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  1. This guy is just giving HIS Results with HIS Setup... Kudos to him he has a Very Nice Rig!! Don't be haters :eek: My 2 cents, -Sean
  2. Does your keyboard have a "Insert Key" ??? If so hold down the insert and delete key BEFORE you power the board up... Now hold both keys and it should boot up....Ohh and BTW it has to be a ps/2 style a USB wont work...
  3. Thanks guys (Tony& RGone) this bios seems to work "Really Well" on my board... You guys are the best... -Sean
  4. IMO, This has Nothing to do with "Winflash"... Does your keyboard have an "Insert Key" ??? Has to be a PS/2 style also??
  5. Well i thought about useing the Plastic Backplate but i used what came with mine...But i now wish i would have tried using the OEM (Plastic)backplate I think it would be better(easier) than the metal one...
  6. Well i think that these nF4 DFI board are the Weirdist to set up...It take LOTS of time(Point being) after 3Weeks of frustration i have Finally have it set up right... I am running the 5/10 hellfire /W 3.16 ???romsip...I would think i had everything set up right and next reboot or start-up the board would freak...And i know it's all my doing but it takes alot of trial-n-error ...I have noticed that i have gotten HD Corruption Way to much but then again i just got my rig running correctly I know reformat -n-Reinstall is a classy lady but i have done this more times with this nF4 Ultra-D than all 5 of my other DFI boards... But i think im Right On Now.. Maybe you should ??? I know this is not very helpfull but i have had one Heck of a time getting this set up!!
  7. Yes all this in three days time ...4+days ago i was cruiseing happily along then my daughter was playing WO/Warcraft with both sticks in orange slots and if i rember correctly i had it set @245 1:1 with default 11x multi like almost 2.7 2697mHz and it froze up...then wouldnt boot just 3led's lit so i took out the stick closest to the cpu and then it posted and at post windows automatic (lite blue screen) says it needs to run chkdsk (Please Reboot ) then it compleats the chkdsk and says a windows /sys/32 ?file was lost and to run a repair install so after the repair install reboot it asks to run chkdsk again(ohh boy im thinkin) so i say ok and it comes up saying that c:/ drive has a bad sector ...So i get a new HD Format and install boom im online .." With only one stick of ram but" it was running again.... So i install my antivirus (Panda Titainum 2005) and it asks for a restart...After that reboot Nadda, nothing..Just hangs at nF4 screen. :drool: One big confuseing mess... sorry it sounds confuseing but i guess i thought i explained that in my PM to you asking for help... :confused: Anyhow the board has been sitting without the battery (C-Mos) in clear position and im going to use my Older PS/2 style keyboard that has an "Insert"key and try-it the Old School DFI way... Got the ides from a post from RGone in this thread...http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=24174 See post#3 from RGone... I sure hope it works on this 939 because it did everytime on my nF3 250gb... Well i will have to send s Thank-You note to RGone for him reminding me HOW TO RESET C-MOS on a DFI Board... Still can only run 1 stick but i havent even installed chipset drivers ect,ect, Just wanted to share my happiness that it came back to life...(the board that is)
  8. I have a Tower112 Thermaltake looks almost the same except mines copper... Best air cooling solution i have ever used personaly
  9. No i Wish i could get into the bios...It hangs at the DFInF4 screen(Post screen) is what i call it...Anyhow if it will work like a Hot Flash...Hey do you think i could hotflash the bios chip from the Ultra-D on my skt754 LP-UT 250Gb or hell its the same size chip as my LP-B nFII ultra but it's 32bit vs 64bit ...I dont think it would hurt trying to " Hotflash" on my UT nF3 250gb...I will report what happens...wish me luck. :nod:
  10. Thats a Great Idea man but i just moved back to Indiana from Portland Oregon Now in portland i know peeps close (Driving dist) but here Southern,Indiana/ Louisville, Kentucky i know of no-one that are Extreme O/C's like we are... lol When i went and bought the new hard drive (local) he said my problem was running a DFI mainboard...I just laughed cause all he sells is "Gigabyte"
  11. OK...You are Totally Correct when you say that my posts (Rants) will get me no where... Thankyou for your kindness in replying to my PM...Im 40 years old and have NO Business talking that way about anyone or anything...Please accept my apologies in my behavior here.. To AG and everyone cause that is not my style...But i have been very frustrated by this so to move on to your question THunDA...I;m useing my PC4000VX GE in my LP-B nFII and it rocks... Best ram i have ran in this rig to date. This rig has just been sitting unused for 6-8 months untill i got my VX first (Ordered my new rig from several different places) So the ram is not the problem IMO. I have tried my PC3500EB OCZ my TwinMos UTT my Patriot TCCD nothing works. I almost belive it it bios corruption cause it just hangs at the Boot Screen...Cant get into bios. Now to compleately fill you in on what happened...I bought a NEW 40G Seagate just to test (Local shop) so-far so good..Install of XP Pro went good so im online with no antivirus so i downloaded my copy of Panda Titaium 2005 and then i rebooted and that was it...Hangs at boot screen ..Have tried different H-Drives, Ram , Compleatly tore it back down and reseated CPU/ Heatsink 3 times Still the same thing... I'm totally stumped so to speak. I know you are the nFII expert here (Lanparty-B / Infinity ) ... So what do you suggest?
  12. Well i have sent AG an e-mail and i hope we can solve this here... He is admin of this support fourm...
  13. :nod: Yes sorry for my lack of grammar skills... All the ranting in my previous post's were bound to get me nowhere... I think your suggestion of e-mail is what i will do.. Thanks again for your help. @panmaster... 3 Weeks...And Yes it did right out of the box... And BTW for the first time i used a build guide from here... (Sticky: NF4 LanParty - initial build w/pictures )Since the Ultra-D is more complacated than any other DFI board i own... So my point in telling you that is to confirm that im no n00b to DFI.. I am sure im not telling you something you dont know when i say that you have to keep them very finely tuned just to keep them screamin along :nod: Kinda like keeping a ferrari testarosta tuned (so to speak) Not a Plug-n-Play board by any means... So after two days on the shipping bios 3/10 i flashed up to 7/04 BT2 and viola both sticks of my VX would memtest 12 hours @ cas 2.0-2-2-5 and everything else on auto except a few settings in A64 Tweaker...So it ran fantastic for about a week then it started acting very strange all of the sudden so windows gave me an chkdsk error something about a bad sector ??? So i replaced the 40G maxtor with another 40G seagate beracuda that my local pc shop gave me a good deal $$$...So i did a compleate reinstall of windows on this new drive and everything went great installing XP Pro BUT both sticks Nodda...after of 15min of troubleshooting i found that only one stick would boot. So then my daughter was playing WO-Warcraft it froze up about 2hours into gameplay and when i rebooted it would stick at the boot screen :shake: I have had the rig for 3 weeks and have not even put it in the case yet...Still on the bench (My PC Desk) Anyhow for the past two days i took it to the bare reseated my CPU everything you can think of and still cannot get into the bios...I have cleared the c-mos numerous times also safe boot jumper and still nothing... I guess i will e-mail this post to AG and RGone and see what happens there. Thanks, -Sean
  14. Well i wish i had an answer for you as im having trouble with the same board.. I would say try an RMA . Thats what i am going to have to do...All i own are DFI Mainboards and have to say you have to have some skills to keep em going I have 5 between sktA 754 & 939 but this 939 just refuses to work
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