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  1. yes I have removed the plastic shield, thats the reason I reapplied the paste... as I got a new mobo for my main rig.. yeah, I use Static pressure fans and run it on the highest setting, the only noise I can hear is the hum of the HD anyway, Cheers.
  2. Thanks for all the help guys! you have made me stress a lot less! have a nice day all!
  3. I did notice quiet a tempreture difference changing TIM. really even at 100% load even though I probably won't ever get to that. so 50 - 55c is bad? thanks,
  4. thank you, downloading now.
  5. thanks for the replys, when I am gaming (FC3, BF3, Skyrim with texture mods) I only reach 50 - 55. my ambient tempretures fluctuate a lot as i live in sunny down under so ambient range from 25 - 35 definitely do know there is a lot more heat coming from the CPU on those hotter days. Anyway, thank you for all the help guys, I think I am happy with the temps. I put about a 5c piece worth of thermal compound, I am not sure if that is to much? Anyway, I heard that the noctua thermal compound takes a few weeks to set I read on a few forums. I don't know weather to believe that or not. Anyway Cheers, Zashman
  6. Hi everyone, Right off the bat, is 60c 100% P95 load high? I have Corsair SP120 silent edition fans and run the pump on the performance setting My Idle temp is usually around 40c. I just got a new motherboard (MSI z77 MPOWER) so I had to remove the original TIM and use Noctua NT-H1 I had to reapply as the first time I attached the H100 I was getting 70c - 75c on 100% load. My Vcore is sitting at 1.24v And prime has been running for 3 hours now and my highest temp is 68. if these temps look okay let me know. I am just assuming they are not because I have read thousands of threads on the net (not literally) and people average 50 - 60c (literally) Thanks, zashman
  7. I checked my box and it seems to all have individual wires, so I guess it must just be electrical interference. The buzz is annoying, but I guess I will just have to turn my music up louder to ignore it Your storeys about being electrocuted are funny, I think the only thing I have ever done is licking a 9v battery at school just to see if I could get the day off. not much happened wasn't really worth it Ciao guys thanks for the help
  8. hahahaha tonight will be entertaining to see how I go. hopefully I can sort it all out if not ill have to call a sparky which will cost me an arm and a leg, Thanks for your help guys
  9. I live in australia, I will have a look at all this when I get home tonight from work. But I will test all this tonight, Is it much different in australia
  10. Would this be damaging my computer? As I do not have much of a knowledge of how circuits of a house works. I have another powerpoint on the other side of the room, ill see tonight if it does the same thing and ill move my room around. If not ill have to be running an extension cord or get an electrician in
  11. just wondering how I would find that out, and if they are what should I do? get a sparky in?
  12. Hey Everyone, Well for sometime as long as I can remember, I have had a computer in my room and as long as I remember this has happened with every computer I have had in the power point in the back of my room. My laundry is next to my room and every time my washing machine spins a buzzing noise comes from my power supply. I didn't really mind with my old computer build seeing as it was old. but I just made a new build and I am worried something will happen to my new build or either my girlfriend as she is at home most of the day. and it would be dreadful if my room became alight. Should I be worried? What should I do to fix this issue? I am pretty sure the washing machine broke my star lamp I just bought a couple of weeks ago also. Its not a toploader either. Anyway, Help would be great and thank you. Zashman
  13. I would have to say CSS the epic moments that happened during those days on the Australian server ruled, funny blokes, good clans, epic gaming. Random people shouting and singing over the mic, team chat was epic. awping on compound was epic. there will never be a FPS experience as good as CSS as that was the first FPS game I truly played and loved
  14. sent . I don't post much, but I read through the forums close to everyday at work for hours on end. Its a good site and best of luck to all!
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