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    have not got over a 9000 score currently have gpu 1.2v/1.618v mem, 1100MHz/1575Mhz(6300), Afterburner is maxed as far as frequency spectrum goes I have seen 1250/7600 on the web. I believe that a water-block and radiators would be needed to run that all the time without wearing out the fan on the heat-sink.


    The side fan I have configured through speed fan to turn on and ramp up after 50C GPU temp. The GPU fan will not turn on until 50C. I figured this would save the lifespan of both fans as well as reduce noise, and dust intake. Haven't got around to getting a correct filter for the side intake. My homemade one was full of fail. Any suggestions?

  2. Hello everyone again I have completed my build and now have it running stable at 4430MHz for the I7-3820 44x multi, Bus base 103, Volts 1.4, usually under 40C. 1600MHZ OC with the 103 bus , so not even 100Mhz difference to 1700mhz, I have 9-9-9 timings still but intend to back off when I hit a 10 then I will feel optimized with the CPU.


    I have the non-OC edition Sapphire 7950 @ 1.1V/1.62V 1044MHz/1575MHz(300GB/s) <--limit of Afterburner, I just played BF3 in Ultra minus 2xMSAA for 3 hours straight with a lowest fps rarely being in the 50s. MSAAx4 doesn't look too much difference I and I would rather I have the FPS not dipping in the upper 30's on rare occasions.


    In inner areas the FPS was so high that screen tearing started to drive me crazy so I turned on v-sync. Now it will stay between 55-90 fps with Vsync, Ultra, -2xmsaa.


    3D on Ultra msaa4x goes into the 20s and is not playable. And the convergence in Bf3 is not so swell. I can't play to win in 3d its good on certain games though.


    Windows index score 7.8 due to 5.6GHz speed needed for at least 1 core. All 7.9. Ths SSD optimization took it from 7.7 to 7.9. herelink


    be back soon


    Video, Screen shot coming.

  3. Getting my CPU finally and in other NEWS, sure glad I didn't wait for IB it would have taken forever. IB-E will probably be delayed as well as the future tick-tocks IMO get harder and Moors Law breaks down but this is due to economical reasons.


    On the flip side if WWIII breaks out I believe we will see the photon quantum computers emerge with pure manufactured diamonds with laser etched impurities to make cavities for making switches for photons to flow 3 ways like transistor/MOSFET but I don't know how they instead of using electric current direct 1 laser and make it go either 2 ways 1 or a 0. Gravatrons, from lasers photons energizing the quarks surfaces to emit gravity to warp the laser 1 of 2 ways would be sweet to see. Look up "phonon resonance" this tech I beleive is used in UFO tech, and the ability to conjurer anything out of anything example brick>cheeseburger

  4. Getting CPU finally on Tuesday. Built a foam shroud mounted to that top of the side fan that seals air from going out of the side between the heat-sink and edge of video card. This is going to focus the top arc of the fans air flow to be more directed at the GPU fan intake. Also I am going to be looking at my local hardware store for a wire mesh to catch dust to completely fit the side inflow. Pictures and diagrams are coming.


    Extreme overclocked 7950 can almost best a 6990 at this Korean site.


    They were of using a Gigabyte triple fan version not the single fan reference design I purchased. The only difference is the heat-sink/ fan design.


    I am hoping to use the 1.1V core and 1.7V memory 1110/7600 setting at stable temps and use it to game. Over 9000! for 3DMark11 would be nice to see. I don't think I would try risking to push it harder then that.

  5. 3820 5GHz OC


    3820 is best gaming processor $10 cheaper then the 2600k currently on newegg.


    3820 beat 3930k in gaming performance see link above.


    "In the Gaming 1 suite the 3930K consumed 24 percent more power, but with 6 percent less performance."


    With it being rumored that Xbox720 will have a Trinity APU in duel graphics with a 6670 most games being console ports will be written on 4 threads. 8 threads with hyper threading can handle fraps and skype/vent at the same time no problem during the next generation of games.

