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  1. You can crank up the voltage as high as you want as long as your temps are ok. I have ran my chip at 1.9 for months now with no problems, and i know people that run theirs higher than that with no problems. It's all about the temps
  2. lorne

    Gah Stupid Errors

    You were one of the lucky ones
  3. lorne

    Athlon Xp2800+ Voltage Increases?!

    Yes to everything except raising the AGP Voltage. It won't do any harm but neither will it do any good in my experience. You can raise you Vcore as high as you want as long as your temp is good. I prefer to keep mine at 50 Deg C and under, though many people run them up to 55 Deg C.
  4. lorne

    Need A Bit Of A Hand..

    Do not buy Thermaltake. You will not be happy, they make garbage. If you want a good PSU get a Antec True Power or a enermax. Also the Jet 7 looks cool but on high speed it sounds like a jet. A aeroflo would cool as well or better. Or if you want the best air cooling available get a Thermalright SP-97 with a good 92 mm fan. This setup cools as good as the low-mid range watercooling setups. Oh, and alot of people have been getting the same type of problems with your board when they try to go over 195 FSB. That board just seems to not like going over that FSB.
  5. lorne

    Suggestions On My O/c

    If your failing the blend test than your RAM might be bad. The blend test will catch things that even Mem test will miss.
  6. lorne

    Gah Stupid Errors

    That is why, that board doesn't like to go over 195 FSB. Try dropping FSB to 195.
  7. lorne

    Fried I Need Help!

    Try taking the battery out and letting it sit overnight. Sometimes it can take that long for CMOS to clear.
  8. lorne

    Overclocking Help Needed.

    Nice!! Make sure you get some arctic silver 5 with it, you can't go the best on the heatsink and not on the Paste. That would be just wrong
  9. lorne

    Overclocking Help Needed.

    If you have the money get a thermalright SP-97 and a good 92mm fan like a panaflo. The SP-97 is the best heatsink for AMD period.
  10. lorne

    Overclocking Help Needed.

    This is a good place to start learning http://forums.overclockersclub.com/?showtopic=18326
  11. lorne

    Opt Cpu

    Thanks Cheese man, you Rock!!
  12. lorne

    Opt Cpu

    I just Downloaded the graphical client for win 2000 pro, and can't figure out how to set it to optimize my CPU (Atlon 2500 Mobile). I am new to this so please bear with me. I have searched this forum but no luck. And i don't want to use the auto installer. Your help would be greatly appreciated Newb Folder
  13. lorne

    Mobile 2500+>>>awesome

    My RAM is going so i am stuck at 200x11. I have some OCZ PC 3500 on the way, than i will be back in the race
  14. lorne

    Radio Shack Thermal Compound

    \ I see, thanks for the explanation. Hopefully they come up wiyh a affordable way to do it soon.
  15. lorne

    Cooling Problems

    Yeah, and i was talking about the SP-97 not the silent boost.