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  1. Personally, if you can add a little more to the budget, the one TJJ226_Angel suggested works just fine. Though, with the HDD, it would probably cost you more than $510 or so. Still, with that kind of rig, you wouldn't have to worry much about the PSU since it's not as power hungry as compared to the i3 plus the 6850. Performance wise, you'd have a better CPU and a rig that can and should play games in high settings at 1366x768 resolution.
  2. +1 for this build. Though, I don't really see the difference between the i3 and Phenom x4 when it comes to gaming, especially since with a 6870, most games would rely on the GPU more and the difference isn't really that noticeable.
  3. I'm interested about that Windows 7 Family Pack thing. How much would that cost, by the way?
  4. Double Post: I was able to come across a store selling an AMD FX-4100 3.6 Ghz (12 MB) Black Edition selling for about the same price as the Phenom would. Would this be a good buy?
  5. Sorry about that. In any case, I might go with build B and the Phenom X4 955. Thanks! Also, as for the Operating System question. I couldn't find any shop selling a genuine Windows XP OS here. That's why I'm going with Windows 7.
  6. A new case and a new motherboard would do you good. However, if you plan on buying another 560ti and SLI both, I would recommend getting a better PSU than what you have now.
  7. Okaaaaay. Another question, which of the two builds would probably play games better with a 6670?
  8. Then I would be going out of budget for that, which doesn't really fare well for the budget of the one I'm building this rig for. I was contemplating pirating an OS for this just to get a better CPU. Though, I'm sure my friend wouldn't like it. In any case, another question, a retail version of an Operating System can be used for multiple PCs? Am I correct? Or Not? EDIT: I recon installing my laptop's Windows 7 Starter Basic OEM Disc in my desktop back when I first used it. So, uhhh. I'm confused.
  9. If only we had newegg or something like that here, I wouldn't bother visiting the local shops since the prices there are usually 10% more than what newegg has. Also, with Build A (without GPU), I was thinking that it could play most games at medium-high settings. Since before my upgrade, my computer was much like build B and was able to play most games at the said resolution with a few tweaks and no AA and AF. Given that Build A is considered superior in terms of GPU performance and CPU performance in some areas compared to build B, I was hoping that this was the case. Any thoughts? Just a follow up question, what's the difference between an OEM license and a Retailer license? I found out that the OEM version of Windows 7 Home Premium was about $20 cheaper than the retailer one.
  10. I prefer that build as well. However, with the prices here, I probably won't be able to fit all of those in the budget. That's why I was vying for the generic PSU and casing. Besides, with a little more money down the road, my friend will probably be able to upgrade the case and PSU.
  11. I'll try to consider your build, if and ever I find them being sold here. However, for $139.99, that's already the price of the A6 3650 Here. Part for part, here's what Build A would actually cost: CPU: A6-3650 $142 Mobo: Gigabyte A55M-S2V VSL/DDR3 $86 Memory: 4GB RipjawXs Red 1333 CL9 $30 HDD: The Cheapest 500 GB I Can Get (I'm putting this at around $85) GPU: N/A Screen: Samsung Syncmaster SA10 $107 It sums up to about $450 or $570 including the operating system. For Build B: CPU: Phenom II X4 840/Athlon II X4 640 $120 Mobo: Asrock N-68 $51 Memory: 4GB RipjawXs Red 1333 CL9 $30 HDD: The Cheapest 500 GB I Can Get $85 GPU: Biostar GT 430 2GB $66 Screen: Samsung Syncmaster SA10 $107 It's $459 or $580 all in all. Add in the other peripherals, including keyboard, mouse, casing, PSU and both would go for about $620. If anyone could suggest something that's the best buy within that price range, that would be great.
  12. I don't think that the PSU is going to have problems unless he goes overclocking. My brother had two computers playing games on low-medium settings on generic 500W PSUs and never had a problem. So, barring an upgrade with the GPU and case, I'm sticking with the generic ones. I still do need help though, especially in getting the best out of that $500 or so left for the parts.
  13. This one's pretty far away. However, it's the only one with a catalogue and most of the stuff found there can also be found here. http://www.pcx.com.ph/pricelists/2012-01-04-1223.zip Don't worry. It's virus free. In our currency, the total budget should be around P27,000 minus P5,000 for the 64-bit operating system.
  14. Here I am again asking for help. Before I go on with the details on this. I'd like to thank first to those who helped me with my cheap upgrade. In the end, I went with a Coolermaster GX 750W since that was what my brother bought for me when he got from Cebu and the NZXT Tempest 210 case. I've been playing it on for weeks now and I can say that I'm pretty satisfied. So, thanks to those help helped me! Now, for my problem. You see, my friend was asking me to help him build a new rig with a $650. Minus $120 for the Windows Home Premium 7 64-Bit Edition. So, all in all, he has $530 left to spend on a rig he intends to play games on medium-high settings in 1366x768 resolution. After reading through a few reviews and well, checking the availability of most parts. These two builds were the best I could get for $530, without me/him having to ship anything since they're readily available in stores in the city. As for the case, I'll be using a generic iTrend Premium Case and PSU with it since they're a whole lot cheaper and I tend to favor them a little bit since they look kind of cool for something that's generic. Build A: CPU: A6-3650 Mobo: Gigabyte A55M-S2V VSL/DDR3 Memory: 4GB RipjawXs Red 1333 CL9 HDD: The Cheapest 500 GB I Can Get GPU: N/A Screen: Samsung Syncmaster SA10 Build B: CPU: Phenom II X4 840/Athlon II X4 640 Mobo: Asrock N-68 Memory: 4GB RipjawXs Red 1333 CL9 HDD: The Cheapest 500 GB I Can Get GPU: Biostar GT 430 2GB Screen: Samsung Syncmaster SA10 Both are relatively in the same price range. However, with my lack of experience with these kind of stuff, I couldn't decide which of the two would be better in terms of gaming and CPU performance. I'm also open to suggestions, considering that I won't be starting this build in two weeks. Note: I'm also thinking of using this set-up for my mother's idea to start an Internet Cafe of sorts at the heart of the city aimed towards casual gamers and chatters. Though, that probably wouldn't happen until march or april.
  15. Rray

