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  1. Thanks for the review ccokeman. Reading it right now. For its price, I am not impressed with its performance. The Intel 520s are much better and should be a better deal once it drops a bit in price.
  2. Even with all these negative comments about the 2550k, it is STILL a 2500k albeit a neutered version, thus it should be able to achieve similar OCs to that of a 2500k. I think most of this negativity comes from the fact that Intel is charging a higher MSRP than the 2500k when they aren't offering anything more than the 2500k. If Intel had charged less for the 2550k then I would be all for the 2550k. But since that is not the case... You know where I stand. Edit: So don't feel TOO bad about it f!ver.
  3. It was an estimate and I was WAY off. In reality it will be ~$100 USD via UPS and ~$50 via USPS.
  4. Not to mention, the reviewer isn't even a verified owner of the product. Let me sign into my Newegg account and leave a review under the name of Microsoft. Edit: Disregarding the probably fake review, this is a great graphics card, as MSI's TFII and TFIII coolers are highly acclaimed, and will enable their cards to OC like mad while staying fairly cool.
  5. The shipping fees alone will be more than the product itself. It will probably be like $200 USD to ship to Malaysia. That is why people not in the US/CAN can't get sweet deals on BNIB/NIB/Used like new items.
  6. I don't think airman would mind, as long as the buyer pays for the shipping costs.
  7. I don't mean to bum you out, but that is just as doable on any 2500k. And apparently IB has been delayed, according to some enthusiasts from other forums who work in the IT field this delay is to help get rid of the excess stock and because: Edit: And this concern was expressed by Waco days earlier.
  8. Sorry, I meant the lower voltage is a major plus (it may have been an over-exaggeration but a plus nonetheless) because it will consume less power, produce less heat, and will allow you to use more dimm slots without stressing the memory controller.
  9. Even if you aren't in the market for an external hard drive, If you can get a cheap 1TB external hard drive for ~$30 then why not buy it? You could always crack the enclosure and use it as an internal. Two thumbs up for LaCie's customer service, two thumbs up their rear ends that is.
  10. I agree with El_Capitan on his comment about SSDs. However, if I were in the market for a SF SSD, I would pay a little more and get the synchronous NAND SSDs rather than the cheaper asynchronous NAND ones. The memory kit that El_Capitan suggested was an excellent deal at $39.99 for its performance.
  11. It is not a big deal. The 212+ will serve you just fine. In fact, I would choose the 212+ as it is generally ~$10 - $20 cheaper in the US than the Evo, and the temp difference between the two isn't too great ~1-3 degrees. If you aren't the type of person to OC RAM--OCing RAM provides no significant benefit anyway--then I see no harm in using the Snipers.
  12. Mobo - Either I wasn't clear on my explanation as to why you should not get a PCIe 3.0 Z68 motherboard, or you are just dead-set on getting one. But regardless, I will try to explain as to why your decision is not very good. DO NOT BUY INTO THE MARKETING! The PCIe 3.0 Z68 motherboards on the market are pretty much useless, as the PCIe is limited to the GPU lanes which requires both a PCIe 3.0 CPU and GPU, and when you do get both a PCIe 3.0 CPU and GPU, you will not see any noticeable improvements--if any--because the x8 lanes of PCIe are barely saturated and aren't even close to touching x16 now. If you want a motherboard to be compatible with IB, then any Z68 will do (a simple bios update will be all that is necessary). Furthermore, the PCIe 3.0 is still relatively new, if you really want to WASTE money on something that you will see no real benefit from, then wait until the more mature Z77 motherboards come out in April. If after all this is said and done and you still feel that you NEED a PCIe 3.0 Z68 motherboard then buy it.
  13. Mobo - There are plenty of better motherboards on the market at comparable prices such as those offered by Asus, Gigabyte, and so on. Personally, I would suggest an Asus motherboard for their superior quality and excellent RMA process. The difference between the mobo you chose and an Asus Z68 are: (1) Asus has Bluetooth, (2) Asus has 12+4 digital VRM, (3) Asus supports DTS surround, whereas the ASRock supports THX Trustudio. Also, I would save some money and select a non PCI-e 3.0 motherboard as current hardware will not benefit from the PCI-e 3.0 lanes, and by the time they do you will have WAY better motherboards that feature PCI-e 3.0. My recommendation would be: Asus P8Z68-V or the Asus P8Z68-V Pro. PSU - There is not much of an efficiency difference between Platinum certified and Gold certified to justify paying a higher premium. However, after looking at Newegg's pricing for the two, I realized that the Platinum certified is only $10 more than the Gold, therefore I would recommend purchasing the Platinum version if you are dead-set on getting a 850W+ Seasonic. If you are open to options then I would have to recommend the Corsair AX850--despite my love for Seasonic and its quality (esp its packaging)--for it will give you a better bang for your buck and it is a rebrand of the Seasonic X series with a longer warranty. That PSU will cost you $161.50 on Newegg. CPU cooler - If you/your brother are looking to overclock to a conservative 4.4ghz then you DEFINITELY DO NOT need the H100. Even mainstream coolers such as the CM 212+ and the Evo will be able to achieve that. And I agree with Vandread, you could get the NH-D14 for comparable results for much less. Save yourself the money and get something cheaper. CD/DVD Burner: Glad to see you did some research here. Since I have looked into this specific burner in the past I would like to let you know that it is not a true LiteOn. In fact, it is a rebrand of an optiarc (I think it was the 724x). SSD - Aside from Intel, Crucial is the most reliable for SSDs. And I would disagree with Vandreadstriker's comment, as ComputerEd would attest, SATA 6GB/s won't be able to bring you any significant speed increase. Also, Sandforce SSDs does not have the read/write speed consistency as Marvell controller SSDs do, they tend to fare below their rated speeds for incompressible data, whereas Marvell controller SSDs maintains its speed regardless of data type. Edit: Just looked at this thread again and noticed you had 4 x 2GB sticks of RAM. RAM - Some times if you populate all the dimm slots, the RAM will be downclocked and won't be able to run at its rated speeds. Also, some times manufacturers only guarantee its rated speeds in certain channels, which El_Capitain can tell you about since his 2 kits of 2 x 4GB from G. Skill did not run at its rated speeds. Not to mention, using less of the dimm slots translates into using less power and thus putting less stress on your motherboard, which means you will be able to get a more stable OC at lower voltages. For the RAM, I would recommend: Mushkin, Kingston, G Skill, or Corsair. Usually a 2x4GB kit would run you around $30 - $50, which is MUCH cheaper than your 4x2GB kit. With these implementations, you should save ~$200+.
