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  1. Sounds like you hit your cieling, not sure what else to try the highest you should have to go is 1.675. If it crashes there then its as far as its gonna go. Of course do the usual, lock AGP/PSI, update BIOS, and make sure all voltages are stable.
  2. Since everyone else was so helpful I would suggest finding a cheap SB cant be more then 20-30 bux. It will use your CPU less and therefore make games run more smoothly.
  3. Raise it up til it IS stable. But I wouldnt go over 1.7v. If it doesnt work then it hit max. The 3.0C D1 stepping chips were only 50/50 overclockers...Half did well half did crappy. Best one to talk to is Nuclear on that particular chip, though I dont know if he will have any new answers. What I would do if I were you is OC as high as you can on stock voltages and burn the puppy in for 24-36 hours. Then start raising the FSB and Vcore to where you want it, then make it stable. Thats how most people here got awesome OC's.
  4. With that Asus board try 1.60-1.675 it has problems at some voltages, I believe 1.625 will result in a reboot as well.
  5. I have some Kingston HyperX RAM 512kb and its only PC3000 and its oced beyond 250 FSB. Timings are at 2-2-2-5 or if I go higher I loosen them to 2-3-3-7. Of course my ratio is only 5:4 with this RAM
  6. I think someone needs to read the topic called ""What Kind Of Poster Are You?".....
  7. I've got a Celly 700MHz computer for sale, its on a Micro ATX board, but it needs a HDD and a PSU. Theres no AGP slot and I believe it has onboard sound. I'll also send all the old SDRAM I have with it which I think totals somewhere between 256-512. I also have a P1 233MHz puter for sale that needs a HDD and CDRom. Asking price for celly- $60 plus S&H Asking price for P1 $20 plus S&H. Both can come with or without cases or individual parts can be bought. PM or email me for info [email protected]
  8. I just got 2 baby Iggys bigred. They are both about 16 inches long including tails. The mean one dropped his tail though so hes somewhat shorter, when he grows up hes gonna leave bruises instead of whelps when he whips. The nice one is cool as hell he climbs all over the house and even sits on the black lab I have....though the dog just wants to play lol.
  9. I had a similar problem with mine when I changed cards a few months back, try clearing the CMOS.
  10. A 1 MHz slow down is not due to the laptop slowing it down. Its like the volatages in the puter they fluctuate up and down.
  11. P4C's were definently better then the XP's but as things usually go in the computer world, AMD had something up thier sleeve to regain the top spot. As I am sure....err hoping Intel has something up its sleeve.
  12. I believe the 2.4C's come with M0 stepping as well. If you dont know what M0 stepping is, the chip is basically a failed Extreme Edition. They disable the extra cache but the internals are the same. They can take much higher voltages and heat isnt to bad either. Under full load at 3.7 with VCore of 1.625, or 1.650 dont remember load temps are 39-41C idle they are 27C to 31C. Thats using AS3 and an unlapped HS and cpu die.
  13. Whats causing the sound? Cd drives, fans, PSU, HDD's, or hamsters.
  14. A short google search yielded these results. Heres one...First Heres the actual search: Google Search
  15. If hes gonna go 478 I would try to find a Northwood core. They are for the moment when OCed faster then the Prescott. They may be hard to find right now, but if you look you can get one. If he has a choice see if he can find a 2.8 with M0 stepping, they are nasty overclockers. Nuclear has had awesome success with them, and my 2.8 is at 3.7 now. Once I get better cooling, and RAM I am gonna try for 4GHz. If he goes 775 go with a Prescott, they are extremly hot, and with the longer pipelines slower.
  16. No I dont want to go that route, I am making enough money now to buy both upgrades in a month...since I've been away from the forums for awhile I wasnt sure if the X800 was really a vast improvment over the 9800 series. Now I hear NVidias back into the game too. To many decisions!!!
  17. Two sticks of 256MB KHX ram, they were a matched set. Will let you know when I buy the new RAM Invader, just having a hard time deciding what to do now...save up for an X800 Pro or buy RAM. Just need to decide which I want first lol.
  18. I may save up for the X800 Pro or XT. Sapphire or ATI, stock cooling or vantec or something...for both of the ATI cards. Thanks for the input on the RAM too. As for RAM what brand should I go with this time. Kingston, Mushkin, or Cosair. I've had no problems with the HyperX I have now, and overclocked it pretty good for it only being PC3000.
  19. Ok perhaps I should remove that constraint, it can be ATI or NVidia. But it does have to be AGP, since my mobo doesnt have PCI-Express. I do want the card to however, be able to run AA and AF I could possibly save upto 400 may just take me another week. Should I invest into a bigger PSU with a new vid card since I know the new ones all use 4 pins for more power. Since I will eventually upgrade my RAM what speed should I buy for a system overclocked between 3.6 and 3.75GHz. CPU specs are in sig.
  20. I might be selling my Xtasy RADEON 9600 here in two weeks. Email me if your interested I'll make you a good deal. Cards less then a year old and its a good middle of the line card. [email protected]
  21. I'm gonna have about $250-300 to spend on anything here in the next 2 weeks. Should I opt for a new video card or some new RAM. Both are in my sig. I've had no problems with the RAM, but the vid card is definently limiting me. Could you also list suggestions on what to get, I've kinda had my heart set on getting a 9800 Pro, but if I can get something better please list. It has to be AGP, and please ATI only. Oh and of course either route I go it has to be overclockable .
  22. Yes they make a mobile version of thier chips, which I hear are awesome overclockers. They also make a server chip called the Opteron. Bigred is the one to ask about specific things on these chips....well hes not the only one but the first that comes to mind. Edit: Intel brainwashes people lol, thats one of the most amusing things I have heard in awhile. I can see it now...each CPU is designed with a self activating subliminal messaging algorithm. When you boot up and the BIOS info flashes if you read it very closely, rearange some of the letters, and a few here, it reads INTEL WILL RULE THE WORLD, and AMD IS A BUNCH OF NINNIES!! I ntel has been known to the public longer for thier processors then AMD, they are the mainstream chip provider...does that mean that Intel chips are better, for some things yes, just as AMDs are better for other things. They both do what they were made to do well enough....though I will point out the price difference between them has dwindled, which I think is great AMD deserves to make more money of thier product...and it forces intel back into competing fully against AMD. Its good for both.
  23. I had a Samsung 20GB I was using for back up, then I gave it to my friend cause I bought the WD.
  24. Seagate, love mine no vibration, very quiet. I just had a 80GB WD fail last week, only lost back up stuff but still sucked. My brothers 30GB Maxtor failed a month ago...told him not to buy it .
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