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  1. yeah, and what do you think of H80? It is silent in mode "Silent"? beacause my dealer destocking this product
  2. However I have a fan "COOLERMASTER Blademaster 120mm", then I thought to buy another for a push / pull. So here's what I would do: - Install the pump PWR_FAN - Connect a fan on CPU_FAN - Connect a fan on CHA1_FAN Got it? I expect them to 1000 rpm because they are silent, but the Blademaster will be efficient?
  3. but where i connect the pump ? To PWR_FAN ? I have 2 4 pins in my Motherboard.
  4. Thank you all for your answers that helped me. I have a fan that does not rotate, it's a Coolermaster 120mm Blademaster, I think to get another and put them in push-pull (at 1000 rpm they are inaudible), it is a good solution? These are 4 pins. @Waco I just looked, Yate Loon fans seem to do a lot of noise for little in CFM.
  5. No prob'. I have at present Coolermaster Blademaster 120mm, they are silent in 1000 rpm, i can buy an other Blandemaster and make a Push Pull? Or then to put two Enermax TB silence, the values are added? Or this ventilator = > http: // www.coolermaster.com / product.php? Product_id=4375 (Blademaster = 4 pin) I have to connect a 3 pin fan on the pump? I can connect the pump may be on a PWR_FAN and my fans 2 pwn => on a CPU fan and the other on non CH_FAN? Thank you still
  6. ok... Bitfènix Spectre LED 120mm: 43.5±10% CFM, <20 dB OR NOISEBLOCKER BLACKSILENT PRO PL2: 55 CM, ~ 11 dB Which is the best or have you an another fan ?
  7. Thx for reply. But i don't like Noctua fan (color). What do you think about Scythe Slip Stream - 12 cm
  8. Hi all, I have in project to replace my cooler (Hyper212 +), and I buy the kit Watercooling Antec, the Kühler H2O 620. But apparently the fan that would not be very quiet too. I have thinking about buying one more fan model: ENERMAX TB SILENCE 120mm, what do you think? For only 11 decibels, it blows 71.54 m3/h and 900 rpm and that of 27.4 dB for display Antec 110 CFM to 2000 (fully), 110 CFM would be equal to 64.74 m3/h (according to my calculations , if you could check). What do you recommend then to take it with the Enermax TB Silence or so with another model? Thank you in advance and sorry for my bad English
  9. Thanks for reply. I see this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iAxyqbwZYpo. Do you think it's OK ?. In this video we can see 5 heatpipe but in ref model by MSI only 4 Link => http://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=iAxyqbwZYpo
  10. Hey guy, I currently have an nVidia GeForce GTX560Ti (N560 GTX II-Ti TwinFrozr published by MSI). Unfortunately, I have two broken fan blades and right when I play 3D game, the card emits huge vibration. So I searched the net and I find this model cooler made ​​by MSI, but I do not know if it will be compatible: http://www.msi-computer.co.jp/VGA/Twin_Frozr_II/img/Twin_Frozr_II_2D1.jpg (purs link https://www.alternate.de/html/product/MSI/Twin_Frozr_II/896386/?) Can you tell me please if it is compatible or give me a link to a TwinFrozr compatible (or reference). MSI takes me ~ € 100 for the repair with shipping costs, whereas if I buy myself that I would have mounted and € 45. Thank you in advance
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