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  1. I tried powering it up with my own PSU and things still didnt start so Im convinced its the motherboard. With Christmas only a day away Im not going to risk not having it ready, so Im going to throw an older motherboard in there so at least he has something Christmas morning and we can swap it out for something better later. Thanks again for all your help with this!
  2. Out of curiosity I opened up my own system and removed the 4pin and tried to start up. The system kept trying to power up every couple seconds but never booted, so the fact that the system I'm trying to fix powers up and stays on makes me think that there is something wrong with the hardware.
  3. CPU is seated correctly and the CPU fan fires right up, so I don't think thats the problem.
  4. The system will power up just as long as the 2x4pin cpu power cable is unpluged. Even with that unpluged I should still be able to see the bios right?
  5. Hey guys! Finally getting a chance to work on this system again. I have found a couple problems. I got the system to power up, but the 2x4pin connector seems to have a problem everything will power up just fine until that gets plugged in. Is there any ways to test if its a short in the motherboard or the PSU? The other thing is that it seems the video card is not putting out signal. could this have something to do with the other trouble I'm having or do you think its the card its self, again is there anyways to diagnose the problem. Thanks again for all your help I would not even be able to get this system to power up if it was not for your help. THANK YOU!
  6. Hey guys, thanks for all the awesome advice! I have not had the free time to run through these things yet, 12 hour work days with an hour travel does not leave much time. I'm going to be spending the day Friday, hopefully getting this system up and running. I have built several systems in the past with little to no trouble so this threw me for a loop. again THANKS YOU! so much for the advice Ill give you all an update Friday.
  7. Sorry about that, the specs are: Case (Brand new from Newegg): CASE ANTEC|THREE HUNDRED ILLUSION R Power Supply (Brand new from Newegg): PSU ANTEC| NEO ECO 620C 620W RT MotherBoard (Worked 2 weeks ago, removed when upgrading my PC): ASUS P5N32-E SLI QUAD 680I CPU (Worked 2 weeks ago, removed when upgrading my PC): INTEL CORE 2 DUO E6600 2.40 Video (Worked 2 weeks ago, removed when upgrading my PC): EVGA GEFORCE G8800GTS 320MB Thanks for the continued help!
  8. I am trying to build a computer on the cheap for a friends son for Christmas with a mix of old and new parts and the system wont boot. The motherboard led shows power to the board, but when you hit the power key the system is not powering up. The power supply and case fans do about a 1/4 turn and then nothing happens. I have checked all the connections and have tried getting it to start with different hardware plugged and unplugged to try to find the broken link but nothing seems to work. Is there anything anyone could recommend to try getting this system to boot? or a way to test what the issue is? I only have a few days to get this up and running before Christmas and would hate to tell my friend that it will not be ready Christmas morning.
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