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  1. Nothing shows and its an AMD processor so it doesnt need the 12V rail. CMOS jumper is good.
  2. Update: If I take the CPU out and turn the puter on, it runs...when the CPU is in it shuts down after 4-5 seconds. Bad CPU?
  3. Just put together a new system for a co-worker specs are... Asus A7n8X mobo AMD Athlon XP 2700 Tbred (333) 256x2 OCZ PC2700 RAM Radeon 9800 Pro WD 40GB HDD 350W Real power Cooler Master PSU Heres whats going on. I turn the system on and about 5-6 seconds later it powers its self down. No beeps, no video feed, just turns off. Any ideas of what might be going on. I dont have any other AMD CPUs or mobos lying around so I cant test em. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Currently I have 2 sticks of PC-3000 RAM in my puter, I know a mistake. A friend of mine is giving me a stick of DDR400 RAM, will it work mixing the two speeds of RAMs. Its a 512 stick micing with 2x256 in Dual Channel.
  5. Which of these mice should I buy?MX 1000 or MX518. I do play a lot of CS:S but I dont know which engine would be better for that.
  6. How do I make my front audio ports work with the SB Live 24bit. I think they were plugged in correctly but it was a no go. Thanks.
  7. I currently have ok Kingston HyperX PC3000 it has been reliable but its time to upgrade. What brands are currently carrying TCCD chips. I'm looking for 1 GB and something with a 1:1 for my CPU currently at 3.5GHz.
  8. Thank you Holodream for your very witty response. A real thanks to silenc3
  9. I had heard something about upgrading your 24bit live to an audigy 2 and was curious how this is accomplished. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks in advanced.
  10. How does one go about soft modding a 24bit live into a Audigy 2?
  11. What are the best drivers for Half Life 2 and CS Source? I am running 66.90 now I think.
  12. The key is finding out why your so unhappy and depressed. If its a spiritual matter you cant treat that with meds. If indeed it is a chemical imbalance seek out alternatives to anti-deps, if none available make SURE you are on the correct one and the right dosage. My mother died taking those dang things so I will never take them...I agree with Asus in a sense most things can be overcomed naturally. Unless you brain isnt wired right you dont need meds to fix your problems. Goto a church, or a consular talk with someone that doesnt know you and is unbiased....but make sure they make you feel good about who you are and what you can do, but isnt so sensitive that they cant guide your thinking a little, and isnt afraid to point out some silly mistakes made. Sorta like a mentor, they are great things!!
  13. Working on the NJO series right now. Thrawn series was awesome though!!
  14. Americans care more about how fast can I get from a dead stop at this light to the next one. Not what the top speed of our cars are. The average car buyer looks at 0-60 and 1/4 times more then top speed. This of course is for the reason its not legal, cept on the track with proper safety.
  15. I thought low level formats could be harmful. Since all HDDs come with bad sectors on them and the manu writes to the disk telling it not to allocate anything to those bad sectors. Wouldnt resetting everything to 0 mess with that. It was an older post here that explained it couldnt find it in a search.
  16. I got rid of mine, but I do have an external Superdisk for floppy usage.
  17. I made it past 3.6, and I think with better RAM I could make it past 3.8, I'm aiming for 4.0. Though I may buy another mobo to make it that high.
  18. Did you lock the AGP/PCI bus at 66/33? If not try that. I've also noticed with some Asus boards they dont like the 1.625-1.650 Vcore range try upping to the next but I wouldnt go over 1.7 unless you have awesome cooling.
  19. Well I hardly believed thier attack against a respected vender like Newegg would get them some quarter here. I've bought every piece of hardware in my machine and the 5 I have built for others from newegg. Never got the wrong item, never recieved a broken or damaged item, and it was always cheaper. The fact of the matter is that AW only caters to a percentage of the prebuilt crowd, they are considered the V8's of the computer world. My aunt wanted to buy a AW, I convinced her to buy a Dell and save some money. I would have built her a system but she HAS to have the 24/7 tech support lol. Regardless, the number one rule of business is you dont slam your competitors makes you look desperate...maybe its a sign.
  20. Ok I have 2 iggs each about 10-14 months old. The smaller of the pair is very docile likes to be handeled and never makes an aggressive move. The other one is an entirely different animal. He is the exact opposite of the 'nice one' He whips and bites. I handle him everyday but his behavoir doesnt seem to be getting any better. I know Bigred has 2 or 3 iggs, wasnt sure if anyone else has any but if you do could you give me some advice.
  21. Even though I love intel, I believe the AMD would make for a better gaming rig.
  22. Anyone know if Asus sells the cd's for their mobos. I dropped and broke mine believe it or not, and well its unusable. I looked on Asus website but saw nothing in reference to replacing mobo cd's. If someone has a spare I will gladly pay for it, I have a P4P800.
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