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  1. Thanks Guys, Suppose I will need to go boxing day shopping after all! I will post back once I come closer to buying it! In your opinions what is a better Mobo though, the P67 or Z68?
  2. I have the i7-2600k and the Gigabyte GA-H67MA-UD2H-B3, I know I can OC the i7 plenty, but not sure where to start with the mobo, anyone have experience with this motherboard?
  3. Hopefully I haven't broken anything lol BF3 keeps crashing all the time now! I'm going to give it a test again though.
  4. Okay so I tried putting my core clock at 965, it worked but not really a change in performance for BF3(Ultra), so I switch it up to 1000 and all of a sudden the game shuts down and I get this message "The display driver has stopped working and has recovered" what does this mean ?!?
  5. So I just did the furmark test ran it for 20 mins at 945/1095 the temp was at 75celcious with 79max, that sound pretty normal? had 49FPS average. my CPU hardly moved up in temp too
  6. Wicked! I will try this tonight What is CCC btw aha??
  7. Okay I will give that a try! Thank you So basically to overclock the cpu... a decent mobo is needed? The 6870 sits at 900/1050 So I should be able to move it up. What exactly should i be looking for if problems start to arise? Also what about the shader function on Afterburner? is that something I should leave out? Thanks guys!
  8. Hey Guys, this is my first time trying to overclock and I want to start out doing it right! This is my computer: Windows 7 64bit NZXT Sentry II Touch Screen Fan Controller Seagate 7200 1TB Hard-drive Intel i7 2600k 3.4ghz Quad Core with Thermaltake CLP0554 SpinQ VT Cooler 4G DDR3 Kingston ATI Radeon HD 6870 21.5" LED Samsung Monitor Fatality Headset Antec Dark Force 30 Case + Side Fan 550W PSU Cooler Master GA-H67MA-UD2H-B3 Motherboard I don't know if my Mobo can even OC...in BF3 I'm able to run everything on "High" no problems getting around 60FPS but on Ultra it needs the boost! I already have MSI Afterburner installed but I don't want to play with it until I'm sure! Anyone with similar specs have some advice or profiles I can try?
  9. Omerta101

    First OCC

    Okay so now I have installed both new parts =) was pretty easy... did one stupid move in the beginning... installed the Cooler control upside down lol! Anyways with all this added in now, how do I start to OC properly? I have MSI Afterburner installed I posted some pictures of the new installed stuff, looks pretty nice!
  10. Omerta101

    The Rig

  11. Omerta101

    First OCC

    Yes! most definitely is cheaper and performance is better. The one reason i chose that cooler was the universal attachment, having to put a back-plate on the mobo... is like playing operation for me lol For someone else to instal it would be an added $60 =( Is there anyway to monitor the amount of watts your computer uses? For when I overclock i was hoping to see how much power I would be using. The two parts are suppose to come for Dec 1st!
  12. Omerta101

    First OCC

    I have just checked out some wicked cooling and controls. Before I buy these two items, your opinion would be great! By adding the fan controller and after market CPU cooling, will I need an upgrade for my power supply? This is an early Christmas present for myself aha. Both from tigerdirect.ca If i do need a new PSU what would you recommend for around $120/750+ Watts NZXT Sentry II SEN2-001 5.25" Touch Screen Fan Controller Thermaltake CLP0554 SpinQ VT Universal CPU Cooling Fan (it fits aha)
  13. Omerta101

    First OCC

    Ah very sweet! I'm glad to hear I have enough PSU atleast, so what you are saying is I should upgrade to the ATI 6950 or higher ?? I also have the option of upgrading my ram from 4gb to 8gb for only $50. I forgot to mention my hard drive is a Seagate 7200 1TB, do you think this could be a possibility of running BF3 at Ultra or is that just loading speed?
  14. Omerta101

    First OCC

    Hey guys, so this is my first build of a computer, I had a budget from what I could build! so here it is Windows 7 64bit Intel i7 2600k 3.4ghz Quad Core 4G DDR3 Kingston ATI Radeon HD 6870 21.5" LED Samsung Monitor Fatality Headset Antec Dark Force 30 Case + Side Fan 550W PSU Cooler Master GA-H67MA-UD2H-B3 Motherboard I would like to overclock my ATI 6870 for Battlefield 3. I can play on High settings no problems, but on Ultra is gets choppy/lags. Since i am new to overclocking, do I even have a high enough power supply? I have Sapphires Trixx installed as well. Advice would be great, thanks!!
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