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  1. Here is the latest from MSI - the Z690 MPG Carbon Wifi. This will be in 2 parts as I am waiting for the CPU and DDR5 RAM.
  2. Here is the review for the new 27" 1440p gaming monitor from Viotek.
  3. Check out the new power supply from be quiet! This is the Pure Power 11 FM 750W fully modular PSU.
  4. Reolink just released a new dual lens / dual channel camera with a 150° field of view (FOV). There are 4 versions: PoE (this review) WiFi / powered WiFi battery / solar 4G cellular
  5. OverclockersClub is back with a new video review of the Redline Lumina RAM kit from Mushkin! Mushkin Lumina 32GB memory kit:
  6. OverclockersClub is back with some new videos covering new releases from Fractal Design! Torrent Case: https://youtu.be/0bSfDFqWRwo Ion+2 Platinum 860W PSU https://youtu.be/8j9dH0qwDBY Prisma AL-18 fans (180mm fans) https://youtu.be/jSAQ7pDlIf8
  7. Usually you have to set the extra router to AP (access point) mode. And that involves connecting the extra router, by itself to a PC or laptop and logging into it. You need to be isolated from your current network. Usually the login info is on a label on the bottom of the router. Navigate to the page that allows you to change from Router mode to AP mode. Reboot the extra router and now your main router will assign an IP address to the new AP when you connect it to your main network.
  8. Yeah - if you start looking at them (and there are a ton of them) they all look like knock-offs of each other. Probably come out of the same handful of factories and just slap a different label on them.
  9. Working for OCC is like hitting the lottery, so you could say I have won something!
  10. Thanks - and it is nice, especially for a new company. But it has to be to compete.
  11. I did make it work with a 6V adapter. Funny you mention the solar - I am working on that for another Argus.
  12. Stay tuned - we have another one from VIVO in the near future...
  13. Stay tuned - we have another one from VIVO in the near future...
  14. Ah - I see. Well, there are a lot of cool projects to control, monitor, and report things like you have with a Raspberry Pi. Might be worth looking into it.
  15. There are a few ways you can do it - and just thinking out loud - can you use a regular thermostat to control a relay for the heater? Then you could use a wifi switch (like a WeMo) to control the output of the relay?
  16. Definitely tempted to slap my Rampage V Extreme in there, and three red LED fans up front would look sweet!
  17. I have had a few bumps with Win10 - and usually I Google search with my symptoms / error codes and figure out the fix. Sometimes the fix comes with the next update. You will want to include in your search, your Windows version / release.
  18. Most people didn't have any problems - two of my other systems made the update on the first try. Just my main system had the issue, and the patch worked for me. I think what bothers people is that MS knew about it from the feedback from people in the Insider program, and still released it.
  19. I have a buddy with the computer in a cabinet and he mounted a couple of fans in the back of the cabinet to improve the temps - worked well for him. Anyway - the new tablets are quite powerful, and affordable, so that may be a path worth researching.
  20. Just a few random thoughts - I assume you are using Windows as your OS? If so, have you upgraded to Win10? And is it a retail or OEM copy? Reason I ask is that you may need to factor that into the budget if you need to purchase a new copy of Windows if you build a new system. A pre-built system does have an advantage of coming with Win10 installed. You can always get a cheaper pre-built, and use your SSD to speed it up. You can look at the upgrade path for a fresh AMD CPU and perhaps some faster memory. Your board is AM3+ / FX capable, so you have a nice range of FX processors available - but the higher end units will generate more heat, so you may need to upgrade the cooler too. And changing a CPU may force a Windows reactivation, so be prepared for that.
  21. And please - any feedback is welcome!
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