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    amd 64 athlon 3000+<br>512mb ddr corsair ram<br>gigabyte mobo<br>raidmax silver case<br><br>all on its way here
  1. pcgamer247

    Problem With Mouse

    about a month ago i bough a microsoft wireless mouse. it worked perfect for prlly the first week but after that i have had some problems with it. every 10 seconds the scroll wheel scrolls down and the mouse resets to the bottom left corner. any help with this would be usefull
  2. pcgamer247

    Linux Install Problems

    I have tried to install fedora core1. I stole the old hard drive off of our old computer (2.1gb lmao). I was just going to use it to test out linux, but when i try to install it says i am over the limit of the hd by 900 mb even tho i am using the personal desktop(which is 1.9gb). i have erased all partitions on this drive i am pretty sure, but if my math is right 1.9gb is not 900mb more than 2.1gb lol. plz help.
  3. pcgamer247

    Battlefield 1942 Problems

    ehhh im running a ati radeon 9600 non pro. and how do u check the event viewer
  4. pcgamer247

    Battlefield 1942 Problems

    Nope... my comp is not oc/ed. And at load it is in the 50's. At idle it is at about 40. Also i downloaded the patch from EA.
  5. pcgamer247

    Battlefield 1942 Problems

    I just got done downloading the Battlefield 1942 patch. After I installed it I tried to play multiplayer. Everytime I join or get into a multiplayer game my comp reboots. I know its not my temps even though I have really high temps (around low 50's) my shutoff is at 60C. I have seen it reboot at 49C. It works fine on single player. Please help. here are my specs: amd athlon 64 3000+ Gigabyte k8t800 non pro motherboard 512mb corsair pc3200 ram 40gb hard drive
  6. pcgamer247

    64 Bit Drivers

    Does ne one know where to get 64 bit drivers for a Gigabyte K8T800 motherboard. I have searched google and all i could find were audio and lan drivers. Any help is appriciated.
  7. pcgamer247

    For Those Of You With Athlon 64s

    i have a dual boot but i hardly ever use my 64 bit os because i cant find the drivers for it
  8. pcgamer247

    Internet Connection

    roadkill Posted on Mar 8 2004, 12:27 AM i think i have one of the slowerst internet connections here... aroudn 100kilobits no u dont i get 38.7kilobits gosh i hate 56k
  9. pcgamer247

    Whats The Best Card I Can Get For Around 80

    thx guys i ordered the 9600 non pro
  10. well i am wondering what is the best video card i can get for around 80 - 100$
  11. pcgamer247

    Help Me Plz

    well i was planning on returning it for the warranty but i didnt know putting in a pci card while the computer was off voided it.
  12. pcgamer247

    Help Me Plz

    ok i'll look at the pins.... its a gigabyte k8vt800 none of them are bent this may sound stupid but what is rma?
  13. pcgamer247

    Help Me Plz

    just tried resetting the cmos again and i got nothing. i even held the shortining device down for 2 minutes and the computer was unpluged. still unable to get past the system check screen
  14. pcgamer247

    Help Me Plz

    i didnt mount the pci when the power was on. the power turned on when i connected it. and yes i am getting power to things its just i cant get ne respose from my keyboard and it wont load past the boot screen.
  15. pcgamer247

    Help Me Plz

    yes i tried that.... i let the battery stay out for 10minutes. what could be wrong