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    i4770k, Gigabyte z87x ud4h
    Antec Kuhler 920 Cooler
    Patriot Vipor Extreme 1866 4x4gb
    ocz vertex 4 128gb
    WD500gb 7200 Sata6,
    xfx 850 pro core edition
    Thermaltake V3 Black
    q9450 @3.2,gig p45-ud3h,4x2gb ddr2 1016,tr2 600,evga gtx570,840evo ssd, toshiba 1tb.
  1. im lookin for a amd wraith cooler.
  2. im looking for a asus p5b deluxe or similar P965 board for overclocking a socket 775 P4. i have p35 boards but there both designed for core 2 or quads that only need up to 1.4 or 1.45 vcore max. i need a board that goes up to 1.7 vcore. i'd like to trade my gigabyte ga-p35-ds3l or ds3r i'll have to check which one it is for sure, but im not apposed to buying one.
  3. any chance the boards have dual bios and they got switched somehow and the backup bios is old and doesnt support the cpu? i've done that before by accident somehow.
  4. looking to sell my msi 290x lightning. i wanted to get another one but they quit making them. does 1200/1650 with +150mv on air. very lightly used. only overclocked for benchmarking as the few games i play don't need it. have box disc and all accessories. $300 shipped to US only. sold.
  5. has anybody tried installing win7 on two ssd's with the same key and only upgrading one to win10? im wondering if my win7 will still work.
  6. it failed at 26 passes of x264 v2.7. i went as high as 1.45 vcore and 2.15 vccin and couldn't get past 36 passes. my temps still never went any higher than 84c and i may have got there with more vcore but 1.45 is my limit. theres one listed at overclock.net at 5.125 ibt stable with phase change cooling. and three at 5.0 with water cooling. i'm sticking with 4.9, 43 uncore with 1.36 vcore and 2.12 vccin. when i get time i'm gonna try dropping my dram speed from 2600 which is way overkill to try and get the vccin and aux down some. the highest i see listed aida64 stable picture verified is 4.8. i'd never get 4.9 aida64 stable without throttling. that test is way hotter than x264. for what i use my rig for i'm happy with x264 stable overnight.
  7. i just got my 4770k back from delidding. when i bought this chip 3 years ago i didn't know much about overclocking haswell chips. i got it to 4.6 by raising multiplier and vcore and was happy. i was bored one day and read some haswell overclocking guides and looked at stats for other overclocked 4770k's and realised my 4.6 at 1.2 vcore was well above average. so i pushed for more. i got to 4.9 with 1.36 vcore and new it had more but my temps even when stressing with x264 were in the low 90's with a custom watercooling loop for cpu only. threw it back in the rig today after 20 loops my temps never got over 70c. i'm currently stressing at 5.1 with 1.41 and after 10 loops my max temps is 80c. delidding was worth every penny.
  8. i just bought a used kit of kingston ddr2 800 2x2g. i'm looking at another kit with matching model numbers kvr800d2n5/2g to use on the same motherboard but noticed some have elpida stamped chips and some have kingston stamped chips. the kit i have has kingston stamped chips. should i try to find a kit with kingston stamped chips or would i be ok with the elpida chips?
  9. i could be wrong but i thought the extreme version of the 6800 was qx6800 not x6800.
  10. not sure. how do i tell? from the numbers on the cpu?
  11. all prices are shipped to us48 cpu's: xeon e5410 SLANW CO w/775 mod sticker applied $15 e6600 $8 e2200 $5 i-7 740qm $55 power supply: ocz modxstream-pro 500w modular. have box with all cables and zip bag $20 video card: his radeon 7770hd ghz edition barely used $65
  12. i have a socket 775 rig that i've used with 2 different motherboards, 3 different processors, multiple hard drives for the OS, 2 different power supplies, and a 5450hd card and the onboard video. i've never been able to get sleep mode to work without going to the start menu and putting it to sleep. the only common parts i've used is a ide controller card and the case. any ideas what the culprit is? the OS has never been on the drives plugged into the ide card. im running windows 7 pro. forgot to mention one other common part, a ide dvd burner. its been plugged into the ide port on both motherboards which both have onboard ide and sata controllers.
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