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  1. Got a question for you guys.. Do you, American people, consider airsoft weapons as "real weapons" ? (In France we do so...) tell me, so I could post pictures.. or not
  2. Enable V-Sync. Anyway, if you have a 60 Hz screen (a normal screen, not for 3D vision), your screen won't be able to show more than 60 images each second (60 fps), therefore, even if fraps or any other software shows you "120 fps", with a 60 Hz screen, you won't go further than 60 fps in terms of real framerate.. If you enable V-Sync, it'll synchronize your framerate with your screen, if you have a 60 Hz, you won't exceed 60 fps, if you've got a 120 Hz one (for 3D vision), you won't exceed 120 fps. It should solve your issue.
  3. Concerning what Ecofriendly said, I don't totally agree, if you plan to buy an other GTX570 in the future to make a SLI setup, you won't need a new power supply, I think that your one is enough, if you don't overclock your CPU to a very high level of course...
  4. Well, you know, the guy who sold his motherboard to me decided to give me this G.Skill memory with the motherboard, for the same price, it's a kind of gift, so I couldn't refuse Therefore, I'm gonna run my computer with 4 Gb of RAM for the moment, and I'll get some additional RAM after, I'm saving money to buy 8 Gb of G.Skill PC3-17000, that way I'll have 12 Gb @Hemidare: thanks for giving your opinion, what you're saying is totally possible and you may be right!
  5. thanks, but it wouldn't be useful, knowing that I will be using this setup until my new components arrive, next week
  6. Well, I downloaded it last week and now I'm used to it, I don't even feel the need to come back to W7, even if this is a BETA preview, I don't use W7 anymore... the reason ? I like the Metro UI.. yeah, please don't hurt me Yeah it looks it has been develloped for tablets and touch screens, I don't have any "touch screen", and yet I've the feeling that using the Metro UI with a keyboard and a mouse is totally possible and convenient! It looks like a smartphone with a mouse... I don't really use all the apps available in the new UI but I tried them and these apps also look like smartphone apps, yet, it's no that bad! Well I think some people overthere and even on other forums, no matter where you come from, don't want to get used to a new way of doing things, that's all... The only thing I find not really convenient is the way of turning off the computer, you have to go to Metro UI, then click on your name, then click on disconnect, then roll up the screen, with this tree and this sunset (which, by the way are very beautiful ), then click on turn off... I just hope that in the final Windows 8, Microsoft will include an easier way to turn off the computer.. and that's it, I like the overall new features!
  7. hey thanks for your answer, unfortunately I don't have any USB keyboard, my keyboard is a PS/2 model... and there isn't any PS/2 connector on my laptop
  8. CHANGING ALL THE WAY! Hi everyone! Well I haven't been talking here for a long time! I'm back now with some great news concerning my lovely gaming rig Since the end of February, I've experienced troubleshooting when trying to start and boot my motherboard DFI LanParty DK P45 T2RS Plus. After days spent trying to find the problem, I finally found it some days ago, the BIOS circuit is actually defective, according to the user's manual I should send the mobo to RMA, but I considered that the mobo is actually quite "old" it dates back to 2007 and it would actually be better to buy a new motherboard with a new CPU than sending this one to RMA. The fact is that when I try to start it, the mobo fails to start, start again, and start again, 15 or 20 times and finally manage to boot after a LOOOONG time spent failing to start, and, of course it loads the stock settings instead of my personal OC settings... well, it couldn't last more... So I decided to change it all the way! I've bought some new items on Overclocking-PC.fr and Hardware.fr (BeHardware.com for English speaking persons) And this is what I'm going to get next week..!!! I can't wait!!! It's gonna ROCK! Intel Core I7 2600K (bought on Hardware.fr for €205) Asus P8P67 WorkStation Revolution G.Skill Ripjaws X 4 Gb (2x2) PC3-17000 (bought on Overclocking-PC.fr for €240 including mobo and RAM) I'll receive my new components next week, and of course I'll post pictures of the new setup, right here For the moment, I'm cleaning the computer's inside, it's just full of dust! I decided to dismantle the graphics cards and all the stuff, clean the GPU's and put some new thermal grease on them... I'll also post pics of that so for the moment I'm using my laptop computer, connected to my Acer X223W screen, it's not very convinient, but it does the job You may also notice that I bought a new mouse I bought a new Logitech Performance MX 2 months ago, this mouse is just awesome, just so convinient and nice to use! I love it And finally, this morning I went to the mall and I bought the expansion pack for BF3 "Back to Karkand", I also went to my habitual computer shop to buy a new thermal grease tube and I also bought some self-drilling screws for my Corsair H70 watercooling system whose screws are totally unusable... We can also notice my "old" Q9550 at the top of the pic There is a great job to do now! Talk to you later! Bye from France!
  9. In april, I'm gonna go to the USA and I'm already getting ready for my journey I bought a new SD card, an expansive SanDisk Extreme HD3D 16 GB (aditionally I also have a Transcend 8 GB, an other SanDisk Extreme 2 GB and a PNY 1 GB.. well, I'll be able to take a thousand pics and long videos ) and I also bought an aditionnal battery for my bridge camera Nikon Coolpix P500 which also records in HD1080P with stereo sound
  10. Wallaby

