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  1. the gtx 650 in my gamer does a fine job of covering the physx stuff... Is that a dedicated physx card or your only graphics card?
  2. This was just ment as a project, Im not screaming out for major performance increases. I just thought it would be an interesting thing to do + I am still using most of the resources that I currently have. The 610 is only about $50 here and the 650 is under $150.
  3. My current build has a GTX 570 and I was thinking of getting another card for a little project, something around a GTX 610 - 650 as a physx slave. I don
  4. I haven't had much experience in dealing with routers or internet connections before. How would I check this? How do I ping other devices on the network? Also on a side note, my housemate isn't here at the moment so I assume all her devices are turned off. I just did a speed test and am getting 34ms ping, 4.08Mb/s down and 0.43Mb/s up. It's way better than what it was before, so I am fairly certain that it would be her iPad that is causing the major drop.
  5. Yeah, I moved into this place after the internet was set up, and it was working at the time so I didnt want to go about changing anything. But Im moving out with friends next year, so we will definatly be looking for a better isp than TPG. Just a bother that this had to happen just before exams.
  6. My housemate recently bought a new iPad and since then the internet had been terrible in comparison to what it used to be. In the first week that it was connected to our router we had drop outs at least once an hour, we are with TPG in Aus. We called the TPG helpdesk and they put it down to noise on the line and implimented a filter on the connection. Though they didnt give any answers as to why it would only occur once my housemate connected her iPad. She also has an iPhone and a desktop mac (wifi), though there were no problems for internet connection with the rest of the house when it was just these. My PC is connected via ethernet cable to the router directly, so I am really unsure as to why my connection is so bad now. My housemate went away for the weekend and the internet returned to normal, once she came back it slowed right down to a snails pace, to the point that I couldnt do a speedtest. I asked her to turn off her wifi on the ipad and iphone and that allowed me to do a speed test. I intially got ~100ms ping, 0.8Mb/s down and about 0.3Mb/s up. When she was away we were at about 40ms ping, 4Mb/s down and about 1 - 2Mb/s up. Can anyone suggest what to do?
  7. Hey, Yeah I believe that it is the rubbing of the moving internal pieces and not the cord.
  8. It's been a while since my last post, but I have come with a question. Has anyone encountered the plastic rubbing sound you sometimes get with headsets? This is my second pair of plantronics headphones, my previous ones were oldies from about 4 years ago. They generated this rubbing sound whenever I moved my head, the sound was not coming from the speakers at all, this was purely a structural sound. I just put that sound down as bad design and when they came to an unfortunate end (snapped by mistake) I purchased the 780's. These ones were fine for about three months but now I am experiencing this rubbing sound again whenever I turn my head or look down. It's very distracting during study when I have my music quiet. I was thinking of covering the joints of the headphones in graphite to act as a lubricant, though it may be a short lived solution as I expect that it would rub off fairly soon. Does anyone have any solutions to this problem? Anyone experienced this before?
  9. Yeah I'll look into that a bit later down the track. Though for now I'm just happy my character isn't short and stout.
  10. Update: I purchased a HDMI cord after I saw a friend using one with a similar set up as mine having proper aspect ratio in KOTOR. I tried it with that, as I was previously using DVI and managed to get the black bars, retaining the 4:3 aspect ratio. In the nvidia control panel I only have aspect ratio ticked and GPU selected. I don't have 'Override the scaling mode set by games and programs' selected. 1280x960 @ 60Hz is the resolution that I have in game. I hope this helps someone with a similar problem.
  11. I would prefer not to go messing with the game files at this stage. Im wondering if there is a way to enable the black bands on the edges of the screen to display the game in 4:3 mode. I have a GTX 560
  12. Or how to get the black bands on each side of the display to stop the 'squished' effect.
  13. Has anyone come up with or discovered a simple solution to making Kotor 1920x1080? I have tried setting it in the ini but it just seem to revert back to its minimum value once I start up in game. Im running the steam verison of the game.
  14. Last update: I have got a confirmed refund for this product, though the store claims that this is a problem that will occur with all usb powered heasets. I am unsure as to if that is true as this may have just been the noise cancelling that was particuarly noisy. But regardless the heaset has been sent back and I am waiting for the refund to come in now. I hope that this topic has helped anyone who is looking into getting the Roccat Kave. They had fantastic sound but the low level static/noise cancellation was not agreeing with me. Eduard
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