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  1. We're coming a long nicely with the first map. It's going great, but we're still in need of a concept artist that could draw references for Josh to model. You can see the progress of our first map here. http://omegadevelopment.myfreeforum.org/sutra234.php#234 If you think you could, or would be interested in helping out with the project let us know.
  2. I've been talking to the main modeler working with us, and he says he's a definite on the project. Mentioned that he'd like to be modeling this week. Would anyone be interested in helping out with reference images? Everyone working on the project is doing so for free, but full time team members, in the event that the project goes commercial, will be compensated.
  3. Hey, I've played mass effect before, but it wasn't my intention to write like that it's just the story I made off the top...one already posted about cyborgs....you can't really come up with something that's 100% original in this day an age, but I certainly wasn't thinking of modeling after anything else when I wrote it, lol. One could say mass effect sounds like star track...assimilation, and space, and cyborgs is nothing new and mass effect certainly didn't invent it...originality comes from the rest of the story...whens the last time you read a story with a mage from another realm invading space with an army of orcs? lol any way, the project is still open, and would love to have help..we've got a modeler, another maybe modeler, a possible 2d artist/texture artist, a sound guy I'm speaking with, a writer, and programmer. We've formatted the project to be 2d/2.5 d with pre-rendered graphics involved. That makes it much more achievable for a small team. We've been discussing the cut scenes to be movie like comics, and hoping to attract voice actors after we have something to show. Just adding the project isn't a definite, as the team is only forming, and assessing things. I'll check back in if things lift off.
  4. I've decided to convert this into a 2d project if any spriters are interested. Here's a little teaser of what I see.. I can explain what I see a little more. Sense it's been converted to a 2d game maybe more artists will be interested. this is what I see. I see wicked cool space ships, space fighting scenes. I see space travel, different races, a war. I see a alien race trying to conquer the galaxy. I see a human space military organization trying to bring it down. When they go to a main cybrin controlled planet they're about to compete a crucial mission, and a strange cloaked mage from another planet plane of existence comes into a futuristic sci fi setting with an army of orcs. I see them taking over that planet easily meaning the mage is strong. I see the mage using cybrin technology on the orcs...now there's two threats in the galaxy. The cybrins, and the mage. I see possibly even the cybrins contacting the humans and asking them for help, becuase even though they're powerful the mage is doing damage...what's the mages agenda? not sure yet, team can figure that out, lol. I see planet to planet travel, top down shooter levels...imagine orcs flying cybrin ships haha... I see a potentially wicked game. if any 2d spriters would be interested in something like this let me know, lol I can program this by the way, I'm just not to well with 3d but it's hard to get a team without having a skill to offer. http://www.omega7.weebly.com
  5. haha, I know it sounds a bit like that but they're not borgs. Cybrin range from creatures to humans, zombie like creatures, and stuff of that nature. Pretty much any living alien thing they'll take in. I've started working on the terrain mesh in the UDK, and have collected some decent art, but I've got a long way to go. When I say collected art I mean from sites like Open art, and turbo squid. Places that have free art. Open art is nice because they offer a lot that can be used commercially and a lot of it is claimed to be 'user packs' which I'm sure a lot is. but the project is far from commercial, just having some fun at the moment with the demo. I've got a long ways to go. I decided trying to find a team for an entire demo would be a hard thing to do, so started working in the UDK at the moment, which I do alright with most stuff with. Things I could use help with is more image based, like images for the edges of the map so that it looks as through the planet goes on forever. concept art, and maybe a modeler not to just to model original stuff if they wanted to, but to help tweak the models that I've collected. Like I have some models that haven't been texture, and some of them would need some little biotic parts added to them, stuff like that... I've dabbled in modeling. I'm definitely a programmer by nature, not a graphics artist, lol. i mean texturing isn't too bad, but full on modeling certainly isn't for me. I'll post the link to my YouTube video if anyone wants to see it. It's not commercial, so should be alright, let me know if it's not, and I'll remove the link. Video only a small snippet of playing around in CryEngine at the end, but I like UDK better. It's much more documented, and stable.
  6. Hey, I've decided to start working on a game demo in the UDK. The demo isn't a commercial project, although I'm hoping that someday the game itself can be. I'm in need of some people interested in helping with the demo. Maybe some concept artists, or digital artists who would help out? - outline - It's a first person shooter set in space, as well as various planets. The year is 4048, and earth is nearly uninhabitable. Human's have a militant space organization called Omega. They went out into the galaxy to find a new planet, but what they found was war. An alien race known as the Cybrins have been conquering the galaxy assimilating other races. They're whole creatures with robotic parts, animated flesh with bionics, computerized clones, and synthetic flesh run by a computer system. Their origins is unknown. Rumors say they were a thriving race of great technological advancement, but when they had tragedy upon tragedy, sickness upon sickness befall them they started using computerized parts. They didn't stop at arms, and legs, but also used computerized parts in their brains. Anything to keep their race alive. Rumors also say that they were infected by some virus, and have know spread out into the galaxy to add others to their existence. -Demo- Where I'm starting at ground 0 with this project I know the demo will have to be a little simpler than the entire game, so that it can be achieved by a smaller team. In the demo the Omega 7 team goes to a barren planet where a main Cybrin base has been posted. They're there to cut off the Cybrin link to their mainframe. Basically posting here because it's where the artists are. I'd love to have a few join the team, and help out. I've made a few other projects. I've got a YouTube video up, but I'm not sure if I can link to it here or not. Anyway, that's all for now, Thanks for checking it out.
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