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  1. So Ive got my tax return coming soon and Im going to build a new rig with it, but first, I need a new monitor. And soon. Ive not yet found anything that meets all my requirements and I am doubtful I will. Money isnt that much of an issue, but Id like to stay below 600 CAD, preferably 500. I will likely buy from MemoryExpress as they are local, but I would not be against ordering from NCIX or another decent retailer. I would prefer something around 23-24 inches in a 16:10 ratio. A res of 1920x1200 or higher is preferred. I am willing to increase monitor size for a better ppi. Screen tech I am open to anything. I would love a PLS, but currently there are only two models, neither of which is ideal for me. I am going to be using it mostly for gaming, but something with a rotation so I can put it portrait would be nice for programming. I will also be hooking up my 360, so a displayport or dvi is necessary so I can adapt the HDMI to it. Not sure if a larger resolution would cause an issue for the 360, but . it, thats just temporary for a few months. Sound over HDMI would be nice, even if it is just a pass through, but I can hack apart a 360 cable to get the analogue sound. I would absolutely love to have a 120Hz screen. Ive gamed on them and they do make a difference. I definitely prefer matte screens over glossy. Ive been told bout the BenQ XL2420T, and it sounds good aside from being 16:9, but I have been told that BenQ has a bad rep for image quality. Im not certain how true that is. The Dell IPS line-up looks nice too, but lacks the 120Hz. The ASUS PA238Q has also been pointed out to me. Not sure if that is really much of a gaming monitor though. Same goes for the PA246Q. I guess my ideal monitor doesnt exist, but I am open to suggestions, even if they exceed my budget, if it is good enough, I am bound to buy it. P.S.: No interest in using a TV as a monitor.
  2. Finally I can upload a picture! This is my first real day off in the last three months. How I hate working retail. You make the most around Christmas, so you work more, get OT and spiffs. Then theres the January clean-up which is horrid, especially because we were super short staffed which meant six day weeks and since thats OK according to the law, I cannot do . about it... then our assistant mngr has to quit because his foot is messed up... even shorter staffed, then we hire four new guys, two of which survive... then we get to do inventory twice because another store is shutting down, so we got boxes from them that had to be checked and counted... then our actual inventory which was just a pain. Now I finally have a day where I dont need to do shopping or cook, or anything. Sorry for the vent, but it feels good. Thanks for the gear. Already used the Noctua on the laptop Im typing this on. Much quieter now as the fan doesnt spin nearly as much. The keyboard is still messed up though. The fans I have got to wait until I get my tax return. Then Ill be able to build a complete new tower, hopefully.
  3. Thanks a lot for the prize! Tried out one of the fans, theyre not quiet, but they move a lot of air. Probably wouldnt be able to hear it over the GPU anyway. Once I have another half week off Im going to have to try the thermal paste and see if I can record a difference. Again, thanks, and congrats to all the other winners.
  4. And already messed up. If I forgot the phone number, should I resend or just amend?
  5. Cannot remember my old login, not like I was active, but hey, guess I can give it a shot. Thats a lot of stuff youre giving away. Hope it gets used.
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