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  1. Whats up with the CLI.exe application error I get everytime windows starts up? The Cat control panel will not start at windows or when I start it manually, is something wrong with ATIs newest driver?
  2. I ran P95 for 12 hours no errors. Ran MEMTest for 2 hours 0 errors, both with my full overclock. I've gone as far as feeling the SB, its as hot as it usually gets. My load temps are as stable as they always are. Case gets upto about 35C, and my CPU tops out at 45C, HDD stays cool around 33C. Edit: Well I put the 9700 Pro into my machine KOTOR still messed up, but C&C ran for him and didnt crash. So I put my 9600 back in played C&C for 20 minutes everything ran fine not a trace of frame loss or lag...then suddenly it crashed . Could DX 9.0C or the 4.12 CATS have something to do with it?
  3. I assume the 6600gt is an NVidia product, nothing against NVidia but I think I'll stick with ATI...though with whats going on now, I'm pretty disappointed considering the cards maybe 1 year old. Though I am not sure if thats really the problem. Gonna try my cousins 9700 Pro 2morrow. Not sure what else to do...could the partition I made somehow be messing with my games?
  4. Yea I figured that would solve ALL my problems....only thing is most of the games I am playing cept Far Cry arent that graphic intensive. Though anyone willing to mail me $250 for a 9800 Pro, I will definently buy it . But yes, my first paycheck with this new job is going towards debts, and a 9800 Pro, which I will flash the bios to an XT.
  5. Ran MemTest for an hour 0 errors. I guess theres a slim chance it could be RAM configuration in the board, however its in the same place that it was when I first installed it.
  6. Would'nt loosing 256 stick of ram cause me to run even slower?
  7. The only thing I might be able to remove is the wireless USB adapter, and one CD rom, everything else would be needed.
  8. No need for a system restore as I have formatted twice since having the problem. I started having issues and found a nasty virus on my computer, so I thought I had gotten rid of it. It came back, and I didnt feel like messing with it so I just formatted.
  9. Recently I have been experiencing some difficulties when playing games on my computer. Games that I have played before that now wont run correctly on my computer. C&C Generals and ZH, ran fine about 2 months ago now it crashes and or freezes up on me. KOTOR ran fine for me maybe a month ago and now I experience slow frame rates after leaving the menus, or maps. Call of Duty a new install for me, it freezes on me after only 3-5 minutes of game play. Far Cry crashed on me maybe once or twice through the entire game. I've tried everything, lowering graphic settings, changing the AGP bus speed. Lowering my OC to stock. Changed RAM timings. Reinstalled Windows, even tried to change the drivers to my vid card. Disabled VPU recovery, and the Secondary Display adapter built into RADEON cards. The only big changes made to my system were installing the 4.12 CATs, and SP2, both of which I got rid of and started the whole process over to no avail. Oh and I installed the drivers for my Chipset. Cause I had a SM Bus Controller with ? beside it in device manager. I ran P95 and MEMTest and both game up clean at my full overclock, which is listed in my sig. I've upped the voltage going to my dinky a$$ 9600. I've run out of ideas, and can only come to one conclusion and that is my vid card is going bad. My cousin has a 9700 Pro I might try to stick into my system but hes being a penis about it, worried somehow his stuff might get messed up. I would really, really appreciate any other ideas.
  10. I tried to just reinstall the driver and the wizard said it was unable to locate usbehci.sys in Windows/Temp folder. So I popped in my Asus disk and find the file under usb2/Win2k/EHCI Package. I let it install and it moved it out of unknown and into the USB devices with a ! on it. The device reads as: Intel® 82801EB USB2 Enhanced Host Controller - 24DD Since I just reinstalled Windows I am hoping SP1 will fix the !, if not I guess I'll be back here. Thanks for the help.
  11. Was going through XP's device manager and noticed that 'Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controller' has a big yellow question mark beside it and is listed under 'Other Devices'. So I scroll down to 'Universal Serial Bus Controllers', open it and this is what I find: Intel®82801EB USB Universal Host Controller - 24D2 Intel®82801EB USB Universal Host Controller - 24D4 Intel®82801EB USB Universal Host Controller - 24D7 Intel®82801EB USB Universal Host Controller - 24DE USB Composite Device USB Root Hub USB Root Hub USB Root Hub USB Root Hub I'm not sure I understand why theres a ? mark then my computer registers 4 USB controllers. Could someone help me out with this?
  12. Check the BIOS, usually theres a place to Enable/Disable HyperThreading...though mine was defaulted to on in my P4P800.
  13. Yes I did. Like I said no more Event 4226 happening on my computer. But I still get the limited connectivity message.
  14. I have no more event ID 4226, but I still get the message from Windows saying limited to no connectivity. Starting to piss me off.
  15. Playing network games with my cousin against 3 Hard armies, and about 15 mninutes into the game it starts lagging really bad and my computer freezes up. I've tried everything to fix this, including lowering ALL graphics to nothing, taking off the extras, and taking of AA and AF. I didnt have this problem 2 months ago before I installed SP2, is anyone else having similar problems?
  16. Can anyone tell me why my LAN connection says Limited to no Connectivity after I installed SP2. I have disabled the firewalls and allowed it as an exception but I still get it. The connection is set up for me and my cousin to play network games it has no connection to the internet. I first thought that could be the problem but I am not sure. I do connect to the internet using a wireless USB adapter, any thoughts?
  17. Nice Invader. I have an '89 2.0SI championship white. Dunno what it is bout a lude but those integra people will never understand. Trying to find a J-spec B20A to throw in it .
  18. Agreed, driving gets old after awhile. Only been doing in 7 years now (including learners) long trips blow, slow people blow more, SUV's who cant watch where they are going kill. Whats funny is people are scared of 18 wheelers. Rather be close to one of them then the idiot in his new Durango that thinks he owns the road.
  19. Back when I was 14 and playing Rainbow Six me and a good friend used to always say; "Good Luck and drink Cyberbeer". Decided to make it my name in all games and forums.
  20. I'll wait for the DVD. Then again Daredevil got a lot of crappy reviews and turned out to be AWESOME. You want to see the best comic movie go see SpiderMan 2 if you havent already.
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