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  1. True. But not by much. What I want to know is why not use them as two separate drives? Most of the time, users won't be doing large file transfers, therefore there is NO performance increase. Furthermore, I do not see this as being the most practical use of the SSDs since there is no "real" performance increase, the loss of TRIM, and the reduction in reliability.
  2. I did not recommend the NH-D14 as I do not know if it is available in Malaysia or whether that is in OP's price range. But I do agree, like vandreadstriker, I would spend the extra $10 or so and get the NH-D14 because it is one of top three air coolers on the market to date.
  3. The V6GT is a solid cooler but it sounds like a jet engine. And I would have to lean towards Noctua for its quality (this is based on my NH-D14).
  4. True, it usually is cheaper by ~$10 - $20. But not enough to justify the loss of TRIM and the reduced reliability. Prices at launch for any piece of hardware are generally higher. Edit: Also, the Force 3 uses cheaper NAND--the asynchronous NAND--which also contributes to the price difference.
  5. Thanks for the benchmarks. This further supports what I have been saying about SSDs in RAID, that it does not improve random 4k performance, which is the most important to daily users who are not reading/writing large blocks of data.
  6. Sure. Why not? Lets take it to 500. To the top!!!
  7. Angel, are you talking about suffrage or suffering? Because suffrage refers to the right to vote. Also, what are you attempting to convey with the analogy, "this girl is using face book to rebel against her dad our forefathers used taverns to revolt against great Britain"? All that analogy illustrates is that Facebook is a venue that is equivalent to taverns, which people voice their displeasures. You are grossly overlooking history if you are comparing this incident to that of the events that led up to the War of Independence. For one, the settlers were given autonomy from King George III for countless years, and had their own institutions setup, their way of life became the status quo until the King interfered and meddled in their affairs (For all you History majors out there, I know that this is a very brief overview of history, and that I am not doing it enough justice), which these elements are not present in this familial case. And if you are suggesting that children will rebel because of their dissatisfaction of their parents and responsibilities, then by all means, they should do it. They can claim independence, and when they do, they will realize how spoiled they were and may appreciate their parents for putting food on the table, clothes on their backs, a roof over their heads, and so on.
  8. Do any of you guys play CSS? If so, hit me up and lets play a game one day.
  9. OH SNAP! Speedcrazy busted out a dictionary definition. Uh oh...
  10. I understand what you have been trying to illustrate in your previous posts, however, many of your examples/statements has presented faulty logic. I am not calling you stupid nor do I think any less of you for your opinion as I thought like you and the little girl, Hannah at one point in time. Hopefully you did not perceive me as picking on you or belittling you for your opinion. And by no means are we arbiters of what is right or wrong, we are merely presenting the perspective of the other side which you are obviously lacking. Whether people can get along with one another remains to be seen. One thing I can tell you is that the culture/atmosphere in the US is more toxic than some other countries, it seems to me that there is more tension/hate/whatever you want to call it on a whole between people of different color/race/ethnicity/and so on than other countries. BTW, you invalidated your point of "everyone being able to get along" with the statement of "maybe not us of course." Lets face it, the teenager probably could not be reasoned with as they tend to be selfish and narrow minded (only thinking of themselves). Lets see a show of hands who were inconsiderate and ungrateful of their parents when they were younger. Don't be shy. I hope you are not suggesting that the parents could ask the child if he/she could do the chores. Even when parents ask if certain chores could be done, it generally implies that the child HAS to do it. Does it make a difference if a parent say "can you please do x?" instead of "please do x"? With either utterance, the parent is demanding that x be done. "Dads idea to shoot it with a gun= Not ok because that is being irresponsible with a gun, and it defaces something. It was just totally pointless." This has been talked to death already. Does it matter what method he used to destroy the laptop? Why are we still dwelling on this issue? Also, can you please elaborate on how it was irresponsible use of a gun (ie. what constitutes a responsible use of a weapon, such as a firearm)? It was not pointless, there was a point to the destruction of the laptop and you obviously do not get it. "Girls right to speak out=OK" Indeed she has the right to voice her selfishness, but on a public medium such as the internet is asking for trouble. If she had done it in privacy, such as in a diary, I doubt it would have elicited the same reaction from her father. Also, I think you previously mentioned about the father being strict. Sometimes that can be a good thing, as children prey on the weak, and stern figures can instill some discipline into the child.
