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  1. Not sure that was called for MasterRex. Glad you got it working Sovek, what are the other system specs?
  2. Thank you, and I appreciate the replies...I will keep researching to figure out which route to go. Since I wont be doing anything for a few months its still an exercise in futility. Thanks again.
  3. IS that an opinion based on fanfare, or a fact based on benchies?
  4. If its only for numbers and not for gaming I would go with Intel rather then AMD.
  5. With the different cache setup in the P M I would think it would be more suited for gaming then the previous or still current P4..?
  6. I was looking to get a new mobo and CPU and I keep hearing about these Dothans crushing things. I already have a board that can be converted to allow a P M to fit. Should I save and buy a P M or go athlon? If what I am reading correctly on these forums, if you oc the pent it will stand up to the best of the A64's? Is this true?
  7. uhh I know it needs a fan heatsink, however I ordered a fan for a P4. Obviously I couldnt throw that on....where my education failed was not knowing the thing would shut down due to heat in as littly as 4-5 seconds, even with TG on it.
  8. This would have never been a problem had I ordered the right fan lol. D'OH
  9. Well everyone keeps saying AMD is a better gaming rig. If I OC it will it still be no better then the Northy?
  10. Ok Heres the system gonna swap parts from current rig to this one for things not listed. Update MSI K8N NEO2 PLATINUM Socket 939 NVIDIA nForce3 Ultra ATX AMD AMD Athlon 64 3200+ Venice Integrated into Chip FSB Socket 939 THERMALTAKE CL-P0114 120mm Cooling Fan/Heatsink - Retail Total with normal delivery is $378.97 whatcha guys think?
  11. I am thinking about moving over to the darkside. I've got all the parts cept mobo and CPU so heres what I am looking at buying. MSI K8N Neo2 Plat AMD 64 3200+ Venice. The reason I am going Venice is cause its got SSE3 and the price is just about right..anyone have experience with this chip. The rig will be used mostly for gaming, CSS and Guild Wars. Anyway I need a good CPU cooler for this s939 chip. My current P4 loads at 44C on air. I would like this chip to stay about the same. And something I dont have to modify to put a Fan on, or mount to mobo.
  12. Update...I tried again and nothing happens so I plug the CPU fan in and nothing. So I decide to put the dang HSF ontop of the CPU and secure it with the clips....BAM it boots...lmao wth?
  13. I can ship you a P3 700mhz Celly with HS, and mobo (no agp slot, 2 RAM slots, 3 PCI slots) for 20 bux. You would have to buy a cooler, but they are cheap goto local computer store and you can prolly get it cheap.
  14. Is there something on that board that prevents it CPU from working without a heatsink on it...?
  15. I've got a P3 700MHz Celly with case, psu, mobo and some other junk in it not sure if its a complete system anymore or not. Its just taking up space in the attic, lemme price shipping on it and I'll let you know.
  16. *Sighs*... Keep the fighting to the Alley please. Quustion asked, question answered. Quit being silly and
  17. I changed my PW, sorry for accusing the mods.
  18. Ok will RMA, the pins are in the correct place. Thanks for the help, and sorry for hijacking post.
  19. I dont know which mod, but its in this board. I checked my posts this morning and my sig had been changed along with my post. Heres the URL http://forums.overclockersclub.com/System_...ems-t51187.html I'm just wondering if a bad CPU would cause a computer to shut down after 5 seconds. If so I can RMA this bad boy and get a good one.
  20. I ask for legitimate help concerning a system I am building for a friend. I get an answer that has nothing to do with this system, then a mod changes my post calling me an idiot. I've been a member here for almost 2 years, I dont appreciate having my posts changed for no reason. If someone would like to show me where on a A7N8X mobo a 4 pin square pentium plug goes in, I would be more then happy to eat the mobo due to my mistake.
  21. I am having a similar problem, the system I am building starts but shuts down 5 seconds later. No Video, no beeps. If I pull the CPU out the mobo and fans come on and stay on, any ideas?
  22. GD it. The computer I am building now is a Socket A, 462 with a Tbred 2700+ mounted in a A7n8X mobo. Does anyone know wtf the problem is. Again with the CPU out it turns on and does not shut off. With the CPU in it comes on and shuts down 5 seconds later. There is NO 4 pin square 12V rail connector on this mobo. I thought only the newer AMD's needed this. I did not mean for it to sound as if my P4 was a Socket A i am a hopeless idiot what i cannot get for free i need to cheat to get. Please help me!!! Nobody knows?
  23. Where? The only power connector on the mobo is the ATX power connector. The only time I have used the 4 pin square connector is in my P4 Northwood system. Its a socket A CPU...on an A7N8X mobo
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