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  1. Thanks alot for this info, the 910 configuration looks like air can move alot better then the old TX850. I am probably going to end up changing the build from your input on the PSU researching I found that the 7970 pulls over 600W OCed! The 7950 shouldn't pull much less. My link And then here is a 3820 @ 4.75 pulls 251Ws 3820 review So it looks as if I need a 900w PSU for a OCed setup as 251+(less than 607)= Under 858Ws at full load OCed. I would imagine I will never reach those clocks and wattage's so 800w +150w Buffer for mobo ram and disk. , 800w/910 =87% so would be under efficiency zone of 88% so the rest would be RAM and other stuff 1000w PEAK. Will have to get new PSU to get a crossfire in the future but why do that when the Xbox720 is going to only have 480 SPs in the 6670 and 480 SPs in Trinity APU, 960 VLIW4 Raedeon cores. My 5750 has 720 VLIW4, LOL. 960x2 1920 SPs. GCN (graphics core next) cores are in the 7900 series, the last time a big change came was back in 2900-3900 series and it doubled performance going to VLIW4 then 5 now to GCN. So I am going to change my PSU to the 910w OCZ brand you mentioned, $ more not biggie. 910W Continuous @ 40C (1000W Peak) NVIDIA SLI Certified (Multiple GPUs) /Rock-Solid, Super-Clean DC Output 80+ Silver Certified (88% Efficiency); .99 Active PF /Quad PCI-E and complete array of connectors Up to 90% (10dB) Less Noise per Watt/ Automatic Fan Speed Control Circuit 5-Year Warranty and Tech Support This means that the 7950's 1792 cores OCed will be basically 2x faster then the Xbox720 rendering a full 1080P next gen games with at least 30FPS to each eye thus x-firing another 7950 with almost 100% scaling would allow 120 FPS at the same graphics settings of console ports for the next 8 years or more. But there is another reason as well that the 7900 series has DX11.1 which modify 3D performance after Win8 upgrade. But every generation of cards bring higher memory bandwidth, and XDR2 may make a appearance in the 8990 after Kepler Nvidia comes out with 512-bit bus? THE WATTAGE'S MENTIONED ABOVE ARE INCORRECT, 760w VERSION IS JUST ENOUGH FOR OC i7-3820 and HD7950! http://www.guru3d.com/article/radeon-hd-7950-overclock-guide/3 Heat-sink will not reach the heat dissipation required to OC it to 250w's., At max a 7950 at 1150Mhz core 1.25V use 381W at max load. 631Ws between the CPU and GPU with some to spare of the 760W. Crossfire would not be possible with the over-volt to 1.25 with the 910w because it would exceed the 1000w max of the PSU. A
  2. went down to 8GB 1600MHZ gskill z series, I have never used my 4GB max and upgrading when ddr4 comes out maybe to 2400MHZ 64GB in a few years.
  3. Correct partially... $450-$500ish now for the 7950 @ provantage they are the only ones really atm 1/25/2011. I just got my tax return so I am pretty much revising to the final build and updating the list on the 1st page. Updates including the title because without the monitor and such this is a x79 for $1500 without the monitor that can run BF3 way over 60 fps consistently with MSAA and that mean no need to use FXAA because it is just going to blur the image as it does blending silhouettes in post 3D mode offered by the Samsung more so. S/N of everything and all. But will play BF3 40-60 fps in Tri-def true 3D. But most are not fans of 3D thus still it offers ultra 60+ fps and future compatibility with at least 5 years of PCi-e 3.0 coming before the 4.0 standard which is already being pushed through but 2007 was when 3.0 was introduced when I upgraded to 2.0. So PCI 2.0 cards will be around for another 5 years before most modern games will not play on them. These are like 10 year lifespans almost in sync with consoles because they push huge leaps with console launch years.
  4. Thanks for all the input. The Sandforce can't be too terrible for gaming as my father-in-law has one on his new system playing WoW which is one of the hardest games for random reads. He said he has not had any blue screen memory errors with his crucial 16gb ram and 120gb OCZ 3. So seems reliable enough. Thanks again.