    New build

    From what I've read, I think you'd need a better Power Supply, especially since you're planning on putting two power hungry cards and with 850W, that's cutting it pretty close. Still, let's wait for what the experts have to say about this.
  16. Rray

    Cheap Upgrade

    I'll keep that in mind. Thanksf for the advice.
  17. Rray

    Cheap Upgrade

    Most likely, if I upgrade, I'd be going with something from AMD. I was even considering upgrading to the A6 or A8 llano chip, considering that they consume less energy compared to mine. If ever my brother can't buy the FSP Aurum Gold 700W, I'd probably go with the XFX Black Edition Modular 750W or so. Man. To think I still have to buy a new case. I'm gonna be broke for at least more than a week because of this.
  18. Rray

    Cheap Upgrade

    Considering that you're the one who suggested about CPU coolers, which one would you recommend to a guy that doesn't really have much money to spare? Thanks! Merry Christmas indeed!
  19. Rray

    Cheap Upgrade

    I tried calculating and the results were pretty obvious that I needed a 700W PSU. With a AMD Athlon X4 My Motherboard The 6950pi 1 4GB DDR3 DVD RW 7200 RPM 3.5" HDD This http://educations.newegg.com/tool/psucalc/index.html said that I needed 514W. Safe to say, I need that FSP Aurum Gold. I'll just call my brother to buy one for me from Cebu. Thanks a lot for the help guys!
  20. Rray

    Cheap Upgrade

    Considering that you guys suggest a 700W PSU, the best one I could find and afford would be the Coolermaster GX 750W. That or I go with the FSP Aurum Gold series. Still, as far as availability goes, I'd be able to pick up the Coolermaster GX 750W right away. Though, I doubt its quality since Alexandre uses the same PSU only it has 550W and he says its starting to make funny noises already. I'm choosing between the FSP Aurum Gold 700W and the Coolermaster GX 750W. Both are priced the same, while the former, I have to ask my brother to buy it for me while he's still in Cebu. A city that has wider range of available computer-related products compared to where I'm in. I've read bad reviews regarding the coolermaster and for the FSP, what I've read are mostly only good reviews. Comparison: FSP Aurum Gold Series: http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/FSP-Aurum-Gold-700-Power-Supply-Review/1228 Coolermaster GX Series: http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/917
  21. I have a higher GPU, a lower end CPU and a lower mobo. Thanks for pointing that out though.
  22. Rray

    Cheap Upgrade

    Found a Corsair Gaming Series 600W for about $95. I couldn't find any reviews though, here are two links that I found useful. http://reviews.bestbuy.com/3545/1073679/corsair-gaming-series-600-watt-atx-cpu-power-supply-reviews/reviews.htm http://www.corsair.com/power-supply-units/gaming-series-power-supply-units/gs600w.html http://www.hardwareheaven.com/reviews/1146/pg1/corsair-gs800-power-supply-review-introduction.html Still, being a noob, I wouldn't trust myself in making such a rash decision. Silverstone seems to be a preferred brand in another city. So, I'm narrowing it down between the Silverstone and this one. EDIT: Posted a review from hardware heaven. It's about the 800W though, still, they're of the same series. So, aside from the difference in maximum wattage, I'm guessing they're pretty much the same.
  23. OT: I was hoping I could play BF3 without any problem at ultra settings. We almost have the same rig, except for the Mobo, GPU and CPU.
  24. Try to check if any other applications were running after an hour.
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