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  1. You think that ones too cheep. Check this one out. OverClockers Club gave it a gold award. Click Here
  2. Thanks for the info. I will stick to your recommendation. I checked out BattleField 3 and they only needed 4 gigs max. So as far as I can tell. 8 will suffice. Also. I checked out other Cases and found one that I liked and wanted your guys opinions.Its the Thermaltake Level 10 GT LCS. It would take care of 2 things on my list. Getting a good solid case that I can carry, lockup, clean easy, and has lots of nice features. The second thing it would take care of is water cooling. Let me know what you guys think.
  3. there's a few questions I had. Why do you guys only recommend 8 gigs instead of 16. Is it the cost difference or do you just not need that much right now? The Mobo that Tjj226_Angel Recommends (I like it as well) only has 4 slots. So wouldn't be a waist to use up the space with 2x4gig. Then I could only max out my ram at 24gigs instead of the 32 the board can handle. Also, when choosing memory do these numbers really matter that much? 2133(OC) / 1866(OC) / 1600 / 1333 / 1066? The cost difference is huge. The SSD and the HDD, Do you have to do anything special to make them work together with the SSD being the cache? Or does it already do it on its own. Also does that take away from you storing software on the SSD? Hope that was easy enough to understand.
  4. When I said thank you it was to all who helped lol. How did you forget the optical drive? ROTFL. I did get what you meant when you explained the SSD and HDD. Now do you have to do anything special to make them work like that? I will be looking and probably changing the parts as I try to understand them better. But you all have given me a great base line. PS. When you don't know what your doing its best to ask or hand it over to someone who knows what there doing. My first build was great except that I did not know what the mounting screws where for and screwed the mobo directly into the case. As you can imagine it did not work. Luckly it would automatically turn off before it damaged itself. So I took it over to a computer shop that showed me what I did wrong and ran test to make sure I did not completely screw it up for very little money.
  5. Wow, Thanks for all the help. I am really looking forward to this. This isn't my first build. This will be my second and third build. For this build I am leaning towards Tjj226_Angel's build. My first build was in the Tsunami Case. I had chose it for 2 reasons. One it looked cool for the time and 2 it had tons of awards. My Mobo was an ASUS A8N32-SLI Deluxe I chose it because I thought it would be great for gaming. My PSU was a simple 450W that came with the Case. I had 2 gigs of Ram which at the time was quite a bit. My CPU was AMD 4800+. My GPU was MSI N-videa 7900 GTX. Always planed on adding more but by time I was planing on adding it the technollgy had changed so much that I might as well just replace it. And then my computer died. It lasted me 5 years. As far as liquid cooled went I felt that I did not need it. And it was my first build so I was kinda nevis as I was spending about $2500 trying to build it. Now I am a bit concerned going into the build because I have never OC or Liquid cooled anything. I did use the software that came with my Mobo and my GPU to overclock but thats as far as it went. I would like to learn how to OC and I have tried to understand it as best I can but I am going to need a step by step tutorial. I am sure I can find one on this site as per its name and any recommendations that you have will help. The Liquid cooling doesn't look that hard, at least not 6 years ago it didn't. lol Do you still need those big radiators to cool the liquid? One question I had was. How does the SSD drive help speed up the HDD? Red and black sound awesome as the color theme. My last theme was Blue and black so I think I need a bit of a change. The case is a really nice choice as well. What it lacks in . appeal it more then makes up for it in ingenuity. The Mobo looks awesome. Thanks for your time. I know it takes time to come up with all these parts. My wife and I thank you and look forward to more input for you guys.
  6. Thanks StonerBoy779. I was thinking of cheepining her PC some but at the same time I want her to be happy. Also thanks for pointing out the flaws in Win 08. I would hate to get stuck with the next Vista. I was leaning towards SSD but just wanted to make sure. Any other Ideas anyone?
  7. Hello everyone. I am going to Buy or Build 2 computers for around $1500.00 each. One for me a gamer since birth and one for my wife who's idea of gaming is to play WoW once in a while. She will be using her computer mostly for facebook, research, WoW, Storing Lots and lots of pictures, and the occasional game that I throw on there. She wont need a monitor just yet as she can use my old one. Myself on the other hand would like a computer that can play everything that's out today and up to a year from now when I add $500 worth of upgrades into it. Or at least thats my goal. I have an old case that I should be able to use again unless you guys think its outdated. Its a Thermaltake Tsunami. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811133132 I was looking at the new SSD drives and thinking that I should get one of those so that my OS and high end games start up and respond faster but I don't know if its worth the sacrifice that I would be paying that I could use for better parts or a Bigger HDD. Also I wont be getting the Computers until I get my Tax returns in late Jan early Feb. Should I wait until Windows 8 comes out or should I just go ahead and get the computers when I get the money. If I buy a computer I was thinking of going CyberPower. At $1500 would it really benefit me to build a computer? Anyways. Thanks for reading. Please give me your honest opinions. It wont hurt my feelings.
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