  11. As developers said, there is no such thing as CS2. What the CS1.6 community wants or expects from a CS2 is basically CS1.6 with updated graphics. What would be the point in that?
  12. Side conversation? Get a room you two.
  13. IMO, it should OC fairly well (comparable to the 2500k), but not enough to justify its price (I could be wrong, so keep us updated). And I doubt you would want to pay the 15% restocking fee. Edit: Ok. Here is a response from an Intel Rep: There you have it. If you read between the lines, the Intel Rep doesn't believe that you can get a better overclock on the 2550k compared to the 2500k. This release was to confuse consumers into purchasing the 2550k because it was a NEWER release, and thus alleviating the demand for the 2500k. And those that wanted a 2500k without the IGP probably wanted a CPU without that feature at a lower price.
  14. If he passed that I will vote for Obama. That will be more than what I ever got from presidential candidates.
  15. You are probably correct. But the iGPU is disabled when you use a discrete GPU. But I do not think the 2550k will be able to OC much better than the 2500k to justify its price point. And if it cannot OC much better than the 2500k, then it is a BIG con as you lose the iGPU which is pro for many people. Right now, I am waiting for some benchmarks to prove me wrong. Edit: Waco, that is some good insight, it never occurred to me that that could happen.
  16. One of my degrees is in Philosophy, does that make me qualified in critiquing everyone's logic here? These chores are not odd, nor is it over the limit; you are just not familiar with said chores as you had a different upbringing. That is similar to saying "that cultural practice is odd because I wasn't raise in such way or to perform such acts." Personally, I have known people who had to help take care of horses that their family owned, is that a chore that you would deem as unusual? How do you know that this act will be deemed illegal in the future? Are you omniscient? It could be the case that this act may be deemed as illegal. But, could it not be the case that it may never be illegal? On a whole separate note, Angel, I think you meant suffering in that reply--not suffrage. Suffrage refers to the right to vote. Edit: Pssttt... Speedcrazy just tell him that there is no such thing as a Utopia (they only exist in fairy tales). Similar to perfection, a utopia is impossible to achieve as it is subjective.
  17. Well said. That is also why I prefer the 2500k more. Also, the 100mhz bump is inconsequential as most end users purchasing the unlocked CPU will overclock it. And I doubt the 2550k can overclock that much better than the 2500k considering its TDP is the same as the 2500k. Link We will have to wait until some benchmarks are released before we can definitively say how well the 2550k can OC. Edit: There is no jealousy, we do not see why we should pay more for less. If the MSRP on the 2550k was lower than the 2500k then it would make more sense. At the moment, the majority of users--whether it be on OCC or other forums--do not see a point to the 2550k. Hopefully some owners or reviewers will be able to show us their worth, until then, I remain skeptical.
  18. It looks like a great case. If only NZXT didn't use so much darn plastic...
  19. It is funny what this thread has degraded into.
  20. Is that because you are more pro than Andrew is at keeping these threads alive?
  21. There aren't major differences between the two, only minor ones. The Asus has eSata, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, better voltage control with TPU, and better CS if you need to RMA. That review you linked had some false information, "Gigabyte includes... FireWire," last I checked the UD3P did not include FireWire, the UD4 does though. At this point you may as well stick with that motherboard, unless you are able to cancel the order, because Newegg will charge you a 15% restocking fee and the Asus is not good enough to justify the 15% restocking fee IMO.
  22. If you ever change your mind, my offer for the Z68 motherboard still stands.
  23. Waco just couldn't resist himself on resurrecting this thread...
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