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  1. my gigabyte board uses jumper settings to change the multiplier on my athlon xp its only about a year old (for me at least) i haven't ran into a processor yet that it wouldn't change the multiplier on, but i also may just be lucky the jumpers a right next to my processor so if yours has jumpers near the proc you can find what the different settings are online or in the manual
  2. twohig5

    Network Boot Device

    its usually a service running from a server, that will all multiple machines to run from a shared storage, or occasionally types of clusters could use that if they have a fiber or g or 10g connection on a san the remote installation service for windows also boots from a network server or floppy then contacts the server on the network, which can be used to install xp or 2k on a machine across the country remotely i'm sure there are plenty of other things that use it too
  3. twohig5

    Mystery Woman

    i don't know who she is, but tux has never looked so good
  4. twohig5

    I Wanna Play My Ps2 Games On Pc

    thanx man, what about games? i just search through different irc channels till i find one with something i want takes a little time, but beats kazza
  5. twohig5

    Win98 And A Pii 350-how Can I Improve Speed?

    i'm not a folding member, i know shame on me, i'm not sure if there is a dos client for it or not either assuming there is, i would put dos, and network support on it, then let folding be the only thing running on it. maybe a lightweight linux distro just running in text mode
  6. twohig5

    I Wanna Play My Ps2 Games On Pc

    Emulator zone tons of emulators on there sly
  7. twohig5


    some pizza huts still don't deliver the one closest to my parents house has never delivered, but its in a really small town in wv so that doesn't count doesn't matter to me though, i like papa john's or gino's
  8. twohig5


    2k and xp can act as vpn clients by default, you will need a server (win2k server or advanced server or server 2003) running routing and remote access on one end that you would connect to. there may be other programs you can use out there, but i've only used it on servers and cisco routers
  9. twohig5

    What Game Is Everyone Playing?

    i thought it was just me, every time i play it my eyes hurt, maybe if i had a chance to blink more than once an hour that would help
  10. twohig5

    I Wanna Play My Ps2 Games On Pc

    yeah it will take some time for the emulators to catch up
  11. twohig5

    I Wanna Play My Ps2 Games On Pc

    i don't know how well these work, but check out emulator zone, it has any emulator you can think of Emulator Zone PS2
  12. twohig5

    128 Or 256?

    no games that are out actually use the full 128, at least none that i know of usually the cards with 256 also have slower memory
  13. twohig5

    The Things People Do...

    a lot of people feel that if they vote for a third party they are going to be throwing their vote away like AYoKoNA said, their views generally aren't that much different than the other people running, and in my opinion a lot of them are either looking for attention, or trying to steal one of the other canidates votes to keep them from winning as far as war goes, its pretty much unavoidable. its human nature to fight with each other. even though iraq didn't have weapons of mass destruction, i don't believe anyone can argue that they were better off with saddam and his sons in power. to many people expected us to go in there and make things better in a couple of months, change takes time, and we aren't even half way to making iraq a better place. a lot of work is left to be done, but i think we'll see that its worth it in the long run, but not many people will admit that until we start seeing gas prices drop once we start getting oil from them
  14. twohig5

    What Internet Browser Do You Use?

    ie typically has the most exploits found in it, partly because its the most popular browser on the net the others have nice things like built in pop up blockers, and tabbed browsing sp2 will add popup blocking though
  15. twohig5

    The Things People Do...

    yup i agree with AYoKoNA, i feel no animosity towards him or anyone else involved with it. like he said its just a debate. personally i don't judge anyone for their political views, when they have the guts to stand up for what they believe it actually makes me respect them more