  6. Bought a 130CFM fan to blow straight at the GPU fan from the side. Only when benching will I run it at 3000 RPM , normally will run 1800-2200 as it is a lot quieter. My goal is to get more air going into the case as their was only one front fan sucking air in vs 4 total fans blowing out including the GPU. Hope I can get to those 1300/7000Mhz speeds lol. I am kinda scared of overvolting though. Now I just got to get a dust filter for this thing , or pantyhose. Who has an opinion on what should I use? Does hardware stores have fine metal mesh filters that will catch dust effectively. I need a 200x300mm filter for the side of the case in which most air will be flowing in.

  7. I agree. By 2015 I am hoping we will 6 cores as the standard CPU and 4 cores as the lower end HTPC stuff. We will probably be seeing a 73 trillion core CPU out of AMD and an 8- maybe 10 cores CPU out of intel.


    I agree but the used higher end IBe will be lower costing after a few years of them being out.


    It is going to be 3 more weeks or so before I get the CPU.


    Benchmarks, pics, and a video or 2 should be on the way as well.


    AMD is not going to make CPUs just APUs and GPUs.


    x58 came out 2008 and the 990x still beats the i7-3820 and is similar even with the 6 core 3930K. 4 years have gone by and basically the 990x @$1000 is almost as good as a 3930k @$600. So for a little more then half the price with similar performance but 4 years late.


    Unreal 4 engine uses 2.5TFlops which is under the 2.9TFlops of a 7950. So many next gen games for the next eight years of console ports will use this engine. Therefor I believe that a 2500k and up are good to go as far as gaming for the next 8 years because the PCIe 3.0 doesn't limit the 2.5TFlops of performance.


    I have to put up with this old 2MB 775 for a few more weeks. :glare:

  8. A whole months wait for that i7-3820. :ouch:


    The motherboard is already in the case with 1 stick of RAM for testing.


    Bluray and SSD were put in but not hooked up.


    I may test the mobo with my 4770 I have that overheats because the fan is worn out. Just so I don't ruin this $450 GPU if the other components violently fail at 1st power on.

  9. THe Powerstream LIR2025 batteries are not staying on longer then 10secs or so they have 3.6V and the regular CR2025 says 3V. LIR2025 has40mAh vs the non-rechargeable CR2025's 100+mAhs. The CR2025 seems a bit thicker as well. I thought it was a possibility that the sync was going out due to the batter connection being more loosely fit. But I hope that these batteries were not a waste =(. Nvidia at least includes rechargeable 3d glasses out of the box.


    Supposedly the CR2025s get 50hrs of 3D before drained. I was hoping that these LIR2025s would last about 10hrs per charge due to the lower mAhs.

  10. How about just $1500 build? You could build a $500 system and it would be faster than the supposed Xbox 720 which is rumored to only have a HD 6670 in it.


    You know that your $1500 build will be outdated by this fall anyhow, right? No custom PC lasts for 8-10 years without sufficient upgrades.


    Of course, I agree. But my old Pentium D duel core with 2MB of cache has played almost every game on may with video card updates. 2006-2012 is eight years this processor has been able to play almost every game on med-ultra graphics. BF3 was the first game that did not run at a sufficient frame rate. Shogun 2 was playable though and has higher system minimum Ram requirements!


    I plan this time around to upgrade when DDR4 peaks sales so I get high end 2400MHZ 64GB and IVY-BRIDGE EXTREME 8 CORE or better around 2015-2017.


    DDR4 will not be much faster and may not be quad channel with the first adaptations.


    The Syncmaster native 3D is like nothing I have experienced before. The 2D-3D up-convert is kinda bad compared to real 3D signals. The darkness of 3D makes contrast less so is not recommended for MLG type play styles.

  11. I am glad it annoys you what would you rather prefer.


    Received SSD, batts.+charger, Monitor, and case today only 2 days after ordering with free shipping, 4-9 days was expected but Amazon and others are quicker then I anticipated.


