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  1. Thanks for the review. Personally, I have never been too fond of AZZA cases. Does this case remind any one of Silverstone's Raven?
  2. I know that many societies had slaves, and they were subjected to cruel treatment. But, your statement just furthers my point. How could you compare the little girl's tasks with that of slaves'?
  3. Sorry to break it to you Angel, but there is no such thing as perfection. Perfection is subjective. The family dynamic has always been an authoritarian dictatorship. Ask your government/political science professors. No offence or anything but I think you are naive for thinking that "no violence. no acting out. Just one big happy family" can be actualized. Edit: Nope. Most of our parents are from the old school train of thought and would not agree with you Angel. Like I said, you have to look at the situation through the perspective of the parents. You are only looking at it through the child. I can understand the child's frustration and displeasure as I have felt the same way one too many times when I was a kid, but you have to see things from a parents point of view as well.
  4. Well... I do not know how you obtained that sort of information, but if it is true, then you were right in believing that there was more to the story. However, based on the tasks he listed in his video, those tasks were FAR from being slave labor. If being demanded to make coffee for her father is slave labor, then I have to call up my parents and tell them that they used me as a slave when I was a child as they had me make dinner from time to time. And I think the NAACP would be offended if they knew people were considering this as slave labor, as it makes light of the pain and suffering they have endured for centuries. By no means do we think this man is an amiable person, we merely agree on the fact that those tasks requested of his daughter were reasonable and that children take for granted what their parents provide for them.
  5. My professors once said the child-parent/family system is an authoritarian dictatorship. It is also good to note that many kids these days do not have proper work ethic (I know this first hand as I worked with many teenagers).
  6. +1 for this. I laughed so hard after reading this.
  7. Personally, I would have just taken it away or donated it to charity. But I think the father probably makes good money and wanted to make a point so he destroyed the laptop.
  8. It still doesn't take away from the fact that it is a mediocre WC system. When I say it is mediocre I am comparing it in its respective arena. That is not to say that the H80 doesn't do its job. But for something that is water cooled I expect better temps than something from air cooled, else I might as well stick with air cooling (ie. NH-D14). Edit: And I made my suggestion of custom water cooling since the OP said budget was not an issue.
  9. She had it light. My parents would have probably used physical punishment and then driven her out of the house for a day or two.
  10. I sifted through this discussion but I would like to make a few points: First of all, Angel, a child cannot sue a parent for destroying their property as those possessions are not legally theirs. Secondly, a child is protected under child protection laws from parental abuse, and having the child do chores does not constitute abuse, else most--if not all--parents would have their children taken away and be behind bars. Thirdly, Angel, is right in questioning whether what the father is providing the viewers is the complete story. Personally, I don't believe this is a rebellious episode as a result of abuse as Angel was insinuating. Fourthly, what Angel was suggesting in the use of a gun could lead to is a logical fallacy--a slippery slope fallacy. Fifthly, why are we debating on his weapon of choice? If he had used a sledge hammer would we make these assumptions? It just so happens he prefers to use a gun over a sledge hammer. Even though I am not a pro-gun advocate, I do not believe we are justified in making said assumptions about him [the father]. Let us be civil, objective and logical. These sort of discussions usually turn into heated debates of opinions based on personal morals and beliefs. Edit: Personally, I feel for the child as I had that sort of mentality and in some essence still do. But you have to look at the situation from the parents' perspective as well. She is not being treated as a slave, those are chores and her assigned responsibilities. As our parents' children, we feel that they take us for granted and does not appreciate what we do around the house--just because they put the bread on the table we are treated as lessers. But do we not do the same? Do we not take for granted what our parents provide for us (food, shelter, clothes, and so on)? She is not a slave, for any one to consider her a slave is to make light of slavery back in the day. If she is so unhappy with her parents she could always get a court order to be declared as an independent (I forget the term for it) and live on her own.
  11. I agree, 8GB should be more than enough for most users. For a water cooling system it is mediocre considering the NH-D14 cools better than it and is MUCH more quieter--the H80 is only on par with many of the high-end air coolers.
  12. The Corsair H80 is a mediocre cooling system. If you are dumping this much money into your build, why cheap out on cooling? Instead, you should look into water cooling options from Swiftech, Koolance, or Danger Den.
  13. Welcome back. Hope you enjoyed your vacation.
  14. PremiumAcc


    Welcome to OCC.
  15. Correct me if I am wrong, but the Xeons are professional-class CPUs which supports ECC RAM, and cannot be overclocked.
  16. Another thing you might want to consider is removing the HDD for now and waiting until the prices drop on them, unless you are getting it for ~$80 USD. In the meantime you could either use the cloud to store your data or burn them to discs.
  17. I wouldn't be too sure about that, as I am still waiting for my MIR from Xigmatek from December. And from what I have read about Xigmatek's rebate payout rate, it seems that I will never see my $10 MIR. Edit: Furthermore, I have already received my Corsair MIR which I submitted 2 weeks after the Xigmatek, but I have yet to receive the one from Xigmatek.
  18. This appears to be an excellent build. IMHO it is an overkill if you are merely using it for gaming purposes and will DEFINITELY last you more than two years if you aren't the type of person that wants the newest and best hardware. Edit: If you are spending this kind of money on your build, make sure not to cheap out on the cooling, go with water cooling.
  19. Just keep in mind that those calculators tend to overestimate the necessary wattage. As many have indicated already, 750W will be more than enough for you right now and in the near future. That really sucks. Doesn't Asus test the test the so-called fixed RMA unit before sending it back out to the end user?
  20. Nice to see that the "none" option is added now. According to the poll, as of now, I am the only one who owns no Apple products.
  21. The link for the motherboard leads to the 2500k instead of a motherboard--you might want to fix that link. The GPU will be able to run those games with no problem.
  22. It is not surprising because the HDD realm is dominated by only 2 players: Seagate and WD, and since WD was hit the hardest, Seagate was able to capitalize on this.
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