  5. i am guessing $350-$400 will be the price of a good 7950. Does anyone recommend the Crucial M4 Marvell controller over Sandforce? I heard the Marvell controller is what Intel uses but is a bit slower but better with 4k random reads. $40-50 difference in price over getting M4 over a Sandforce. Any thoughts on SSDs.
  6. 333 WATTS USAGE ! a 200w 7950 OC and the 340w 3820 OC will run a 850W PSU to it's optimal max loads of about 700Ws above 80% line but below 90% of max load and that would be peak. Another card would require another PSU.
  7. FOR ALL THE i7-3820 HATERS! http://hothardware.com/Reviews/Intel-Core-i73820-QuadCore-Sandy-BridgeE-CPU-Review/?page=6 Using the 212 cooler 4.75Ghz stable on air!
  8. Cache for a 550MB/s SSD? Probably would have little performance gain. Is this a certain mobo with this feature or software?
  9. I am wondering if the Tiamat's 10 speaker setup will deliver the similar large soundscape found on the HD280s( $80) good stereo speakers or I have heard that the SRH840 ($170 ) has the best mid-range clarity for hearing for example gun fire in the distance through all the foreground noise. I personally want the best quality directional headset for under $200 for competitive FPS play.
  10. Boss of a system you got there bro, good for you dude!
  11. Updating your system that much when do you get to use it, it would seem it would be kinda of silly LOL. I know your not serious. lol
  12. Just a tid bit to add about choice of mobo over the slightly cheaper ASRock X79 EXTREME4-M. 3 pcie 3.0 is more then unnecessary due to case size, duel graphics cards, max 4 but that would require larger PSU too just for 2 highest end cards 32 GB limit is not as good as 64 even if I'm not ever going to use it in the most likely South bridge chip fan is small loud and annoying and worried about it failing via dust or wear (i do not want to have to replace) with the ASrock Has a newer integrated sound but is basically the same The little fan is what strayed me away from the ASRock even though I have used this G41 and it has been good to me for years I won't be a returning customer
  13. I agree, If it was February I would wait but I am very very fed up with not being able to game atm. And whos to say that it isn't worth paying -$100 more the Z68 for a 79x-m with 2-pcie 3.0 for possible crossfire rather then be limited to 1 slot on the z68. And another -$30 for 4 sticks instead of 2 sticks of 2133 ram. So for $130 more get quad ram and multiple pcie 3.0. And I don't have to wait any longer. It would be nice to take that $130 and get a good CPU water cooler for a fully unlocked 3770 but I will wait and see in the coming weeks if any crazy overclocks are being able to be attained by IB.
  14. Games with the best physics are the ones I love the most. Destructible things are fun! http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/core-i7-3930k-3820-test-benchmark,3090-5.html Most impressive physics score for 3820 at stock speed. http://media.bestofmicro.com/H/Z/318167/original/3dmark11%20physics.png Ivy-bridge has integrated graphics something that is a waste of gates on the die for us who use a video card. It is tri-gate 3D transistor technology which I am not impressed with i7-3770k benchmarks of around "17% faster performance in 3DMark Vantage Performance Preset - CPU benchmark" http://www.tomshardware.com/news/Benchmarks-Intel-Ivy-Bridge-CPU-sandy-bridge,14144.html However I did hear a rumor of ivy-OC to 6GHZ or crazy something because the wattage and tri-gate tech but again this a rumor and I feel it highly unlikely. AMD's Bulldozer and Ivy-bridge are going to unique separate ways and that is why current bench-marking programs are not working as well. I will explain. AMD has been eating at Intel's profits largely in part to AMD's recent success in filling mid-range to very low end integrated cheap products. Intel is wants to be a competitor in the low range market where the 99% of the buying population that have not been screwed by the high frequency trading HTF's algorithms. THE BANKERS WHO PRINT THE MONEY ARE THE REASON FOR YOUR VIEWS ON IVY BRIDGE. Few people these days can afford a high end system and settle for cheap A6-LLANO or A4 which I have two close family members just got computers for Christmas. Most gamers are console gamers as well, and X360 beat PS3 due to Microsoft leaking DX10.1 tesselation units into the R500* chip and a 260GB/s small cache buffer for FXAA with almost no frame loss so they can render the games like BF3 and HALO3 at 540P resolution and upconvert to 1080P enabling other graphics features on. More money AMD made beating PS3 CELL and Nvida 7 card or whatever it was. Once AMD reach fully general computing GPUs there will no longer be a need for any CPU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO YOU THINK INTEL SEES THAT AS A THREAT AND WANT TO INTEGRATE GPUS INTO CHIPS AS IVY BRIDGE TO COMPETE IN THE LOW END WAL-MART COMPUTER MY MOTHER-IN-LAW GOT FOR CHRISTMAS?!!?!?! EDITED RANT OUT , JUST SILLYNESS
