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  1. Excellent question I've got a buyer for the R7, so "upgrading" to the HD7750 would be about $50. I'd say i'd be under that to make it worthwhile. The problem seems to be that it's an R7 and low profile. The HD 7750 might be the 'easier' option, but i'm worried about the sound (although it's rated to 31 db, which is pretty good - but more silent is better for my purposes.)
  2. The fan on my card is a freaking jet engine and for HTPC use (along with my gaming) it's fairly unacceptable. I'm trying to find a lower cost 3rd party fan to replace, but the resources out there seem pretty slim. Alternatively, I'm considering getting the HIS iCooler HD7750 which looks pretty quiet, but that seems kinda silly if I can just get a better fan. Thoughts? edit: apologies if wrong board - wasn't sure if it went under Cooling or Video Cards. Mods: feel free to move this.
  3. we also must remember, and this falls into the our greater place, is that we are only a part of nature. Nature got along nicely without us before we existed, and it will continue on its way without us. Same with the sun. Nothing is permanent, especially our place in the universe. This is in no way depressing. In fact, it is the opposite. It highlights the fact that we must be do our best to make our stay here as positive as possible. However, you could also look at it in the opposite direction. Be as evil as you want, because in the end, it just doesn't matter. Religion has tried to instill a sense of good (let's leave out the negative aspects for this conversation) in people for that very purpose. And that is one lesson that we must follow. Especially if we want to extend our stay in the universe.
  4. As I said eralier, IQ only shows how you perform on a specific test, not intelligent as a whole. First off, it is a quotient, and not a direct representation (hence Intelligence Quotient). Second, there is no way to quantify "intelligence". There are just too many factors involved. Natural ability, work ethic, environment, etc. None of these things can be individually measured and they definitely can be measured when combined. IQ tests are an attempt to quantify the non-quantifiable. Just like trying to prove that a god exists. You can make up tests, but it is something that can't be shown empirically.
  5. i probably wouldn't suggest buying a ppc based mac. THe new software will take a bit to be released for the new intel-based, but they will eventually phase out the older software and updates, leaving you with an obsolete brick, almost like a windows 95 box. So, I'd personally wait for the new MacBook, rather than getting a used ibook or a new MacBook Pro (unless you want it now and have the ducats to spend). Or I'd just get a PC laptop. If it's the inner workings of OSX, that is a unix based system, most of which you can still learn about via a linux distro.
  6. psychotic_god -- so is it that somehow the corpus callosum has been physically severed? Or is it that chemicals can not cross the callosum? Or am i wrong entirely? hockeyrcks -- Studies that show links between IQ and other factors may simply show them based on the specifics of the study. I can find an equal number of studies showing that IQ is not reliable or relevant.
  7. as whole, IQ tests, and any other standardized tests are inherently flawed as a means of measuring intelligence or skills. They all take something amorphous and immeasurable and try to quantify to it. And that is where the problems lie. It really just measures how well you can take that particular test, and not what it is trying to measure. Intelligence is very specific to individuals and tasks. For instance, when my father was in school he was told that his IQ level was not that of a college student. He went to college (Ivy league), then med school, and has since done immunology research, practiced medicine, and consulting and management. He is the best doctor I've ever known and still knows more than most people practicing in the field today. His IQ test was completely off. In addition, I have a background in psychology, and often times we discussed the testing structure and accuracy of IQ tests, always coming to the conclusion that they are truly meaningless. So, sorry for those that score high, but it don't mean crap. And sorry for those who think they are not intelligent for scoring low. All standardized tests are good for are putting folks along tracks in life that may limit or hinder their true abilities. My 2 cents.
  8. bummer, man. sorry to hear that. stellar worked so well for me, i thought it was a panacea. definitely good news on your cs:s config, though! although i still suck at that game, i rarely break a 1:1 kill ratio.
  9. did you try the stella program? that worked even with a formatted disk that lost its partition table.
  10. Sorry, KB, but i'm with Celt on this one. I don't remember the original quote, but she definitely did say early on (I think when the 2nd book came out), that as the children aged, so would the books. Essentially, this would remain true, as the stories are told from the point of view of those participating in it, who are getting older. Thus, as their mature, so does the writing. And as the story unfolds, which is a story of a battle against evil, it too gets dark. And KB, I do think you have to give respect for the creation of development of such an epic story. I never liked the chronicles of Narnia, but I respect C.S. Lewis for the creation of such a story.
  11. yeah, i was thinking about removing the door, which i still might do. we'll see when it gets here. and that price was a steal, i'm pretty psyched.
  12. and if you want to pay, Stellar Software is excellent. And Homer J, you know better...search before you ask, this has been brought up more times than i can remember.
  13. Whoop! Just won this lian-li 6070 case. The new case that will eventually hold my new computer, no other parts of which have been bought yet. Well, just had to share, mostly because i'm excited to finally have a lian-li.
  14. from what i've seen the latest versions of dreamweaver and adobe golive! both generate pretty clean code when you keep it simple.
  15. c'mon gotdamojo06...the handbook is on the gentoo.org for 64 bit. For the ati tv tuner, just search their forums, i'm sure it's there.
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