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  1. That's actually exactly what it is, and I just have it in there until I get the Silencer. Everybody calm down. I didn't replace it permanently.
  2. You're probably right. More than anything I'm just pissed that the dang thing is brand new and already broken. But by the time I pay shipping on an RMA the VGA Silencer will end up being a better value anyway. I'll probably just do that. Thanks all for the suggestion. Edit: The deal has just been sealed since I swapped it for an old card with a passive heatsink and discovered that 80% of my computer's noise came from that GPU fan.
  3. I don't have the money to spend on an aftermarket cooler. Also, I forgot to mention that I just bought this card like a week ago, so I would really like it to work. However, the VGA Silencer does seem like a good deal.
  4. I'm having a problem with my Radeon 9800 Pro. Whenever I turn on the comp, the fan on the card spins very slowly and makes a loud grinding noise. Obviously this is a problem, and I can't get it to work. Any suggestions? I really dont want to have to RMA it.
  5. First of all, those cases of people being fined for downloading are all civil lawsuits. No one has ever gone to jail for it. And if a site like that did exist, there would be absolutely no practical way for any of the claims to be proven.
  6. No one can legitimately put either of them ahead at the moment when the polls are still open. Exit polls are extremely inaccurate and have only counted those who happened to vote earlier in the day,
  7. Thanks, everybody. This topic is really helpful, I was just about to post the same exact question. I am also looking for a CRT and am a little bewildered. Any more suggestions will be helpful.
  8. Are you talking about opening ports? If so try portforward.com. It has instructions for most routers.
  9. They always leave my stuff on the porch. Luckily, I've never had anything stolen.
  10. You can do that for a router, but not a simple unmanaged switch. Asus, just out of curiousity, why do you want to do this? I can't think of any settings you might change on a switch.
  11. http://www.bbspot.com/News/2004/10/extension_quiz.php I'll start.
  12. Well put. He probably knows now that he should have listened to you in the first place, and then he wouldn't have gotten ripped off. Its difficult to admit being wrong.
  13. You've posted on the topic Autism/Aspergers before, Badger. It is obvious all you wanted to do was start an argument so you could argue that Autism is not a disease. I don't know why you would think that it isn't but whatever, I don't care.
  14. http://www.lavasoftusa.com/software/adaware/ Hopefully that takes care of it.
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