    3dMark 11

    thanks! actually I'm running it at 4.13 ghz for everyday use here I overclocked it up to 4.3 ghz for this benchmark, it's the maximum frequency that I can reach to be able to run 3DM11 without a crash during the Physic test
  11. Wallaby

    3dMark 11

    P7437 Quad Q9550 @ 4.3 ghz SLI GTX460 @ 900/2130 Screen: http://nsa27.casimages.com/img/2011/11/27/111127020207432183.jpg
  12. I just bought a new Logitech Performance MX mouse I'm going to receive it next week
  13. guys, tomorrow I'm gonna go to a computer shop which is quite close to where I live... I'm going to leave their my laptop computer, for RMA, since it crashed.. and unfortunately, I can't repair a laptop... I can't buy any components such as a motherboard for a laptop.. I'm also going to buy some thermal grease, and I'll try to see if I can buy a new mouse. I just saw that they sell the Logitech Performance MX which is actually a great mouse, but, its cost is also very expansive.. haha I need to know what I want, and obviously, I want a new mouse, so I'll pay for it, even if it's not affordable at all
  14. great story! it looks so sad
  15. that looks amazing! and I see that you are a fan of Iron Maiden , and of... hoovers...
  16. yeah, I understand what you mean but, after all, the HAF 922 is big enough for a big rig with multi-gpu and watercooling the HAF X is higher than the HAF922, that's a fact, but the HAF922 is a little bit longer than the HAF X (and heavier) that's why I bought the 922 edit: the HAF922 is also cheaper than the HAF X, that can matter too
  17. hmm guy do you think a mousemat will really increase my mouse's accuracy or something ? I love my phone, it's very usefull, especially to listen to my favorite radio station every morning and every evening when I'm on my bus to go to school or to come back home
  18. hmm I don't think I need any mousemat with an optical mouse yeah, I've got a Samsung C3050, to be honest, I don't really like smartphones because of their touch screens which are not very convinient in my opinion
  19. Some pics that I just took, 10 minutes ago my desk and my screen, on a forum that you all know, right there... my computer, in the darkness the Xilence fan control panel
  20. this is what I think too
  21. this is just a matter of taste...
  22. yeah, these kind of replicas are classified in the 8th category of the weapon classification that we have in France. But you don't need any licence to get one, just an indentity card, or, when you're still less than 18 years old, your parents have to buy it for you the orange muzzle is not mandatory here, but I already saw some people with replicas which have this orange muzzle.
  23. I find the HAF922 very "big" for a mid-tower, it could almost be a full-tower model... The Cosmos II from C.M is such a great case, but I still prefer the HAF series, I just love its design, it looks so "gamer-made"
  24. Twin Frozr or SOC with the WindForce cooling system: Nice choice!
  25. omg my computer is very noisy, especially when I'm playing! Because all my fans runs at their maximum speed, it's really annoying and almost unbearable if I don't use a headset or if I don't increase the sound volume talking about the heat, the GTX470 is a graphics card which is very known for its heat, unfortunately
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