  14. I expect the performance and capabilities to be similar to that of the 2500k, and not much better. Even the Newegg reviewers are not too fond of the 2550k. And these sentiments are shared throughout all the enthusiast forums. I feel bad for you f!ver.
  15. OCing the RAM won't give any real noticeable performance anyways and the low power consumption is a major plus. As I said in another thread, the 212+ has comparable temps (within 1-2 degrees) to the Evo, but the Evo is much quieter than the former. If the noise reduction is worth an extra ~$10 - $15 then go with the Evo, else say yourself the extra few dollars and spend it somewhere else. Pretty sure the MKIIs aren't made by Seasonic. Edit: According to google, the MKIIs are made by the OEM, Sirtec. Edit#2: OP, I would refrain from purchasing the 2550k for now as I previously suggested. Personally, I expect the performance and capabilities of the 2550k to be similar to that of the 2500k, and not much better. Even the Newegg reviewers are not too fond of the 2550k, and that is when you know it is bad. And these sentiments are shared throughout all the enthusiast forums.
  16. It was just a matter of time before some one posted this... Here's the most comical comment I've read regarding this movie:
  17. HEC PSUs are of average quality IMO. My recommendations for PSUs goes as such: Seasonic, Corsair, PC Power & Cooling (not so sure about them now that they have been acquired by OCZ). And 650W will be sufficient for your present needs.
  18. It means integrated GPU. Edit: And yes it means Virtu won't work with that chip, El_capitan.
  19. Oops, I forgot to recommend the Hawk for the GPU in my first reply. Well, if you already own the HDD forget about my comment about it. As I already stated in my first reply, it is a solid build and there is not much I would change. And I wouldn't go for the 2550k just yet. As of now, it doesn't seem smart to purchase the 2550k over the 2500k since all you get is a 100mhz increase which is negligible considering users who purchase the K series will OC anyways, and the IGP is disabled when you use a discrete GPU, thus achieving what the 2550k purportedly does. And any Intel experts or rep can correct me if I am wrong.
  20. From what I have read the access/response times will not improve with RAID 0. However, you do get an increase in IOPS with RAID, but will you even notice it in the real world for those who don't work with large files often? It just seems to me that the cons outweigh the pros for those who do not work with large files on a daily basis, yet everywhere I go to I see people setting their SSDs in RAID0. What am I missing here? Edit: In terms of capacity, wouldn't it be more beneficial for those who do not run VMs or work with large files to use them as two separate drives?
  21. This. And the cooling performance is comparable. Edit: If you are deciding between the Hyper 212+ and the Evo, ask yourself is the noise reduction worth ~$10 - 15 more.
  22. Your build is fairly solid. And I only have a few comments/suggestions about it. Mobo: It is a great motherboard, but do you really want the Fatal1ty branding plastered all over your hardware? PSU: If you are choosing between that CM PSU and Seasonic PSU, I would go for the Seasonic as they are more reputable and reliable. CM does not manufacture their own PSUs, they are produced by OEMs such as Seasonic, Enhance, and others. Personally, I would recommend either the Seasonic X series (if you are not on a budget) or the Corsair TXs (if you are on a budget). Storage: HDD prices are sky high at the moment. You should take a look into SSDs as they are near/at the $1/GB ratio, and you will notice a big performance increase in day to day use. Case: Have you looked into the Storm Trooper case? It is a very solid case and great for LANs. So far the possibilities are merely rumor and speculation. Enthusiasts from multiple forums--including myself--do not believe the 2550k will fare much better than the 2500k in terms of OCing. Until I see some results, I will remain skeptical and cannot recommend it to anyone in good conscience. Sure... Some people like the OP may not need the IGP on the CPU, it is just asinine if that means they have to pay more for less. Also, it is good to note that even an Intel Rep does not believe that the 2550k will OC better than the 2500k. There you have it. If you read between the lines, the Intel Rep doesn't believe that you can get a better overclock on the 2550k compared to the 2500k. This release was to confuse consumers into purchasing the 2550k because it was a NEWER release, and thus alleviating the demand for the 2500k. And those that wanted a 2500k without the IGP probably wanted a CPU without that feature at a lower price. Notice how the Intel Rep uses the words "they say" instead of outright saying that you can get a better OC on the new CPU? Because they do not believe it themselves and cannot guarantee that it will perform much better than the 2500k, as the 2550k is essentially the 2500k with IGP disabled (not removed). Edit: Crossed out my comment regarding the mobo considering OP already bought the mobo.
  23. Yes, I was looking at the 4k reads/writes for queue depth 1. What you said may be true (I say may as it isn't always double). But realistically everyday use will be closer to the 1 depth than the 32 depth. And even though performance does increase at the higher queue depths, the seek times do not improve--at least as far as I know they do not.
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