  15. I understand your points very clearly. 2600k is ~$300 and offers higher per core overclockabillity on 4 cores 8 threads 8mb cache so I think that it will last for more then five years especially with water cooling which I know most here are for as it is a OC forum. This is due to most games only using 4 threads max with some as shogun 2 using even more. Next gen consoles as the next x-box which most companies will be writing code for will be limited to 2mb core caches. The 3820 scores significantly higher when it comes to physics benchmarks and newer modern games as BF3 with Frostbite 2.0 utillze this. But we need to reflect that GPUs are getting better at general computing and about three generations GPUs will be doing CPU processing so there will not be much need for a better processor for a long time once AMD completely figures this out within the next two years. 3930 with 2 more cores unlocked would just be a waste with 12 threads and the self need of getting a water-cooling option which I would in that case but stay within budget and getting one of the best monitors was a goal. So if you take this build and subtract the monitor and extras it is around a ~$1400ish max system which is what a 2600k system would be without native PCI-e 3.0 and quad memory. If developers are going to stalemate CPU utilization in games around the performance of a 2600k because it is so popular with everyone else then getting slightly better just ensures that little bit of future compatibility that everyone here says doesn't exist which is true for crazy priced systems over $3k. I do plan on video editing and recording while playing modern games around ultra and maybe be able to alt+tab from BF3 to D3 while running fraps to utilize that 16GB which I know is overkill as I have stated in a earlier post. Most I have heard used for gaming was 5.6 GB with BF3 ultra, voip and browser open. I am sorry if I can't explain my views any more clearer. I actually had my GF decide for me between 2600k and 3820 because either way they each have their benifits.
  16. Researching I found that the Corsair Ram was XMP1.2 and for only $17 more at $100 16GB G.Skill DDR3 PC3-12800 RipjawsZ XMP1.3 9-9-9-24 built for x79 Quad Ram alone is overkill and so is 16GB no need for getting PC3-17000 or higher as price increase quite a bit after it and there isn't going to be a gaming performance gain with quad channel. Shogun 2 is one of few games that have a Minimum 4GB spec but I have played it on Vista 32bit at 3GB with crashes only once in a while. I would get 8GB but the price is too similar just not to double it to 16GB.
  17. Yes your correct, I was thinking of just keeping my current system and upgrading to a Q6600 or better for less then $100 and upgrade from this damn 17" CRT GATEWAY! =( . But I think that next gen games are going to have a similar thread processing to the newer quad-cores with the 2mb at least cache per core. The X360s tri processor is slightly more powerful then my processor but has lead to me having . FPS for the last 6 years due to most games being console ports which were optimized for three or more cores. I believe they are going to use Ivy-bridge to extremely elongate lga1155's lifespan for the next seven years with GPU updates with most games more then likely being console ports. My speculation is Microsoft will continue with AMD and release a custom 7990 3GB XDR with Trinity connected to duel channel ddr3 4GB 2133mhz duel graphics mode. Instead of waiting to build a ivybridge system with native pcie 3.0 the next best option is 3820. I also want to use this computer for the kids as I have 3 children all girls; 5 yr old twins and a 6 year old. They will then all have computers to play their flash games they have been playing since 1 years old. Thanks all for reviewing my thoughts on this matter.