    So far I only had about 5mins to play with this monitor haven't checked for dead pixels yet or anything. I will update later today on what I think about the visual performance and if I get a headache with its post 2d to 3d up-conversion.

  12. New information update, CHALLENGER-U3 , USB 3.0 Front ports , $50, MAX PCI-E LENGTH IS ~11.4" (inches) or ~29 centimeters. I think that even that Gigabyte card with 3x120mm fans can fit in it.


    My GF keeps switching this old hp mouse optical out because the left mouse button on my Lazer is crap worn out POS China garbage. And my old Microsoft intellipoint has slightly the same issue but not as bad.


    $ 46 Razer Deathadder Infrared Gaming Mouse (RZ01-00151400-R3) Has 1ms response, good dpi, quality build. Only missing sniping button that Corsair m60 has or Ratz7. Probably just make things more confusing anyways anyone have DPI instant lowering button or can it be programmed into the deathadder?


    Keyboard RZ03-00260100-R3U1 Razer Arctosa Gaming Keyboard- Silver $40, Basically look up Lycosa without back-lighting, has the anti-ghosting around WSAD give about a 7 button anti ghosting. Has 1ms response, has macro capabillity, media buttons.


    $9 SteelSeries QcK Mini Mouse Pad, 63005, wrist pad built in and smaller form factor I usually play with a high mouse sensitivity.

  13. The speakers are still sitting right next to your ear so imo I don't see how 5.1 and 7.1 (physical set up) headphones have ever sold. you hear a sound from say behind and to the left then you would normally hear it in both ears although the right ear would hear less in headphones you will hear lots from the left and a little from the right but front rear wouldn't be easily denoted and moving a speaker forward or back in the cup by a few cm isn't really going to make a difference.


    You need to virtualize the surround which you can do with the stereo headsets anyway (of better quality by far for the same prices) which will end up with the same surround effects. Spend money on good headphones that will not only still have surround that will perform like our 5.1/7.1 set but will sound better and make great cans for listening to music ect.


    If you want proper surround play with surround speakers not a headset.


    I already have a 5.1 system but I cannot turn up the volume or bass to a level I desire because I live in a apartment and the guy underneath likes to classy lady.


    I tend to disagree with you on having the speakers centimeters from each other. I am almost certain that since the sub-woofer is in the middle the back speakers must be behind the earlobe which should allow for distortion and a better representation of rear channels but I would imagine not perfect.


    If I am disatisffied with the product I might turn it in for a pair of Hi-fi cans and go with stereo but I want to stay away from virtual surround.

  14. $180 Surround headset? Please no. Headphones are stereo only :down:


    5 physical speakers in each ear sounds like virtual surround would be at a disadvantage. But I understand sounds-cape and sound quality from 2 good speakers can allow for hearing more distant movements. $135 for Shure SRH840 are not that bad of a choice right?


    When I am looking down a scope I want to hear the rear speakers play the sound of the guy sneaking behind me in close proximity. The speakers playing different audio also reduces mixing of the frequencies from different angles.


    Example would be three hostiles moving in your 10, 4, and 7 o'clock but they are still at a distance of over 100 meters. All three are actively firing their weapons, you notice the sounds of each individual gun shot repetition and can determine the hostiles class maybe even weapon attachments. There are other scenarios but that was the one I thought of first.




    7950 XFX Black Edition


    Bang for buck the 6950s that are used and unlocked to 6970s for $200 ea, This would be awesome if micro-stuttering in alot of AAA games happens and Vsync and Fps limiter must be set to 59.95fps.

  15. Hold out to Kepler. http://videocardz.com/30238/nvidia-geforce-gk-104-specification-leaked


    They say the card will be released in Q1 of this year, so basically it is right around the corner. Right there though you see a performance that is competing with the radeon 7970 and a price that rivals the 7950. I am thinking Kepler is the way to go.


