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  1. Hey Tjj! Things are holding up great! Couldnt be more perfect! Bought BF3 and Skyrim on the 25th December and they work great! Havent had enough time to play since im working during the week but ill probably test them better during the weekend! but so far things are great with no problems! If i start thinking about overclocking i'll give you a "call" so you c...

  2. Hey, just wanted to check in and see how that build is holding up. This is about the time when things start failing because of defective parts, so I always like to check to make sure things are still going smoothly.

  3. Well thats what i wanted to know! Bought skyrim already and its downloading! Now im gonna buy BF3 Regular + Expansion Thanks alot for the replies Krazyxazn! Have a nice (rest) of a christmas day!
  4. Well i was searching around and i noticed that if i buy the BF3 standard version plus the Back to Karkand DLC i get the what i would get if i bought only the Limited! Basically, if i buy the DLC with the standard version, the DLC would be putting the "Limited edition" on it, plus the expansion, right? Please correct me if im wrong!
  5. Cant seem to find the DLC on the website! It would be awesome if i could get the limited edition for a good price! Keep replying please! Thank you very much! EDIT: well i found the DLC and its not on sale unfortunatly! The regular version and the DLC are 40€(about 50USD). I was trying not to spend too much with BF3 since im going to buy skyrim too!
  6. Hey guys, Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you're having a nice day Does anyone know what version of battlefield 3 are they selling on origin? Is it the Limited? About G2Play. Anyone used it already? I was thinking of buying Battlefield and G2play has the limited edition for 33€ (about 43USD). Thats why i wanted to know if Origin is selling the limited or the normal edition. Appreciate all the replies! Have a rest of a nice christmas day!
  7. Well im not that good at reviews since i dont have that much experience in this area but i try to pull something off just so people stop thinking bad things about asrock
  8. If there is a solution for the loudness then its not a problem I'll keep another cooling system for the card on my mind Just thinking about that i'll have to download L4D again Hopefully tomorrow i can get the components the board would come today if it wasnt a holiday so...
  9. Well Drdeath the thread is mainly about the z68 extreme3 but i also wanted opinions about asrock in general since i've been told that is not really that good! But thank you very much for your reply! Appreciate it!
  10. You got one? so how is it working so far? sorry for the time it took me to reply but i never thought you would post here anymore I already have the RAM's, the Graphs card and the processor in stock! Hopefully the board will be in stock or today or friday! I'll pm you so you come see the thread again
  11. Well there is only one way to find out! Probably wont have it this weekend but ill give it a try when it's in stock. If im not satisfied i'll just return it!
  12. Thats the truth! If it comes DOA i'll just send it back and ask for a new one! If im not satisfied I can return it and change for a different one. Thank you for your replies!
  13. Well i havent heard nothing bad about AsRock lately! What makes you say that? Thank you Tjj for the advice and thank you all for the replies!
  14. Thank you! The overclock is something that i have in my mind to do but in a few months when i get more money to buy a decent case and a cooler
  15. Yeah you never know what you can come up with! Ok my mind is settled! When the board gets in stock im going to get it! Thank you all for the help and support! Appreciate every reply!
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