would be more fun then D3.
  15. I just liked how you went about building it. When I built this computer last year I did not build it in an efficient way. I liked how you put your fans in before the MB. When I built this one it took so much longer because I put the MB in and then tried to put the triple rad up top. I also liked how you were wiring it and keeping it neat as you went. I tried to do that after I wired it and it took forever. The reason why I thought there was a full version to watch is that at times it looked liked you were trying to explain what you were doing. Maybe you could slow down the video at those times and then speed it up for the actual work.
  16. Do you happen to have the full video in real time? I would like to take the time and see what you did as well as hear what you were saying. I am still a novice builder and I am always looking for tips.
  17. I am just afraid the someone stupid will do something to end the world as we know it. Self fulfilled prophecies at its best.
  18. http://steamcommunity.com/id/DrDigitized2/ My favorite game has to be Freespace 1 and 2. There is just something about that old game. I also like games like Toonstruck, Grim Fandango, Counter Strike PC version, and I play WoW on occasion. I know I shouldn't but my wife makes me play WoW. I hope that doesn't disqualify me. lol
  19. Well I jumped the gun and bought all the stuff dr_bowtie recommended except for the video card. I wan't to have it built in time for my wife to get it on Christmas and that shouldn't be a problem. I was already looking at the Evo CPU cooler last night and I plan to get that after Christmas so I can give her a little more boost from the processer. Later on I might throw in the 6750 and crossover if she needs it but I think this configuration will be great for our needs. I still can't believe how cheap this build is going to be. All I knew is that I didn't want to buy a Wal*Mart computer. Ha ha
  20. Wow. Thanks for the fast reply. That build is exactly what I was looking for. I tried to find my own and even though it came out to the same price it was not near as good as your build. Thanks
  21. Nevermind. I fixed it. I did not know that the 12V 4pin power connector was attached to another 4 pin connector. Anyways. All is good now.
  22. With Captains help in his guide I was able to get it to 4800 instead of 4700. I might even be able to get it farther if I knew what I was doing. But if you dont mind a little loss for of performance then I would go with the F-Stream utility. It is so easy for peace of mind. And for someone like me who never OC in the bios it is so easy. I am very pleased with this board. I would buy it again if I had to do it all over again. I cant wait until I get a game worthy of it installed. Sadly WoW on ultra doesn't do it. But it does make my Video card work hard and I have a AMD HD 7950. Later I will learn to OC that bad boy.
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