    Wow thanks this is interesting because I know Nvidia tessellation is a ton better then AMD's. Not just that though, Vision2 3D has more stable drivers as well.


    But "1536 MB of GDDR5" is not the 1.7GB+ VRAM usage with MSAAx4 and higher. Hope there is 3GB version or maybe that will be


    This allows this card to be run as physix when a newer card with higher memory bandwidth could be used down the line. Looks like they are saying rumors that the gk-104 will be a $399 7970 killer... I might just have to wait a bit more and see what is about to happen with Kepler.


    BenQ XL2420T" @ $435 would be $100 more or less then Samsung that has instant 3D up-convert, but no rechargeable glasses. Both monitors are probably the current 23-24in 3D champions that make AMD and Nvidia output shine.


    I might use my 5750 on the BenQ XL2420T not in 3D until I can get my hands on a GK-104 or better but lets seen real benchmarks IMO. Till then ...

  16. Now that I think about it going with 2x 6950s with unlocked shaders is like a 6970, So almost a 6990s performance for 300-400 bucks. Beating both 7950 and 7970 but those can do MSAA alot better as well as tessellation, but if the next gen games are not going to be using GCN architecture and going with VLIW4.


    GCN offers more GPGPU computing for physics and shadows but the 3820 OC will compensate. Then again battlefield has used over 2GB in Vram as well as the 384bit bandwidth is a plus. Dx11.1 is just more GPGPU performance increase. Though by the time you had to upgrade to new cards XDR2 will offer double bandwidth and improve performance substantially before xfiring a 7950 with another 7xxx series.


    This will be a debate that will be bothering me a while. Any thoughts about 2x6950s used and unlocked to 6970s off ebay or a brand new 7950?

  17. You are talking very much about the next xbox console, and specifically the GPU. According to "all" rumors from the web it will be using a modified 6670 GPU which is about as powerful as a 4870. Regarding cpu choice i think they will choose a quadcore sandy bridge equivalent, together with 2-4GB ram.


    Xbox 360 has roughly a 3-core pentium 4, 512MB ram and a modified Ati X1800 gpu.

    Given that the current xbox can handle games on par with the highest end dx10 cards (HD4xxx/GTX2xx-series) and a C2Q/PhII/i7 (first gen i7) (because of all the optimisations for the console) i would estimate that the next xbox should land (performance wise) around a radeon HD9xxx series gpu with a intel next generation high end cpu.


    So however you buy now will not have an effect on playability of later console ports. Think of it this way; do you make any distinction between a 2.8GHz P4 or a 3.4GHz P4 EE HT? Probably not, since they are both really out dated and could not really compete even with the mid end of the next architecture... Right now you are, analogy wise, aiming for a P4 HT, when in a year that HT moniker will not make a difference.


    Read what capi just said...


    The only reason why X-box 360 is able to keep up with HD4000 series is due to DX10.1 tessellation units that the PS3 didnt have and the PC didn't have either for about 6 months after the console was launched. They lost $300 per console and Sony lost $400 per console when they launched because of the future tech they incorporated. DX11 in the 6670 is going to be the standard it seems as well as VLIW4. Microsoft will rely more on the Kinect 2 for innovation to steal Nintendos thunder. Nintendo won the console war, low cost bad economy turn down in 2007 a few years into the last generation. I think they are going to aim for low cost.

    My list would be this though:

    First: (they can survive multiple computers)

    case, psu, screen(s), HDD, perhepials

    Second: (they essentially are a computer)


    Third: (easy upgrades if you have the correct mobo)


    Last: (the easiest thing to change to make a real gaming difference)



    I'm not at all saying that buying into SB-E is a bad choice, but you don't know if anything after IB-E will fit into that socket, and if it will it might need a new chipset to function propely (i.e new mobo). And what it looks like IB will not really matter in CPU performance oriented tasks...


    Everyone really should have bought a SB this last summer, then we'd had IB to upgrade to, and possibly more to come (probably not though)

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