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  1. May need better cooling. 55C with that small of a OC is almost scary.
  2. Yea M0 are awesome with the RAM I have and on Air to reach what I have is cool. I am hoping to match your 3.8 or higher once I get PC4000 RAM. Should be here in a couple months. Though I wont be able to steal your title of OC King , you and your dang sub zero cooling lol.
  3. That including your 2.8 M0 chips nuclear?
  4. How is this relevant to this question. Anyway back to it, most likely if your CPU Vcore is greyed out then your FSB isnt changeable either. Look around the internet for a new BIOS for the board that will allow overclocking.
  5. I think someone likes to kiss Lian Li butt.
  6. Not sure I would puch it that high. I hit 250 FSB with 1.6. Check the stepping of your CPU, if its M0 you can go up to 1.7-1.725, if its D1 I wouldnt go any higher then 1.675. Depends on your temps.
  7. Thats the max riva will let it go, not the actual core speed...notice the slider.
  8. Gonna overclock it a bit more and see what happens, I'm using Artifact tester for checking the oc...is this a reliable program?
  9. As some of you know I just bought a 6600GT, upgrading from an ATI 9600 . Here are is my score. Overclock on card so far is 581/1121!
  10. Is there a program that can tell me my GPU and RAM temperature. I looked through Rivatuner but didnt see anything.
  11. Ran Farcry with everything up to full. Gonna run 3dMark here shortly after I am done overclocking and testing for artifacts.
  12. No there is nothing else plugged into it. I found this in Riva too. Standard 2D is 300, Low power 3d and performance 3d are both at 500. Not sure how relevant this might be but I figured I should mention it...heres a pic! EDIT: I think I started to arrive at that conclusion too, lol thx for humoring my panic attack. THink I will do something constructive and play now
  13. Ok just got my 6600GT, plugged it in. Slapped an unused 4 molex into it. Booted up the computer, installed 66.93 drivers, downloaded rivatuner. Got everything installed and was checking out some stuff in Rivatuner, why does it say my core speed is 299.3!!!?? It should be 500, I should have plenty of power with my PSU (Antec 400W) checked the 12V rail with MBM and it doesnt drop below 12. Raised the AGP voltage to 1.8. Have I done something wrong, or is Rivatuner reading this incorrectly?
  14. Looks like 66.93 is it then. Thanks guys, and I will post benchies and my personal opinions...on the first NVidia I have owned.
  15. My 6600GT should be here within the next day or two. I was curious as to what drivers I should download for it? Any suggestions would be both helpful and appreciated as I have never owned an NVidia card before.
  16. Here is the a site listing detailed specs: 9600 specs Dont have a picture of it or a digi camera, might check newegg it looks similiar to the Xtasy 9600 256MB even though the one I am selling is a 128. The heatsink on mine has an ATI logo instead of Visionteks.
  17. OMG you arse, I was flipping out til the RAM popped up. That was mean lol. Thanks guess I join the NVidia club for awhile .
  18. Just wanna make sure I got the right thing..... 6600GT
  19. Xtasy Radeon 9600 for sale, asking price is 40 dollars plus shipping. Card is less then a year old and has original driver disk, and maybe the box gotta look.
  20. Actually the difference on newegg is only 9.50 bux MSI 6600GT 219 and the Sapphire 9800 Pro is 209.50. But I need to know is it very overclockable, does it agree with most games, and does it like AA and AF....never ever owned an NVidia card so its a scary thought lol. Guess I am going with the NVidia, I almost hate myself for doing it but if the dang X700 Pro were AGP I woulda gone for that. I sure hope I am getting a better card that will run everything I want it to without any problems. Next up PC4000 RAM wooot!!!
  21. Ok need many opinions must buy tonight !!!!!!!
  22. Ok I am ready to upgrade to a 9800 Pro, sorry cant afford the X800XT right now, not for another 2-3 months anyway when I build a new machine. So what brand 9800 Pro should I get. Requirments; Must be easily overclockable Easily flashed to XT I suppose thats all of em since they have R360 cores Right now I am leaning towards Sapphires card? Any thoughts. And I guess is the 6600GT or whatever the AGP card is a that much better card, visually speed and is it AA and AF friendly?
  23. Would this be better then the onboard sound in my P4P800. I dont expect it to sound any better but will it be less hard on the processor then onboard?
  24. Offer to pay them to extend thier range lol.
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