  18. I completely agree with you that you can never have the best and even less then 6 months things are outdated. Here is a very detailed article on benchmarks of 3.0 vs 2.0 and sometimes 2.0 is faster. I repeat, I will be using the 3.0 in about 2 years. Remember I understand that a 2600k system at the same price will get slightly better performance but is sacrificed for future compatibility. 8GB is only like 6 dollars cheaper for Corsair 1600mhz XMP which is the native FSB speed and completely overkill in quad channel, I know. X-firing 7970's is overkill and only would be preferred to get 120fps to match your 120hz monitor or better yet get better then 50FPS ultra 3d 1080P mode turning down the settings would probably achieve 120FPS 1080P 3D. Does V-sync auto-scale or would it push it all the way down to 60FPS. Can you manually change V-Sync ratios? Maybe it is nit-picking at small performance differences that is what it seems that all you guys are posting. Father-in-law has AMD hexcore and my theory is that the game is only writing on two threads. And the small processors can only max out with their smaller L2 cache as well as the RAM speed loading into the 560s Vram, too many different textures in WoW busy town areas.
  19. 1st I do have a budget and here are my thoughts on your opinions which I appreciate most greatly. Arguing the point is perfect way for me to reflect on my decision and make changes nessary. Before the monitor and such it is only about a $1400 PC. 2500k system would be around the same price. i7-3820 has a limited overclock capability so there is no reason to go hog wild on water-cooling when performance gain I can see are only marginal compared to say spending the money on getting a hex core 3930x nonOC with a stock air cooler that would be a lot faster then the 3820OC with the best liquid cooling which would be a additional $150-$300 depending if you do the GPU water block that is over $100. Also Pci-e 3.0 is the most important reason to get lga2011 platform, with the 7970 there was around a 3fps increase over pci2.1 16x. I think once I get around to a 9000 series or such that the bandwidth may be more important. I currently got a little g41-micro lga 775 with one pcie 2.0 when they 1st came out the GPGPU computing has helped my Pent D duel at 2.8ghz play most current games almost at max with a 5750 flashed to 5770. Skyrim even runs quite fine with High settings FAA 2x AF 4x shadows low. BF3 5-12 FPS will not do. Battlefield is my fav PC fps and it hurts not to be able to play it. With the unified general computing singularity being worked on by AMD with the GCN architecture I think that GPUs are all you will need to upgrade for a long time to come. RAM may be the limiting factor in which DDR3 quad will remain competitive up to two years into DDR4s life as did DDR2 which can still make Ultra BF3 if you have the right setup.. It is also speculated that Blizzard is going to use a Minecraft like technology for their next MMO. I would imagine that this will take advantage of large fast ram to get a fluid massive world when most will have 8GB+ in three years time. Warcraft is one of the most demanding games as far as accessing the HDD randomly for textures and meshes and this has recently increase with a new patch that allows players to customize their armor. My father-in-laws new $1700 PC with a 560 does 100FPS max settings in a contained battleground level but only 20FPS while in a crowed town he has a 500mb/s SSD too. I believe he is RAM bandwidth bottle-necked with duel ddr3 1866 16GB. Honestly most games are rarely written for more then 4 thread to the CPU(3820 has 8 threads half from hyper-threading). Shogun 2 can use more then 4 threads is one of a couple examples available. The software ends up determining the difference. The next X-box is rumored to have a quad core which means after launch in 2013 if it has same life span of x360 we will see console to PC ports and a limiting of the tech as we have for the past 6 years of the x360s life. I have seen reviews of the Samsung 950 monitors 3D fatigue and it is not present as 1st generation 3D without light boost technology. This is a active display just like the Nvida technology. Users have said that they could stand about 30mins of 3D before a headache and with this technology that is not present. The image quality of the 950 series is suppose to be 2nd to none. I have also read that a 10% convergence(only slight 3d effect) in stereoscopic mode can give a competitive advantage in FPS sniping and such. I am on a 17" gateway CRT atm my back-light on my 22" lcd burnt out and it reminds me of the issue of people buying 2 GPUs for $600+ then using it for a $150 LCD. The image quality can sometimes be better then AA ultra, AF ultra, ect... enabled. OLED like performance 5,000,000,000:1 Contrast ratio increases the silhouette of enemies! Why cheap Rosewill case? I am not going to be traveling to LAN parties their for ruggedness and handle is unnecessary, this also the only mid-atx that includes 3 fans included. A micro-atx motherboard would provide sufficient room in this case. USB3.0 front headers is unnecessary extra that can be easily added. Believe me I originality wanted Lvl10 GT Thermatake but again there is a budget to this build. I also originally wanted water-cooling but expense and the noisy fans are still there anyways just strayed me into prioritizing say the monitors quality. My drunk GF recently threw my current computer and only destroyed the case I bought a $17 mid atx, GZ-KF03B, $13 shipping and handling and it works just fine, I put my fans from my old case in the new case. The 140mm side fan blowing directly on the OCed 5750, 700 > 842MHZ core, 4808MHZ 1GB GDDR5 it is stable and a bargain for $70 a year ago off ebay when my 4870 fan bearings went after dust got up in the turbine casing. I lost 80 stream processors in my DX11 card upgrade. I do say it almost feels like a aluminum soda can but if it gets dropped or thrown again I think it is better if the case gives way a bit to cushion the fall but I was lucky it landed on the 5in drive bay corner the DVD drive that was destroyed sliped against another DVD drive that was under it. I will keep you guys up to date with my experience with this build once I have it constructed at the end of January or so. Benchmarks, diagnostics, overview, pics and videos is what I am planning on uploading if I am not busy on D3, B3, or surviving nuclear war. P.S. Sorry for such a extended response but with this current system not dishing out the preformance I want as an avid gamer it is boring sometimes.
