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  1. Pffft if I hadnt suicided I woulda won the one level.
  2. What time you guys usually get together? I've recently reinstalled the game and been looking for a good server to play on.
  3. In Device manager I have a question mark in other devices, once expanded it labels "PCI Simple Communications Controller" with a yellow exclamation mark. I've gone thru all my devices and all the drivers are installed. I dont have a 56k modem installed, so it cant be that. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling my NIC but that didnt change anything. Any ideas what this mystery device could be?
  4. My finance was home schooled and therefore recieved a GED instead of a high school diploma. Shes now in training to become a bank manager for BB&T. Yes having the real thing looks good on paper, but most companies care more about whether you can get the job done and how well. Its funny actually, my current boss was telling me a story about his sons college experience, when I talked to him about getting my own degree. He told his son to wipe his . with the business diploma and come work for him and learn how the real world works. In my opinion self education shows more about a person then a diploma alone. So if you get your diploma or degrees but dont educate yourself any longer after that have fun working at Burger King. Besides isnt that why most of us come here, we want to continue to educate ourselves...
  5. Just hope you never have to call Sony's Customer Service. Vizio is a great TV for entry level HD. Sony makes a decent TV but you can spend a lil more and get better.
  6. Does anyone know of a temp program that will work with 64bit Vista. Tried a google search and found one but it didnt work.
  7. Any temp monitoring programs that work with 64 bit Vista?
  8. PS3 as an entertainment hub ha! Xboxs extender abilities with Media Center is much more powerful then anything PS3 can throw out. Couple media center with a program like Transcode 360 and now you can watch virtually any format of video streemed to your HDTV. Xbox live market place, downloading HD movies, download demos, TV shows, arcade games. I look at my 360 and consider it a happy little edition to my entertainment center. I doubt anyone will say the same for the PS3, cept maybe "Hey it plays Blu-Ray!!!!11" Little things like rumble controllers throw Xbox ahead of PS3. Maybe Sony should have paid royalties instead of stealing the technology. And ofcourse the iceing on the cake for many enthusiasts is XMA Developers Kit. 150 bux and you can build your own games to work with the 360. Granted there are limits, but you can make a decent game by using different texturing methods. Developer consoles run for what? A couple grand, maybe more? I love the Wii, and the brilliant way Nintendo made it backwards compatible with Gamecube games. Just brilliant, take the same CPU overclock it and call it a day haha!
  9. I am going out of my mind trying to figure out what the problem is with the DSL at my house. I signed up for Verizon DSL about a year ago and it worked fine for the first 6 months or so. For the last 4 months though, I lose the DSL connection everytime we recieve an incoming call. I've checked and rechecked all the filters, even ran a line directly off the NID to the DSL jack. I've called Verizon numerous times to no avail. They have sent a tech out once, and sending another out tomorrow. I live less then a mile from the CO, so my speeds are as fast as they can get. I've had all the lines tested and they come out perfect. I'm running out of patience and ideas. I'd switch to cable or another DSL provider in a heartbeat if there were one out here. Anyway, does anyone have any idea what could be causing this. At this point I am willing to try anything to remedy this.
  10. Yea after some thought and more research I'm going with an E6600 rig. Parts should be here tomorrow. Sadly, I think I skimped on the mobo :*(. Bought a midrange Intel brand board. I was on a budget but plan to buy a DFI board in the next couple months. I'll see if in I can OC with this board, but its doubtful I will get far.
  11. I tried the search function and came up with no helpful answers. I'm getting ready to order parts to build a new system (today), and would like to know the opinions of socket AM2 Dual Core vs 939 Dual Core. To simplify things I will refer to the socket AM2 CPU's as AM2, and 939 Dual Core as just that, 939. So obviously the AM2's use only DD2, which apparently isnt a huge upgrade over DDR1 from what I've been reading. Will I be "future proofing" myself for a bit by going with AM2? The choice of processors are 4800+ Socket AM2, or 939. The price difference is about 30 bucks, the AM2 being the cheaper. Overall system build difference is about 130 dollars, the 939 being the cheaper since I have plenty of extra RAM lying around here. Performance wise I expect they would perform about the same.
  12. They came with every cable in the world except the DIN to 3.5mm cable. It does have a Female DIN to a single 3.5mm output, but then I lose the 5.1 ability. The DIN layout is: - The bottom row is 2 pins used for grounding (negative charge). - The 2nd row up, starting from the left, is: Back Left, Front Right, Front Left, Center. - The top row, starting from the left and going right, is: Unused, Center, Back Right. If I understand you correctly I would have to make the type of cable I am looking for?
  13. I'm getting a terrible hiss from my headphones due to my roommates new Nextel phone interferring with the cheapo amp that came with the above mentioned headphones. I know in order to bypass the amp I will need a Female 9 pin DIN connector. Where I am having problems is how do I connect the three 3.5mm jacks to the DIN connection? Is there a special type of DIN I need or is there a single wire that plugs into the back of that, and it has the 3 connections? If someone can show me a link or picture of what I need that would be awesome. I tried google, but maybe I am not using the correct search parameters.
  14. Building a new computer for girlfriends parents and XP Home is reporting the 320GB HDD, as a 127gb. Is there some sort of update, or settings I need to change to get it to report properly?
  15. My friend bought a gateway a couple of years ago that came with a Gateway FPD1830 LCD 19" Flat panel monitor. It quit working, so he gave it to me to take a look at. It displays a black screen and nothing else. The power light is green, and my computer can see the monitor. I have it set up in dual clone display right now hooked into my 6800GT. I cant really adjust any of the monitor settings cause the screen is black? Is there anyway to reset a monitor to its factory settings? If you guys have any ideas I'd appreciate it. Thank you!
  16. Im buying a processor and im torn between the 3 mentioned in the subject iv heard that the 3500/3800 are just oced 3200 they are all the venice models Ive been lookin hard at the 3500 but if i can just oc a 3200 too a 3500 or even better 3800 that would be great save alot of dough im buyin a dang good heatsink and fan that huge thermaltake monstrosity im sure uve seen before so any advice would be awsome http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16835106061
  17. I built my brothers computer about 6 months ago and his Asus burner has been acting up of late. At first he was unable to burn certain things, now he cant burn anything. Now its not reading some CD's. I ran a lens cleaning CD thru it and changed the IDE cable to no avail. Hes blind and HAS to have the CD burner for school starting in two days. Are there some config files or something I overlooked, or is it shot?
  18. Where in Everest does it show temps?
  19. Any suggestions of what to use for that mobo?
  20. Is there a plugin or something to make a Gigabyte K8NF-9 motherboard work with MBM?
  21. I hit F10 during the boot up, but had no clue what I was looking at. I put it on spanning that was about all I changed. This is the first NF4/SATA computer I fooled with. I did not expect to have so many problems.
  22. Building a computer for a friend and trying to install a SATA Seagate 160GB drive on it. I put the driver onto a floppy and did the whole F6 thing but its not working. When I try to simply install XP pro onto the disk it goes for awhile til it gets to the reboot screen, reboots and starts the process over again. Anyone have any advice to fix this?
  23. 23-27C 1 120MM intake 1 120MM exhaust 1 Aero 4 CPU hs/f 2 fans in GPU.
  24. Shouldnt need to be, is it set to master?
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