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  1. http://smokingsection.uproxx.com/TSS/2009/...porn-commercial "Make sure you have a safe word, and it shouldn't be 'more'"
  2. A Linksys router loaded with the DD-WRT firmware is capable of providing QoS services for LAN and WAN, and would be able to perform traffic shaping for your individual IP...
  3. I use Clonezilla for my home cloning solutions. I've never attempted to look inside the image though. It appears to be saved as a tar.gz, and there are plenty of options for what type of compression should be used when creating the image. It's linux based, and has a friendly wizard to walk you through the cloning process.
  4. Sometimes the circuit board on the drive can crap out, and if replaced, data will still be intact. You may be able to find an IDENTICAL drive model and put the circuit board from the working drive, onto the failing drive. The process is not super technical, and anybody comfortable building a PC, can do it. I'm not talking about taking the drive/platters apart, just the circuit board on the outside of the drive. I've performed this operation once and was able to recover all data on the failed drive. If this works for you, be sure to recover your data to another drive, swap the parts back and RMA the failing drive.
  5. Here's an example of your average, ordinary college kid who was carrying a firearm at the right place, and right time, saving the lives of several others: http://www.wsbtv.com/news/19365762/detail.html
  6. I believe you perfectly verbalized one of the main reasons for secession talks: the federal government taking $1.00, and giving you back $0.75 and telling you it's for your own good or it's a gift or that you just received a "stimulus". Why not just let us keep the $1.00, and let us decide how to spend it (or only take $0.25). "Us" being the individual, the city, the county, the state... What about the states who are refusing such funds? What is their carrot to continue giving up liberties to the federal government?
  7. I do not believe such an action, if ever to take place, would occur by a single state. I believe one state would gather support from other disenfranchised states and garner support for a common movement. I have a hard time believing that the Texas ego would tolerate NOT being the first state to secede, and would join in any such venture, especially considering the secession remarks from the Texas governor just last week!
  8. I've become sick of replacing over-utilized/under-powered PSUs, so I tend to get more power supply than I know I need. Your PSU looks adequate, but if it were my build I would get at least a 750. Everything looks good though!
  9. Like HT said, consumer/home routers are disposable. Since my first Linksys Broadband Router in about 2000, or 1999, I've gone through maybe half a dozen. Yeah, it sucks to have the router crap out and it really sucks to have my home network lose internet connection, but $50 every two or three years is worth it to me. If you don't like that, spend over a grand on a corporate router that will outlast your grandchildren. Heating and cooling is an issue with all electronic devices (as the members of this forum very well know), and I notice most router implementations are in the hottest, dirtiest corner of any given office or home. Making sure your router has access to cool air, or at the very least open airflow, will vastly improve the lifetime of the device.
  10. Stupid crap like that happens on windows networks because SMB (windows networking) is bloated and runs with mucho overhead. For significant file transfer between any system in my home network, I try to use FTP. FTP is a more efficient network protocol, and your transfer speeds should be far greater and durable than SMB. Filezilla Server is free and easy to setup, and Filezilla Client is also free.
  11. A proxy server is a server you send all of your internet requests to, and the proxy server then does the actual request to the open net. So when you go to http://slashdot.org, you send a request to your proxy server, the proxy server pulls the content for http://slashdot.org, and then serves it to you. The proxy server knows what your IP is, but slashdot doesn't necessarily know it.
  12. If you run Process Explorer from Sysinternals, are you able to get a better idea how each process is utilizing memory? Enabling the "working set memory" column may shine some light on this...
  13. http://www.flexyourrights.org/gant_ruling To summarize, the US Supreme Court ruled that it is a violation of the 4th Amendment, to perform an unwarranted search of a suspects vehicle after they've been arrested, or otherwise detained by police.
  14. There were no results for this name in criminal and professional record searches for California...
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