  20. X58 came out three years ago (2008) and can use the 6 core 12 thread. 995X, The triple channel will last for quite some time into a couple years into DDR4s release. x79 lga 2011 is using the 22nm Sandy-extreme which is actually the same architecture as three years ago. I think that Ivy-bridge extreme and possible Haswell will use lga2011. I do not think that the ram bandwidth of duel channel DDR4 three years from now will have the performance of 2400mhz dd3 quad channel and be twice as expensive if not more . Games don't even use much ram speed. My plan is to use the current build until Activision Blizzard releases "Project Titan" Warcraft 2 basically. At that time upgrading to Raid 0 SSDs, WIN9, DX12 2x duel GPU, PSU 1500w, RAM and CPU might be fine but may upgrade to Haswell or Ivy-E. 50 core Knights corner looks promising. 1600 up to 2400mhz DDR3 upgrade would be cheap with the release of DDR4 around the same time.
  21. Razer Tiamat 7.1 is what I have been looking at. And with a i7-3820 going to crank the on board sound to 24bit 192Khz or higher if available hyper threading will take care of the load I am not going bottle-necking at the CPU for BF3+VOIP let alone listening to HD music maybe all at the same time who knows.
  22. FXAA 2x will smooth stuff out more with little FPS loss, AF 4x is noticeable, look at textures at extreme angles with off vs 4x, then 8x probably hit Fps too hard to really matter, this is from my experience.
  23. After Diablo2 LOD, D3 rumors have been on the internet for 10 years and I have been dreaming of building a system to get the best experience for 10 years. The Samsung 950 3D is suppose to have the best looking 1080P 2D on the market. Planning on doing Displayport 1.2 cable included with monitor. BF2 was my favorite online FPS and BF3 currently plays 10FPS lowest settings 5750 1gb, 2.8ghz Pen D 2MB cache is killing me, Core2quad upgrade isn't worth it. 3 ways to do 1080P 3D Duel-link DVI Displayport 1.2 HDMI1.4a 3Ghz <only 7900 can do no monitor can use this yet Other ways are 720P. http://www.abload.de/browseGallery.php?gal=qpOM1lvz&img=19_7970_manfromatlant8qpgf.jpg 46.8 FPS AVG in BF3 HD3D GPU conversion on high1080, OC 7950 would probably get similar results, 50FPS is not 60 but more then likely quite playable, depending on the difference of either using the monitor for 3D or using the GPU to do 3D would be the make or break if I were to get another 7950. I would be stressing that Corsair 850w i think at that point idk.
  24. Thanks a lot for the warm welcome. I would rather pay the $300 or more premium to get future compatibility. I have heard a bit about PCIe 4.0 the standards will not be concrete for another three years at least. 2.0 has been out 6 years and I think that it will be good for another 4 years because bandwidth isn't being used much. I have seen that the 3.0 slot and a i7extrem get only about 3FPS difference with the 7970 benchmarks. More of a latency and controller issue that is causing the increase not so much a bottleneck going on atm. I would imagine 3.0 standard should be good until about 2017ish.
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