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  1. This. But if the order has been shipped, it is too late to change your mind anyways. Out of curiosity, how much did it cost? Edit: Personally, I would have gone with an Asus Z68 mobo as they have superior voltage regulation/control.
  2. I guess it is too late to inform you that the 1GB version is also unlockable. There have been some success stories that I have come across online with people unlocking the 1GB 6950s from Sapphire and MSI. Here is one of those success stories: Link
  3. I am glad that you thought that episode was great, because I for one, did not think it was that great because I had anticipated much more. Let us hope the next episode will be better. The show [Dexter] went downhill after Season 4 IMHO. The plot in Season 5 & 6 were so cliche and predictable. Even the end of Season 6 was predictable. With the way Season 6 ended, hopefully Season 7 will be better. Edit: Meow,
  4. PremiumAcc


    Welcome to OCC.
  5. Oops. Sorry, I thought you were asking if the P8Z68 has SSD caching, until I re-read your question again. No, the P8Z68 does not have an onboard slot for SSD Cache. And as Fogel pointed out there are not many motherboards that have that slot, to my knowledge Gigabyte has Z68 boards with that feature though.
  6. DaveIN, you should have created your own thread to pose these questions. But to answer your question... 1. Yes, the P8Z68 has SSD Caching. 2 & 3. I need clarification on your questions, for I am not understanding what is being asked.
  7. Oooo... New review. Thanks for the review PinkPanda. So far this case is screaming a mix between HAF and Thermaltake's Chaser.
  8. There is a good chance that this is caused by hardware. It could be a RAM issue, faulty PSU, or faulty motherboard, but I am inclined to think it is a RAM problem. Do you have any more information about the BSOD?
  9. Two months of waiting and tonight's episode is what I get in return? That one hour could have been shortened to 30 mins. What a disappointment... On the bright side, it was better than the last two seasons of Dexter. Bubba, how are you going to stream it when Megavideo and the likes are no longer available?
  10. What is my problem? I never said I believed Child Protection Services would offer confidential information to strangers. Why won't this thread die? Damn walkers...
  11. Thanks for reminding me. Almost forgot.
  12. Ok, let us end this thread on a civil note. This was a hot topic, and unfortunately, some members have been ridiculed for their views during the course of this discussion, and I would like to take this time to apologize on their behalf and that they did not mean it--they just got caught up in the heat of the topic.
  13. Also, if you were going to get a SF SSD, you should get ones that use the more expensive synchronous NAND because they are faster than the asynchronous NAND. The agility uses asynchronous NAND and the Vertex uses the synchronous NAND. In terms of SSD failure rate, Intel has the lowest rate, followed by Crucial, then by Samsung.
  14. Already saw it yesterday, and I was surprised at how well those OC.
  15. I would disagree with Angel and would recommend sticking with the Crucial M4, as the Crucial M4 is more reliable and can achieve its advertised speeds with both compressible and incompressible data, whereas the Vertex 3's performance drops with incompressible workloads. Plus, I wouldn't factor in the rebate into your decision as 4myrebate has a terrible payout rate from what I have read on forums, and some of my friends still haven't received their rebates from this rebate processing company as well. Edit: I have discussed the performance difference between a 1GB and a 2GB 6950 before on this forum, and posted some benchmarks comparing the two. I would have to dig through the forums to find it again, but the difference is really negligible, there is only a ~1-2% difference between a 1GB and a 2GB in fps.
  16. Every time I see you reply, a thought crosses my mind; the thought of you bashing your head against the wall--like your avatar--while reading these responses.
  17. But... But... TJ said he called Child Protection Services and they allegedly told him that the father has had been involved in incidents of abuse.
  18. Based on what I read it seems that Liteons are the most sought for. Make sure you don't get a rebranded optiarc Liteon though, as those run on NEC chipsets. Don't get me wrong, Optiarcs and the NEC chipset are still great, but just not the best for cd/dvd reading. Also, the new optiarcs are running Renesas chipset as NEC was bought out by Renesas Technology. From what I have read, many cd/dvd writers are rebranded drives of Optiarcs or Liteons, and it is hard to find out which is running which chipset unless you do a lot of digging. If it is too much trouble for you then just buy a Liteon, Optiarc, or Samsung.
