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  1. I offer: 1)Warcraft + Warcraft 2 and War 2 Expansion or 2)Diablo 1 +Diablo 1 Hellfire for Warcraft 3 (without Frozen Throne) or Diablo 2 with Lord of Destruction
  2. Where can I download 'coolbits'? By the way, what can be done to improve GPU cooling?
  3. The way I see the situation: ATI 1)Faster 2)More reliable 3)Cheaper 4)Is the best BUT!!! nVIDIA 1)Better software support That one thing that nVIDIA is better ati is all the reason I need to buy it!Why the hack would I buy R9600PRO if I cannot play 80% of games without downloading some stupid path???You don't know?Well I gonna tell you!Beacouse of those bastard monopolystic companies. All in all,Radeon rules,but me and lot of other gamers took GeForce.....
  4. Not so far ago I brought a new video card. I'm not happy at all! Can I do any better if I overclock it? I think so. And you are going to help me do it, right? The card is MSI FX5600 256-TD
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