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  1. is (how does one get rid of the anit spam banner)
  2. Anyone know of a way to automatically reboot your computer. I have a game server I run and will be out of town for a few weeks. Would like to make it reboot every 6 hours. I tried Task manager but nothing. Any ideas or programs that do this for you would be awesome. Thanks!!
  3. I'm the friend with the 2.8M0. Its not at 1.85 its at 1.7 . I have had no problems overclocking this puppy. Its jumped thru hoops for me, if I upgraded the RAM I could prolly get more out of it. Go with the 2.8CM0 and P4P800. PCsupplystore.com you can pick your own cpu. I got lucky and Newegg sent me a M0 lol. WOOT System is in sig. The setup cost me $939.00 all off of Newegg.com. GO NEWEGG!!!!
  4. Your not great friends and you dont talk a lot. There it is right there, if she says no then you really havent lost a lot so go for it. To throw some thinking into it...I'm guessing you feel very confindent and open when you talk to people online. Its easy, you have a shield, they cant see you, they cant hurt you, they cant laugh or anything...you feel safe. The trick is to turn your non online self into your online self. Sounds kinda goofy but if you think about it I bet its true. Heres a true story... My first online game was Starfleet Command. Loved it, loved the people so I started my own fleet. The real me was the leader on Mplayer (now gamespy) the one I let the real world see was the shy kid. Why? I was afraid of what they might think, online people seem less real if you know what I mean so I could shine there or make mistakes, either way it didnt hurt. Eventually I graduate high school and move to VA Beach get into Sales by an act of god. Did OK but ultimately failed....tried it again, failure. I knew the skills were there was just to afraid to let em out for fear of failure or some other stupid arse reason. Been 4 years since highschool and I now work for Acura selling cars, and am the #1 guy there. Confidence WILL come with age, but why take the hard road. Its like any other muscle work it out, it gets bigger. I know that sounds silly but its true. Lifes like a game, if you never take risks you will never win...
  5. The only good reason to die for a woman is in defense!
  6. I'm sure with a name like Nerm you'd have no problems getting elected .
  7. Old Spice High Endurance Pure sport scent!!!
  8. 10% warn!?! I've been that since I signed up for one double post. Its now an emblem of pride
  9. Ugh no you dont. I work at a dealership selling cars which makes for a lot of standing. Five times I have leaned against the wall and banged my head on the corner holding. :*(***
  10. Worst thing that can happen is to be moved into the friend catergory. Ask her out now!
  11. LOL Devil just realized that. "Whoa"
  12. If your goal is to drop weight then you should use light weights at high repetition. If you go in and throw around as much weight as you can you wont lose any for a awhile. The reason being muscle wieghs twice as much as fat does. So while your pouring on muscle your weight will increase...that of course is the good kind. If you take that route make sure to eat plenty of protein. The real stuff, while a shake is fine, dont replace all your meals with it. Eggs, BEEF, chicken, and Fish is good cause it has Omega 3 Fatty acids for the heart. Beans are good as a secondary source. Now for carbs, avoid ANYTHING with Partially Hydrongenated Oils. This is a made up fat in most sweets and breads. Your body has no idea what to do with this so it becomes fat, and is very very hard to get rid of. Oreos are the worst. So for breads go for Whole Wheat, and check the back, real whole wheat does not have Partially Hydrogenated crap in it. Fruits and Veggies are cool, but I would avoid spuds, and corn for the first 2-3 weeks. Try this for heavy lifting and muscle adding eat 2.2 grams of protein for each pound you weigh. High Fructose Corn Syrup is another made up substance that our bodies usually turn into fat. Its found in most canned and bottled drinks. From Gatoraid to Coke. Avoid if you can, Die drinks have none of this stuff so they are safe. Now Gatoraid most ppl who drink that are active and the amounts of HFC's arent that high so when your playing ball have a bottle. But like everyone else said..WATER is a big one. More water intake will help you lose weight. MILK!!!!!!!! Calcium is a fat blocker, 3 glasses a day and you wont absorb nearly as much fat. Now lets talk fat. Saturated fat you should keep as low as you can its the bad kind. Unsat, and Poly Unsat are good fats, eat them! Fat Free fads are just that, fads, and BS if you ask me. Cutting out all the carbs is bs too. You gotta find a balance. If your serious check out this book: Mens Health Testosterone Advantage. I have read it and followed what it said, its a must have for ALL men imo. Lastly, just cause you splurge one night and eat a pound of cookie dough and a quart of ice cream does not mean you have lost the battle. Splurging every once in awhile does not hurt if you stay active. Thats why most people fail. The work out for 2 weeks starving themselves, which is a HUGE NO NO NO, then they devour a slice of cake or two and quit cause they just failed. Whatever you do DONT starve yourself. I dunno how many ppl here actively lift heavy weight but they know as I do, the bigger you get muscle wise, the more your gonna eat. The more you lift the more fuel your body needs. Look at it like this. Bigred has a huge truck, on flat dirt it prolly gets pretty good mileage for what it is. Now throw it in the mud, water hills, trees all that crap there goes the mileage hes gotta fill it up sooner. Your body is the same way, the more you work it, the more it will need fuel. Ok I am done with my rant. Losing wieght does not have to be hell trust me. I am 6 foot 4 and went from a fat 230lbs, to a lean and muscular 200 in 2 months. I'm 21 so taking the wieght off was easy, the younger you are the easier it will be.
  13. LOL, dang....I think bigred is right...
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