  19. Good point. But I think you forgot a few punctuation marks. PS: Just in case some one isn't able to read between the lines, I know that Kamikaze did that on purpose with his response in order to poke fun of those who did not use punctuation marks. And btw, I do not agree that statement about Angel being disturbed. We shouldn't resort to labeling people who disagrees with us with such words, he hasn't fully grasped the perspective that of a parent's--that is all.
  20. This build looks solid to me. The AS5 will probably lower your temp by 1-2 degrees compared to the Evo's stock TIM. As I have been researching into cd/dvd writers (trust me there isn't as much material on this type of hardware compared to others), LG as a brand is less reliable and appears to have terrible writes. From what I have been reading, the best cd/dvd writers are those that run Mediatrek chipsets as they have the best reads and writes, whereas the NEC chipsets are only great for writes.
  21. Okay, I understand what you are trying to convey (the freedom of choice) but I wouldn't necessarily call that freedom, as the individual is constrained/influenced/coerced in his decision for fear of repercussion and reprisal. Did slaves have freedom because they could have chosen to speak out or rebel against their masters but would have faced severe consequences? This is whole separate topic. But it is food for thought since Angel brought up freedom. Edit: That previous comment was meant to quote Angel, not you Aaron.
  22. BTW, no one has freedom of speech in the US, since certain speech at certain times are restricted as ruled by the Supreme Court. Also, no one has freedom of thought or belief, you would like to believe you do, but in actuality no one is free since we inherit our beliefs from our parents/mentors/peers/and so on. On a side note, there is no such thing as freedom if you need to define what freedom is.
  23. I see that this thread is still going strong. Let me ask you teenagers. Suppose you are the head of a household. After a long day's work to put food on the table, put clothes on your family's backs, put a roof over your family's heads, buy gadgets for your family members, prepare dinner for you and so on, would it be too much to have your child perform a simple task such as making coffee for you, take care of the garden, or do the dishes? As I once thought this way when I was younger, I can attest to how children are self-centered/narrow minded/inconsiderate/whatever you want to call it; they do not want to take responsibility and help around the house, as they do not view these tasks as entertaining. As I previously stated several pages ago, children feel that their efforts are not appreciated by their parents; I for one felt that way growing up. But ask yourselves this. Are you appreciative of what your parents provide for you and do for you? If you are, then you wouldn't be griping and moaning about menial tasks such as doing dishes or making coffee. Edit: Angel, even though you do not agree with him destroying the laptop to make a point it doesn't mean it is wrong. Personally, I wouldn't have destroyed the laptop as it could have gone to better use. But who is to judge whether that is right or wrong? Sometimes you cannot place a monetary value on a message. Angel, your example is flawed. Making something does not entail serving it to the person. You do know that the sentence "I made my girlfriend breakfast in bed" implies that it was presented it to the person with the "in bed" part. Now consider this. S made dinner for A. Does that sentence indicate any where that S presented the meal to A? Could it not be the case that S just made the meal and left it on the stove/counter top/microwave/and so on? Angel, I do not mean to pick on you. But it is hard to not address you when you are fervently attacking this father's actions in his video but are providing examples with faulty logic. And in some sense I agree with you that physical punishment could be detrimental to a child's upbringing. Even psychological punishments as ones suggested by previous posters could be damaging to a child. But there are no absolutes. For some children the physical punishment method will work best, for others it may not work and have a negative effect. As long as the child is not being abused, it is not for us outsiders to tell the parents which method to use and which not to use.
  24. Somehow I missed that part. I went and re-read your review again just to make sure I didn't miss anything else. And I felt the exact same way when I saw your review. The case appeared to resemble the Raven with some CM touches (the side panels). Edit: If they were intentionally targeting the crowd that liked the Raven/CM style, I think they missed the ball a little. Personally, I am one of those consumers that liked the Raven/CM style (not all of their cases), but I feel that some thing is out of place with this case, it doesn't appear to be as sleek and refined as the Raven or some of the CM cases.
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