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  1. thanx, i use speedfan. I hade total issue with that cooler, it is hard to put it on 1155. I didnt hear the click, but when see the back it seems it was ok. take lok of photo:
  2. So i bulid my new comp, not clocked yet just testing. So i have i7 with yasya cooler. Temperatures on all minimum rpm are sometimes: Core 0: 28°C @3.4Ghz Core 1: 28°C @3.4Ghz Core 2: 31°C @3.4Ghz Core 3: 35°C @3.4Ghz I am worried about inequality of temperatures in core 3! That big inequality is not allways case, but 7° is maximum deviation that i see sometimes. Am I normal? Do I have to adjust cooler seat? Tnx
  3. Thanx Tjj226_Angel and boinker, but for now, i'll stay with this Yasya i hope to go @4.5 with no noise And later i will definitive buy like Angel say, full water kit... something to suit my case
  4. thanx. Why rear exhaust? It will make poor positive pressure and if reverse, h100 get fresh air :/
  5. Hi. My setup come, but i will change it due overclocking. I need a advice. picture down below. First i will change xfx550 for xfx750 Second: what cooler to buy H80 or H100? If H80: H80 push pull on rear as exhaust, top intake front intake If H100: H100 top of case as exhaust, rear and front as intake I would like to be quiet and good OC performances p.s. if H100, i will not making push pull
  6. and what about 4x 120x20mm fans? would that be very noisy? i would like to have as quiet as i can pc.
  7. I think i will give up push/pull because of my mbo miss 5mm. Just read about it. (Unless i found quality and quiet 20mm fans.) If so, I think the best setup will be upper push intake with dust filters outside with rear fan on exhaust.
  8. You stole my next qouestion about how to dump wholes on case against dust/noise. Rubeer is fine against noise, but not for air. Some sponge is good against noise but dust collector
  9. i have some electronic experience. I belive that option a) is the better option. the heat rises natural up, so it will be harder to cool with worm air..
  10. Hi. I need help about fan direction. It is about corsair 650D case + corsair h100 water cooling push/pull on top. a) push/pull suck hot case air but have slow 120mm noiseblocker 700rpm cool air help. Down right is 200mm slow fan pushing cool air on hdd, psu and graphic card (msi gtx560 ti hawk) b) push/pull push cool air into cooler, and worm into case. faster 120mm push worm air out. Down right is 200mm slow fan pushing cool air on hdd, psu and graphic card (msi gtx560 ti hawk) Which is better for less noise comp, not very high clock level? What fans do you reccomend, II was thinking about noiseblocker. Tnx p.s. i borrow pic from google, this is my new build in progress: ASUS P8Z68-V PRO Intel Corei7-2600K SSD Disk OCZ Solid 3 SATA III 2.5" 120Gb DDR3 Ram 4x 4GB Kingston HyperX MSI N560GTX-Ti Twin Frozr III HAWK Finished setup will be posted
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