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  1. P9970 3DMarks Got a P9974 but failed to save the URL because the system crashed afterwards thats why wasn't in history in Google Chome either. Basically a P10,000 3D MARK11 BASIC for this ~$1500 dollar build.[edit March 16, 2012] Not going to go any further and go to my 24/7 settings for BF3 1337/1806MHz(7224MHz eff.) @ 1187/1700mV. Equates to 36.4G/Pixel/s Fillrate, and 364GB/s VRAM bandwidth at 125.GTexels. Temps never go to 73C and the fan speed on the GPU fan rarely goes over 74% power. P9689 3DMarks P9689 @ 1198/7224eff(1806)Mhz 1.3v/.1.7v , hits max 79C during 3DMark11 bench. P9412 3DMarks Hit 71C during benchmark test that led to the score at the top. 3000RPM side fan hitting 2800 rpm and doing a good job to a non-OC version of sapphire card only working around 70% speed at 70C gpu. 80C would enable 100% gpu fan which I do not want to wear out like my 4870 sitting in the closet. Rather the thing turn off due to heat protection. LOL AT MEMORY BANDWIDTH 364GB/s, PCIe3.0 is probably coming in handy now. 1st I would like to argue LGA2011, look at LGA1366 x58 came out 3 years ago, triple channel DDR3. DDR4 will be out in mass around late 2014, very expensive and will only have duel channel. Quad channel DDR3-2400 Mhz kit with a "knights corner"(lga2011 die size) 50 core or similar lga2011 future socket. I will upgrade my CPU from a i7-3820 to 32+ core processor, and upgrade ram to 64 GB DDR3-2400mhz about 3 months before "project titan" comes out in late 2015 imo. i7-3820 has native pcie 3.0 to work with 7950. This is a bang for your buck almost max performance budget system with tons of options to add as of 02/03/2012. Could add 2 low-profile fans on the side and another one on the heat-sink in push/pull configuration. The case has 11.4" or 29cm of GPU headroom and includes 3 fans , 120, 2x 140; for $60 haven't seen a better deal.02/07/2012 edited, LAST EDIT BEFORE PURCHASE 02/08/2012 02/14/2011 CPU will not be coming until begining of March! Unreal 4 engine will be used by most next gen games and uses 2.5 Tflops, the 7950 has 2.8+ Tflops. $55 Rosewill CHALLENGER U3 3xfans inc.---------------------------------------------B003YVJJ5Y-U3 version $189 x79ma-gd45 (2x PCIe3.0x16)--------------------------------------------------------X79MA-GD45 $100 PC Power and Cooling Silencer 760W----------------------------------------------PPCS760 $35 COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 EVO---------------------------------------------------RR-212E-20PK-R2 $330 i7-3820 OC to 4.2+ can go 4.8GHZ -------------------------------------------------BX80619I73820 $57, native FSB of 1600, XMP 1.3 G.SKILL Ripjaws Z Series 8GB (4 x 2GB)-------F3-12800CL9Q-8GBZL $166 120Gb SSD Cosair Force Series 3 Solid State Drive-----------------------------CSSD-F120GB3-BK $450 SAPPHIRE HD 7950 -------------------------------------------------------------------11196-00-40G $13 Scythe "ULTRA KAZE" 120 x 38 mm Case Fan---------------------------------DFS123812-3000 $0 OS WIN 7 64bit OEM, $77 is what I paid for a Dell OEM works fine, Win8 beta I might try out as well TOTAL ~$1395 w/o OS Win7-64b before shipping after rebates. $1530 TOTAL w/ OS+S/Handling ================================================================================================ ACCESSORIES $40 Razer Arctosa Gaming Keyboard- Silver ------------------------------------------------RZ03-00260100-R3U1 $450 Samsung SyncMaster-----------------------------------------------------------------------S23A950D $19 Accell UltraAV Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable------------------------------ B119B-007J $35 rechargeable batteries 4x lir2025 and charger for 3d glasses--------------------PST-LC20 & $5ea LIR2025 x 4 (25mAhs of rechargeable cannot meet the 140mAh demand that a disposable puts out for 3D glasses) $58 for SH-B123L bluray-ROM combo---------------------------------------------------------SH-B123L $180 Razer tiamat 7.1 (10 speaker headset)--------------------------------------------------N/A $28 Samsung 3D Active Glasses (extra pair)-------------------------------------------------SSG3100GB $46 Razer Deathadder Infrared Gaming Mouse----------------------------------------------RZ01-00151400-R3 $18 SteelSeries 4HD Professional Gaming Mouse Pad----------------------------------n/a ~$888 after shipping --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ~$2291 GRAND TOTAL w/ shipping Prices have been updated at of 2/03/2012. Around $2300 but the accessories are really not the machine itself.. Could be considered a $1400 machine with competitiveness for a reasonable price but most would opt in to buying another OS. I plan on just re-installing Vista on this machine and using my copy of Win7 64 for gaming. Love to hear some feedback on this build. I know 2500k OC system would be cheaper and give more performance if the money went to getting like x-fire 7950s but I am getting future compatibility PCIE3.0 possible Ivy bridge extreme and even this "Knights Corner" type chip in the LGA2011. 120GB is not much but if you were to only install OS and BF3 and another game you would have a little room left. Planning on storing a lot of my raw data and files no used much on networked drives on other computers such as this one until I get maybe a 2nd 120 and Raid 0 or 1 them. =) Another tidbit is that Nvidia will be releasing some cards in March which could drive prices down more depending on Kepler performance. Micro-stuttering scares me into getting some duel 6950s or other setup which would have better fps then a single 7970, I know about the Vsync + Fps limiter that is to be set at 59.95 fps or something. Which wouldn't be bad having 30FPS per eye image upscaled to 120hz. Now that I think about it going with 2x 6950s with unlocked shaders is like a 6970, So almost a 6990s performance for 300-400 bucks. Beating both 7950 and 7970 but those can do MSAA alot better as well as tessellation, but if the next gen games are not going to be using GCN architecture and going with VLIW4. GCN offers more GPGPU computing for physics and shadows but the 3820 OC will compensate. Then again battlefield has used over 2GB in Vram as well as the 384bit bandwidth is a plus. Dx11.1 is just more GPGPU performance increase. Though by the time you had to upgrade to new cards XDR2 will offer double bandwidth and improve performance substantially before xfiring a 7950 with another 7xxx series. This will be a debate that will be bothering me a while. Update 2/3/2012 , going with 7950 uses less power and no microstuttering, AMD to release drivers that improve the GCN preformance, but that is something I will look up on later. Update 2/05/2012, mini display port to display port for a solid additional 32+12bits of color 120hz 1080p signal I would Imagine this effect contrast slightly as HDMI 1.4a but HDMI 1.4a can do full 1080p 3d but is not supported on S23A950D but is on the 7950.
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