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  1. Wow! Once again, impressive prize list. A huge thanks to the sponsors and to the OCC owners and members who make your annual giveaway a huge success!!! Good luck everyone!!
  2. Why close it? I came here specifically to see what others recommend because I'm looking for a new DSLR as well. I found the post helpful, then added input to warn other interested folks not to buy what I bought lol.. Anyway, are you liking your D5100? Any issues so far?
  3. I DO NOT recommend getting an Olympus E-Volt... that's what I chose a yr ago and I wish I did more research before hand. First the standard lens isn't good enough for distance scenery shots - if you want a new one it will cost way more than the price of your camera, they are micro four/thirds, I still haven't been able to find lesser known brand names who make them, second - no matter what settings I try I still ALWAYS have to correct my colours in Photoshop afterwards. My next biggest issue is the low light shots, a lot of the time my flash decides to put on a strobe light show and the shot I want is always gone by the time my camera can focus... I'm debating getting rid of it and going with a Canon EOS Rebel, I've played around with a friend's and they are excellent DSLRs! I didn't have one issue while trying it out. EDIT: Bumping a thread like this isn't trying to scrounge for "my" post count. I'm sure there are still people out there looking for a good DSLR recommendation, not just the original poster
  4. I've been separated for 3.5yrs after a 6yr marriage, our divorce will finally be official next month. We ended everything on a mutual note and didn't bother with the actual divorce until now because he's wanting to get married to his live-in girlfriend. She is now pregnant. My ex and I have a child together but everything is good there, we both take turns with her without rules or timelines. I'm also in my own relationship that is going strong after 3yrs but we don't plan on getting married and I don't plan on having anymore children. On my end everything is great but my ex has some hatred toward me but I think it stems from me finding a man and moving on first. You'd think after him finding someone who he is starting another family with, he'd have better feelings toward me, but no, he still blames me and thinks I 'owe' him for something. I still can't figure out why because like I said the separation was completely mutual at the time. Oh well... he has to get over it at some point in order for his new life to survive.
  5. Dang, I'm seriously jealous!! I LOVE this case!!
  6. Awesome, I'm on the winners' list . Thanks for the contest OCC and thanks to all the sponsors! I hope everyone enjoys their holidays!!
  7. Well, yes, sort of. Pretty sure the steel cannonball would, judging by the damage in the mishap. But what about the 'stone' cannonball? I'd think it would just smash to pieces once it hit a castle wall. Now I'll never know *sigh* LOL
  8. This is pretty wild. It's hard to believe the power behind a cannonball until you see something like this. This might be horrible of me, but I was hoping the show would still air so we could see it, but news articles are saying it's not going to air, EVER Also read on a news site: "Savage said the purpose of the experiment was to see if a stone cannon could breach a castle wall and that the show was comparing a stone cannon to a modern steel cannon."
  9. Cool! and thanks for all the welcomes since my last visit to this thread
  10. Some of us are weren't around then, I just joined not too long ago. But thanks for the thread link
  11. Thanks for an opportunity to win awesome prizes! And thanks to ALL the sponsors!! It sure is a crazy big prize list!!! Good luck everyone
  12. You definitely don't look like an Andrew
  13. The most recent episode was definitely excellent. I find each episode starts off a bit slow but they always end it in a way that makes me anticipate the next one!
  14. Anybody else miss Lost? ( I do ) Shows that I highly recommend if not already mentioned here, are Falling Skies, Game Of Thrones, and American Horror Story.
  15. LoL Ya my name is NOT Andrew
  16. Our 2001 Hyundai Tiburon Batmobile We are hoping to get some nice rims next summer as well as vinyl (Batman) done on the sides.
  17. Thanks everyone for the kind welcomes I'm not sure if I'll have much to add around here because I'm usually the one on tech forums asking questions not answering them But either way I'm looking forward to being a part of the family
  18. My bf is going through the same frustrations as you. The only thing you can really do is flag them as soon as you notice it. The CoD mods are actually pretty quick at dealing with them, which is good. Now if only they could PREVENT it from happening all together, that would be great!
  19. Today is my first time really checking out your site. I have lurked a bit before but nothing too major. I've recently found some great online friends through other tech forums who referred me to sign up, So here I am! Manduh's in da house now
  20. feeling like a n00b

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