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  1. that wasn't my question what card woud or should i buy!!! MY question was, can i actually put those fans on there (i assume i can, but has anyone done that??? comments please) But MSI has better power solution than Gigabytes cards, but it is Vice versa with motherboards.... gigabytes plates are more apealing to me than the MSI ones! But both are good!
  2. is it worth to put 2xNoctua 120mm fans on it?? I mean i will take off the metall cover from heatsinks and remove the orig. fans and screw the noctuas on that card. Has anyone done that? and does it help, and how much. I know that this card has awsome cooling but it gets abit noisy when i want to hold the temps under 70C with OC and playing BF3....
  3. mby the soundcard controls the volume automatically? right click on the speaker icon on taskbar, and open "Playback devices" and there open the communications and pick "do nothing" mby that will help, because if u are using some kind of program to talk friends like skype orsmng then mby soundcard lowers his volume. I don't know for sure, but let me know did it help.... EDIT: or mby youre games are set to some 5.1 or hifi speakers, try to set them exactly for the output u are using that time (if headphones then set the game audio to headset:D ) Check all the settings, soundcards own settings and windows settings, uncheck everything odd that is problematic. in long shot u can change the setting and try everything.
  4. yeah u picked a right one! because its price is right for the quality!
  5. yeah oh joy! im gonna attend this allright!
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